Mailbag March 29: Will We See McCummings As Wildcat, RB?

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Q: Des – Do you think we will be seeing the Wild Cat this year? I sure hope not. On that note, what do you think about working Scott McCummings in at running back. He’s a big fast kid and I think it is worth a shot. With that, he would be a threat for the option pass as well. Carl Stenger, Shelton

A: Hi Carl. We’ve been down this road before buddy with McCummings. I was attempting to answer this question for good recently with a blog post featuring QB coach Shane Day in which he talked about the process of developing McCummings as an all-around QB and not just focusing on him as a dual threat. Day also said McCummings wants to be a complete QB. So given that and, if you assume neither of the true Frosh QBs wins the starting job, would you really want McCummings at running back at that time? I’m not sure. You have to have the skills to do that effectively too and I don’t think we know that either way with regards to McCummings. He’s been a quarterback here, was recruited as a quarterback. He’s a quarterback Carl. He should stay there and continue working on his game. UConn has capable running backs but it has to use them and those kids have to run and run hard and more important than that, the running back, quarterback or wife receiver positions, the offensive line has to be much better this year than it was in 2012. Thanks Carl. Happy Good Friday and Easter…

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8 thoughts on “Mailbag March 29: Will We See McCummings As Wildcat, RB?

  1. im blue


  2. Ryan

    Dave/Nick – I tend to agree with the logic that McCummings has very little to show when it comes to numbers on the field so relying on him as a true QB/Duel Threat is hard to imagine at this very moment or being our backup going in to next year. Part of that though is because he has yet to be given the call to prove what he can do so another part of me really wants to see/hear how he is doing during spring practice and I’m hoping he gets chance to run the NORMAL offense during the spring game so fans can see something other than him running just the wildcat (Dez – are coaches going to give him a chance during spring game?). I think a large part of why fans cannot picture him as a QB is mainly because we just have not had the chance to see it…..other than a one play 2 yard run up the middle and out.

    This season though we have a lot of inexperience after Whitmer so McCummings may end up as the #2/3 QB so again hopefully we get to see him run the NORMAL offense during the spring game to see what he has picked up the last several years in the program.

    For now I am holding out my judgment until that time.

  3. Steve-CT

    So Dez, is it safe to say that you think that we can expect to see McCummings’ package expand this season?

  4. NickRockyhill

    I totally agree with Dave. There hasn’t yet been enough improvement in Scott’s passing for him to be a dual threat. Coincidentally, our offense is totally predictable because we can’t run the ball and and are forced to pass to move the ball. One of the real problems with Scott being effective for us is that by losing the ability to run the ball effectively we took away the one productive area Scott gave us during his first season of play. If I recall correctly, often he came in and produced some scoring and first down plays during his first season of play. Last season, as the running game got stuffed, so did Scott. So in order for him to be effective he must be able to do both. If he can’t be subbed in to run pass and run plays, he won’t see the field. On the other hand, if we don’t fix the blocking for the runninmg game nothing else will work either, so that is the key to us being successful. We know that Chandler can pass the ball. If we re-establish the running game and he doesn’t have to make as many risky throws, we will be less predictable and more effective. That won’t make us more likely to insert Scott, except in cases where a pure run situation is needed and we can go to Scott, a tailback or a fullback and we know we have a good chance of making the yardage. Hope GDL is us to the task of fixing the line play!!

  5. jack54

    Wait and see how the log jam at QB plays out. At least 1 will leave the program before start of season. There’s always a chance that 1 will get hurt. Things can change in a hurry.

  6. Marcus

    Let’s ask this question: What has Scott shown as a “runner” from the QB position that would lead anybody to believe his skillset is that of a RB? He’s plodding and not shifty. I believe he’s a solid kid to have as depth should the QB(s) go down.

  7. Dave

    McCummings has been in the program 4 years. His development as a passer has been very slow if non-existent. In fact, I think to call him a “dual threat” quarterback is an in correct classification. In order to be a dual threat QB, he would have to be able to throw the ball in addition to running the ball. ( he has not proven the ability to pass the ball) He passed for what 2 yards last season. From the play calling, and the fact that the last two years he has mainly worked on the wild cat,McCummings is a wild cat qb. Call him dual threat when he can actually pass the ball with some accuracy.

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