Mailbag March 30: Is UConn Adding Seats For Michigan Game?

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Q: Hey Dez! How’s it going? I recently read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that UConn was going to add temporary seats for the Michigan game. Is there any truth to this? And where would the seats be set up? Either way can’t wait to see the Wolverines here in CT! Jesse, Wolcott

A: Hi Jesse. Normally UConn gives opponents 3,000 tickets for games at the Rent but it agreed to 5,000 for Michigan so it will add another. 2,000 temporary seats to hold up its end of the agreement. I don’t know where they’d be set up but they’re temporary and they’re Michigan seats.

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17 thoughts on “Mailbag March 30: Is UConn Adding Seats For Michigan Game?

  1. JoeP

    When game day is here I hope all UCONN fans will be as gracious to the visiting Michigan fans as they were to us when we were at the Big House. I actually had one of their fans come up to me after the game thanking me for coming out to share their big day (first game after the stadium renovation)and telling me he was looking forward to coming to CT for the return game.

    Lets be as classy as they were.

  2. RST

    Let’s get this straight, Dez. UConn is GIVING Michigan 5,000 tix outright; or, they are providing them on consignment to be sold to their fans with unsold tix to be returned a week or two before the game?

    1. TheJerk

      I beleive Michigan purchases the tickets from UC, then returns what is NOT sold. The U of Mich only pays for what they sold through their ticket office.

      1. dconner Post author

        @TheJerk … This may be a little different because UM requested the extra tickets as part of the deal to play at The Rent. In other situations you are correct…

  3. RST

    Dez, they GIVE the visiting school tix outright, or they give them to the school on consignment to sell to their fans? Unsold tix to be returned to the host for last minute sale? Just curious.

  4. jack54

    Temp seats may be on the turf in front of row 1. They can get 3-4 rows around the bottom of the stadium , except behind the team benches, that view would be blocked. They also could over stuff the luxury boxes, very few are ever filled. I sure Michigan fans would eat up those empty boxes, at top dollar.

  5. Tyredsox11

    What about us poor folks in the family section. We already get the overflow of all the visiting teams. Rutgers the worst by far. 2000 Michigan fans sitting behind us not a fun day

      1. Robert Mayer

        @the jerk, you are true to your name. I have raised my three children in the family section as UConn football fanatics and they love to go to the games every bit as much as the drunken masses who sometimes make it into the game and sometimes don’t. The family section allows them to not have beers poured on them and while it doesn’t eliminate, it lessens the amount of profanity they have to listen to. There is a reason for it and I’m glad UConn thought of the families, something they don’t do at other venues.

  6. Artie A...

    I believe Steve rings the bell here. The opening under the big screen is the most logical. This would also allow them to be close to the visitors section. That and every time the M does something good we could drown them out with a PC Richards ad.

    I would also suggest they put DJ Joey in the booth with the press for the day and open his cubicle to half of them.

    Last but not least I would suggest in being a good host and being kind give them all the empty seats behind the glass. Nobody in the stadium or on the field will know they are there as they go unseen and unheard.

  7. Steve

    I believe what I read is they will be setup on the open end where the video screen is, which would the only logical location to temporarily put bleachers

    1. uconn fan illinois

      I think they will put them where the scoreboar is that is where it should have a perm seating adding seats and fans go uconn

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