Mailbag May 12: Will Big East Survive?

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Q: So … as we suspected a few days ago, other shoes are starting to fall. What is your take, Dez, will the BE survive? It is starting to look doubtful, wouldn’t you say?

A: Assuming you’re talking about the Boise State news? I think until Boise officially says it’s not coming there’s no sense in the fans getting all twisted up about it. In the meantime the Big East needs to do everything it can to ensure Boise doesn’t run out including possibly adding it as an all-sports program. The other thing to consider here is if Boise elects to stay in the MWC could it be guaranteed a bigger TV contract check than it would get as a member of the Big East? I’m saying no but if the answer is yes then thats a whole nother matter. The league is fine for now. As in today.

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9 thoughts on “Mailbag May 12: Will Big East Survive?

  1. jack54

    Uconn and Rutgers to the ACC for all sports. ND and Villanova to the ACC for all sports except football. That might make everyone happy. ACC adds Phila , NY, and ND TV markets. ND keeps own TV contract and Villa can keep football at 1-AA level.

  2. revkev

    I’m betting that Desmond is as tired of this story as we are. The reality is that the ACC and Big East should unite to preserve each other before both are reduced to second class citizens – Football is the game which means the SEC, Big Ten and Big Twelve are the kings. If ever they were to come a callin for any teams in the ACC/Big East – that could change through some sort of merger.

    1. dconner Post author

      Something I suggested a long time ago. If it doesn’t happen then the two conferences better be prepared to deal with what happens to them next. This stuff isn’t about feelings. This is about business, specifically money and they could make a splash with a simple merger

  3. junglehusky

    Does Boise even want to join the Big East for all sports? Last I heard they were asking the Big East for help in getting a spot for their non-football sports in another league out west. Travel costs to the east coast and the time required for travel for the kids would be too much. Have to think it’s a last resort for them.

    1. dconner Post author

      A last resort that likely won’t happen. I was just thinking if the league has to come out with guns blazing for BSU it should be prepared to do that. I don’t think it will. I also don’t think BSU can afford to walk away from the money and exposure it’s getting with BE. I don’t care what’s being said about what they might do. That is a lot to walk away from but gotta place those olympic sports somewhere

  4. RST

    I meant both Boise and Louisville. Seems as if the ground is still shaking and there could be further developments.

    Not sure what was meant by the ACC comment unless it refers to FSU and/or the Pitt lawsuit.

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