Mailbag May 2: UMass Counting As FBS Or FCS?

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Q: Des, I love your work, I check every day even in the off-season. My question involves UMass.  The first game this year is aginst UMass at the Rent. I believe that this year UMass has technically made the move from the FCS to the FBS, though I don’t think they are officially in the MAC until next year. Does this mean that UConn is playing 12 FBS teams this year compared to 11 FBS and 1 FCS team? Usually for power rankings and so on the FCS teams are usually excluded or discounted in the rankings. In the end it probably would only make a small difference one way or the other unless UConn loses, but in your opinion is this good, bad or indifferent for the Huskies? Is there a return game next year at Gillette, UMass new home away from home? – Rick, North Easton, MA

A: The UMass game will count as an FBS. It really doesn’t matter if it was FCS because it would have been the only such game on the schedule so it would have counted. You can schedule an FCS count it toward your record for bowl purposes. You can schedule two but only one result will be recognized.  No,  there’s no return game scheduled for next year as of right now. Thanks.


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4 thoughts on “Mailbag May 2: UMass Counting As FBS Or FCS?

  1. HuskyTom

    Umass is better than Buffalo and was always one of the best games of the season when we played them for like 100 yrs in a row. Classic games with big crowds (by FCS stds). For my money Umass should be in the BE because its a great regional rivalry which is great for both Universities. BTW – don’t assume that UMass won’t be able to hang with us, they almost beat Michigan.

  2. kevin

    the only problem is UMASS can’t hang with us right now, sort of like their basketball program. If we are hammering them year after year this would not be good for them, or really us. Although I agree I would rather play UMASS then Buffalo. Rutgers is our rival in football, and a fun one, for now.

  3. Andrew

    I’d personally love to see a regular series with UMass though! We really need a local rivalry like this and if BC is going to stub us an act like the only FBS team in New England then frankly we don’t really need to bother ourselves with them. The two great PUBLIC schools of MA and CT can ride the opportunity right here and right now for some good local publicity particularly to raise interest among the casual fans.

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