Mailbag May 9: Where Does UConn Football Go From Here?

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Q: DC my man, I am sure you are getting this question a lot, but with the resignation of Marinatto, and the further instability of the Big East, where does UConn go from here? Unless the BE brings in a ringer here and someone who puts football first, this league could be dead. Do you think UConn is proactive and jumps now? What do you think? Be good! Frank, Middletown

A: I’m going to assume you’re also talking about the elimination of the AQ status as well and how that plays for your Huskies?

Well first the resignation of Marinatto means nothing. I think it was obvious his football acumen wasn’t very well respected based on raids during his watch on top of raids he first saw happen in 2003 while working at the BE . Its too bad too because John Marinatto is a good man, a very good man. It just seemed like the job got too big for him real fast. Anyway, yes his replacement better have a football first mentality because that’s the reality. College football drives the bus in college sports. I know some Big East basketball heads hate to hear that so I apologize for waking up that crowd but these ridiculously high TV contracts we’re seeing are based on a conference’s football ability first, not basketball exciting as it is, especially in March. Yes, March Madness. Well, Football is March Madness every week in some of the conferences. The only people who don’t know that are the ones not paying attention, some intentionally. Anyway, back on topic, I think UConn needs to upgrade its schedule to look more like it will next year (Michigan , Maryland) in terms of out of conference games. It will be a huge jump and adjustment but if you’re talking about being a player and getting in the conversation you have to play them now. It’s as simple as that. I’m not looking to ding anybody but the UMass’, Buffalos of the world just aren’t going to help. Those slots need to be filled with bigger games. And UConn would need to win those games obviously. I think with the facilities upgrade/makeover on campus, along with where the school stands academically a big Frosh class coming in, I wonder if officials think they’ll be more attractive to a Big Ten or ACC? What if FSU and another team leaves the ACC? Does it get UConn? I think so but there’s no clear answer today but those are some of my thoughts my friend – thanks have a good one.

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20 thoughts on “Mailbag May 9: Where Does UConn Football Go From Here?

  1. Freddy

    Im just saying Randy edsall was a fantastic recruiter and got to a bcs game. The new staff is not on his level. However don brown is on that level. Not being negative just stating facts.

    1. dconner Post author

      This is too funny. Randy Edsall isn’t on Don Brown’s level at anything, coaching secondary, recruiting or as a head coach. Give me a break.

      1. Steve B.

        Its fine to diss Edsall cause of the way he jumped ship. Heck I never liked him. But to say Don Brown is on another level is pretty funny. His D did well against the run because team’s threw all over us like no one was on the field defending them. Most people on here would have built a statue in Edsall’s honor just for having 7 win seasons and going to meaningless bowls. So I’d say Brown and Edsall are probably on the same level since if either was so great they’d be coaching on much better teams.

  2. Steve B.

    Not much they can do but pray someone leaves the ACC and and hope they get the invite. The BE is on it’s way out as far as football. The AQ status is going away and I’m guessing Boise State and SDSU never come (the other teams will probably make the jump since they are moving all sports). And we aren’t going to attract any heavy hitters to move into our conference so the future of BE football will be competing with CUSA and similar leagues because everyone else has blown way past us.

  3. Navin R. Johnson

    @CTMike…CFN had Connecticut ranked at 36 in the pre-season poll in 2010 the year they went to the BCS. Spot on IMO. CFN has the best information anywhere on college football as a whole…well with the exception of our own DC. See link below.

    1. TheJerk

      DC steals all of his info from me and the magic pumpkin and doesnt even source it!

  4. ctmike

    Buddy, you simply have NO idea what you are talking about if you don’t realize this is the best recruiting class they’ve ever had. And are you really going to put stock in CFB News preseason rankinds?! Where do you think UConn was ranked pre-season when they went to the BCS? It means nothing! Lastly, the coaching staff doesn’t make the schedule. Your ire is misdirected 100%.

    1. buddy

      It is not ire,ct mike, and I may not be so smart about football recruiting and schedules. But when I read the news and see UConn now ranked 76th,it is very disheartening. As a competetive man, I only want to see improvement from year to year. I hope you are right. Nothing would make me happier than to see a winning season for the hard working players of UConn football.

  5. roberttherugguyraleigh

    Recruiting seems to be going nicely. When was the last time we kept a Gatorade player of the year at home?
    Winning solves everything. If we win it will not matter what league we play in. We went through the adjustment last year to a pro attack on offense and that is not just a QB thing. I think we will be a little bit harder to prepare for, we are not just run, run, run; although, we could be if we want to be. My favorite part is, for Coach Paul this is not a stepping stone job. Recruiting: check. Attacking style offense: check. Winning: we will get a good idea of where we are on yhat point on September 8th against the ACC.

  6. Artie A...

    The Jerk makes the most sense here. The comments by buddy and Freddy, please forgive me are simply dumb.
    Hate to bash any UCONN fan but facts are facts and …well I will just say go dogs!

  7. Freddy

    The best and only recruiter on the staff is Don Brown. Uconn was fortunate he decided to leave his job at Maryland.

  8. buddy

    I agree with all of the above commenters. However, it appears UConn took a step backwards after Edsall departed. Once again, the football forecasters predict UConn to finish next to last in the Big East conference this year, with a sub 500 record, number 76 overall. That is a far cry from where it should be. Is this progress? No offense to the coaching staff, but what was UConn thinking. They really need to someone step up recruiting. Sell the school by increasing the out of conference scheduling.

  9. edward reynolds

    I agree that Uconn needs to mix it up with the big guys. The Michigan game with a 117k crazy fans was a big eye opener. I believe along with Lou Holzts that real commitment and the new schools the big East will be better then the ACC.They did it in basketball in 10 years. give football another 5 with the upgrade in out of conference competition and the commitment of the media in the great markets the BE is in no problem. i love your blog.

  10. RST

    Seemed like Marinatto was more of a technocrat than anything else and probably would have been a fantastic caretaker of the BE in calmer “less interesting” times. A different skill set is needed for the current situation as others have already noted. Vision, powers of persuasion, marketing skills, connections in — and thorough knowledge of — the broadcast industry, college sports broadcasting in particular.

    Agree on upgrading the OOC schedule. As a season ticket holder I am not so interested in watching Fordham, UMass or Buffalo although I understand the necessity of an easier opponent for the first game of the season.

  11. TheJerk

    people are acting like UC has a choice of leaving. Ummm no, in fact their stock may be as low now as its ever been

  12. fustrated smart fan

    I like how you now consider money as the motivater in sports deals. So what about the Sports Drinks money that is also pouring into the athletic coffers that is currently under the radar which also drives the athletic departments? Back on point, the ACC and BIG 12 have their own secret problems. Ask yourself, why do they need anything themselves? What does Pitt gain? What do the Syracuse fans feel about not being consulted as if their input does not matter? How will West Virginia make $ 20 million dollars back? If i spend $ 20 million, i want to make at least double my money net after deductions which means grossing around $100 million ( taxes, the front $ 20 million,$40 million off the top for investment profit min.,$ 30 million ESPN money.)Also consider the National College Players Association demanding that the players be paid some of this money and getting better scholarships ( “athletic associated financial aid ” as defined by the NCAA when addressing the UCONN basketball penalty). Don’t get me started as i am just thinking out loud.

  13. T*White

    Good article DC. I don’t know why Big East schools are looking for help everywhere except in the mirror. The answer to the majority of the Big East’s problems is sitting in two places; Piscattaway, New Jersey and Tampa, Florida. The only thing that is going to help the Big East is having good competitive football teams. Rutgers and USF are sitting in recruiting hot beds, so if they can get a decent coach to come in there and make use of those resources, they’ll be able to compete. Same thing with UCONN. If you want to be a valued football school, spend some money on quality coaches and recruiting, and let the change happen on the field. Follow me @SwagOnBlastblog

    #PeaceAndLove TW

  14. Mike

    You got it! If you want to be big time-you got to act big time. This “little sisters of the poor” schedule they play isn’t going to get it done.

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