Mailbag Nov.21: Is Silence Out Of Storrs Golden This Time?

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Q: Well it looks like the egos of the conference commissioners have decided to once again take the shine off of the games with the latest money grab and ego power trip.  The last go round with Pitt, Cuse, and WVU leaving saw Herbst & Malloy tripping over themselves making public comments how UConn is positioning itself….yada yada yada.  In essence they were publicly selling themselves.  This time nada out of Storrs.  I’m taking this silence as golden.  Good sign? Chris, CT

A: I don’t know how to take it Chris. There are ACC conference teams looking to go elsewhere right now. The Big Ten commissioner reportedly is looking this way. I think UConn lands in a good spot. Where? I don’t know. When? I don’t know. I’m not sure the people who should know know anything right now if you know what I mean there.



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15 thoughts on “Mailbag Nov.21: Is Silence Out Of Storrs Golden This Time?

  1. Rich G.

    The Big 10 would be nice if you care about how much money the school would get. It’s not nice if you like to watch the football team win cause I can’t see them competing in the Big 10. We’d be fighting it out with the likes of Indiana or Maryland for a spot at the bottom every year. I can’t see this team doing much in the ACC either but they might be more lower middle than all the way at the bottom. Wherever we end up we’ll get to see better teams finally but I don’t see positive results in our future.


    Maybe the conference alignments when all said and done will yield 4 (16) team super conferences ..and fit the current playoff scenario..the ACC will be next on the chopping block..Notre Dame …is just too arrogant and will eventually find themselves on the outside looking in..


    I like UCONN in the B1G..academics and athletics ….I believe the ACC will get raided and more deserters WILL occur. The SEC??? Football is synonomous with recruiting violations and corruption..Education?? Well..let’s just say its a piece of paper and amature at best…

  4. JD

    Hi De,

    Hope your Thanksgiving went well.

    Do you think the Big Ten is looking to expand to 16teams? That would be the best choice by far for UCONN.

    I am not fond of the ACC especially b/c it seems FSU is looking elsewhere. It would just end up really a larger version of the old BE with Duke and UNC.

    That being said these conferences seem to be interested in UCONN but not sold on them. Anything come to mind?

  5. roberttherugguyraleigh

    The ACC is most likely trying to catch their wind right now after getting punched in the stomach by a charter member of the ACC. The SEC has the football thing but if it wanted to upgrade their basketball fortunes why not Connecticut?

        1. roberttherugguyraleigh

          I know it doesn’t sound right, kinda like San Diego State in the Big East, but really would Connecticut choose the ACC over the SEC.

    1. Andrew

      My initial response is because UConn is not located the in South East and unlike the folks in Providence, Mike Silve and co are not geographically challenged. Other reasons include the fact that the SEC could very easily raid the ACC or B12 for much better candidates who can play both basketball AND football…

  6. jack54

    Once the Big East folds, will the ACC be next in line ? Will they become the next Big East? They will be the worst of the 5 big conferences. The B10,B12 SEC may raid their best teams and coaches. Sound familiar ? If Uconn gets into the ACC ,we might find ourselves in the same position we are now. Speculation says the targets are FSU, Clemson, GT, NC, NC-ST, MIami,VT. The ACC may only be a short term solution for Ucnn.

      1. RST

        Other than a small-ish TV market and no AAU membership, UConn would fit right in. But crazier things have happened.

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