Mailbag Nov.23: How About Scheduling Agreement With Another Conference?

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Q: With all of this realignment talk going on I have two questions to address. First off, why doesn’t the Big East look into a scheduling agreement with the Big Ten like the Big Ten had in place with the PAC 12? Would provide great exposure and it would be a way for us to stay at the top tier. Second, if we get left out of the ACC (again) do you think this is the wakeup call this school/state would need to start seriously investing into the football team? I know The Rent is a major upgrade from Memorial and Burton is new, but they’re nowhere near top facilities, therefore we are nowhere near top results on the field. The Rent’s contract is up in 2021, could we be Storrs bound? Thanks. Drew, Charlotte, NC

A: Hey Drew. I like the first idea but not sure if it’s a better idea than just being in a better, more stable situation where you’re not getting picked over all the time. Also, what conference would want to do that with the Big East? As for the second question, if you’re ever up in Storrs try to take a tour of the place. I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed by the facilities, which Drew, are among the best in the nation, easily among the top 25. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Mailbag Nov.23: How About Scheduling Agreement With Another Conference?

  1. Drew


    I go to UConn and have been in the Burton complex multiple times, even worked out in there (was a walk on for a brief period of time my freshman year). No doubt it is nice- however to say it is a top tier facility is laughable. I’ve also been to the facilities at Nebraska, UNC, Clemson, etc and I can tell you that the football only weight room alone at Nebraska is bigger than the entire Burton complex. UNC has a similar facility to Burton but it is right under the stadium and is a little bit bigger. Clemson is unreal. I’m not trying to diss Burton, but rather pointing out that if we want to be at the top level and be as marketable as possible to other conferences, we may need a bigger facility than Burton as well as a real outdoor practice field (not the makeshift one next to Garrigus/Hilltop dorms). Not saying the program is bad because it is obviously still adjusting from FCS to FBS football but with that adjustment is the realization that to compete with the big boys, we have to spend big boy type money. IMO we haven’t done that yet. We’ve taken the right first steps, but we need to go further now.

    1. dconner Post author

      Drew ill say what I said earlier and ill stick by it. UConn’s football facilities are top 25 facilities. You will NOT find 24 better at this level and I stand by that. We’re not just talking the weight room.

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