Mailbag Nov.23: What Happens To Big East If UConn Leaves?

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Q: hey Dez. if UCONN moves to the ACC how will that affect the Big East? Raymond Martineau, Steubenville, Ohio

A: Not sure what the school’s were coming east would do but without them the league would be finished – but as far as I know UConn hasn’t received an invitation, to this point anyway, to go anywhere. I think that will change Ray I just don’t know when really.

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16 thoughts on “Mailbag Nov.23: What Happens To Big East If UConn Leaves?

  1. Pete

    If armageddon happens, that is the ACC takes Louisville and the non football BE schools vote to dissolve the league, Uconn needs to protect it’s basketball programs and stay in the basketball only new BE with the non football schools. Let the football program join the MAAC. I hope the ACC move happens, but let’s be realistic, we are a basketball program first.

    1. Bruce

      Why would the new basketball league even think about including UConn – knowing that UConn wants to be in the ACC and would undoubtedly leave them if the ACC invited them?

  2. Mike

    If this …if that. Who cares? GO WIN THE NEXT TWO GAMES AND GET SOME CREDIBILITY! Doormats have very few choices or control over what happens. Win and things will take care of themselves. a football game today. Excuse time is over.

  3. Eric

    And in reality if Uconn gets to the ACC it will still be a glorified basketball conference which is what most people are most worried about. Hoops is still important and if we are left to go somewhere else for hoops other then the Big East or Acc then that is the real scary part.

    1. Bruce

      Eric – I think you’re missing my point if Louisville gets the ACC bid to replace Maryland. As of right now, and until exit deals are officially worked out with Rutgers, Notre Dame & Louisville, there will be 13 voting teams (including these three departing teams). The league can dissolve with a 75% vote (10 votes out of 13, 9 votes out of 12). Given the direction of the league, the 7 continuing non-football schools may decide that the soon-to-be-added schools significantly dilutes the basketball product and adds significant travel costs. Thus they may be willing to vote to dissolve the league and form their own basketball power league by adding similar teams like Xavier, Dayton, St. Louis, VCU, Butler, etc. Since dissolution would negate any exit fees, then if such a vote is proposed, why wouldn’t Rutgers, Louisville & Notre Dame also vote to dissolve, making it 10 votes. That would then leave no Big East. So, at best, if UConn and the other teams form a new league, it would be a second-tier football league and a non-descript basketball league. Forget about the impact the no-long-term-deal-yet-for-Ollie has on basketball recruiting, a new weaker conference would have to hurt worse.

    2. robert

      Think about for a minute if Louisville / Uconn go to ACC. Presumably ACC would split into north & south divisions for scheduling, so Uconn would be in division with BC, Syr, Pitt, Louisville, VTech, ND — yep, a whole division of big east schools. If Uconn adds 3 or 4 legacy big east schools as non-conference games — say, Providence, G’town, St John — are you even going to notice a difference?
      I hope in that case BE does return to a basketball-only conference, and signs a scheduling agreement with ACC — that would produce tons of great basketball games.

  4. Eric

    Uconn will go to the ACC but who knows when. It may not be for a year or two. If that is the case Uconn will have to go independent. I can’t see them switching conferences for basketball to something like CUSA. That would really diminish their brand name. THe Big East will keep them on in basketball no questions asked. If they did move them to CUSA then we would have something ot worry about. Plus Houston, SMU, Memphis, and UCF are not leaving unless we ask them to leave or the Big East doesn’t sponsor football any more. The Big East committed to them and they will have to honor it, unless football is jettisoned.

  5. michael

    This is more dangerous than you people may think! If Uconn doesn’t get an invite to the ACC, and soon, they will be in a world of trouble. No BCS bid, Why would SMU, Boise, and Company go to the BIG East? How can the Big East survive? They really can’t and won’t. My question is, why hasn’t the big 12 gone after Loiusville and Cincy yet? ACC will not offer Uconn unless they get a no from Notre Dame. Which is a strong possibilty given the Irish Having a great season. Unless the ACC goes to 16 teams, Uconn could be left out of any expansion talks if Notre Dame goes ACC. To me, the only hope is Louiville and Cincy going to the big 12. Then the ACC gets our Huskies as slim pickings in a contracting NCAA. Also, if the SEC takes Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Florida State from the ACC, “which is a huge possiblity” then what good is the ACC? Unless the SEC Can convince Texas and Oklahoma to Jump, Instead of Clemson or FLa St. the ACC is more stable then the big east but facing the same problems! That’s one reason why Nebraska Jumped a couple years ago to the big ten.

  6. Bruce

    I’m afraid that Florida State and Clemson’s wishes for a football school will win out with Louisville getting the ACC invitation. The potential nightmare is then that with Louisville leaving, the Big East basketball schools have enough votes (until next July) to dissolve the Big East and form their own league without football members(and no exit fee if the league is dissolved). So UConn may be out in the cold.

  7. buddy

    One can’t be very appealing to others if you can’t beat the middling teams in your conference. Getting blown out by the Cuse and then beaten by Temple, W. Mich, and USF has been the death blow for this team’s season. The NCAA sanctions and middle of the conference standing of late for men’s basketball has also diminshed the UConn brand. So to answer your question, what happens to the Big East if UConn leaves? Nothing. They haven’t been competetive. Will likely finish last in football and in the lower half in men’s basketball and UConn will continue just as it is.

  8. Artie A...

    Ohio St will immediately jump to The Big East and dominate for years to come! Miami, Pitt, Cuse, WVU will be begging to come back knowing they no longer have to face the womans BBall team.
    ND sensing an even yet softer schedule now wants all in…

  9. RST

    A more relevant question is what happens to the BE if more schools leave and UConn doesn’t? For instance, the 3 western schools go back to Mountain West and Louisville departs (to destination unknown at this point).

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