Mailbag Nov.24: Regardless Of Conference Affiliation Could Rutgers-UConn Be Good Out Of Conference Game?

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Q: Dez, what’s good? Regardless of our conf. affiliation once Rutgers is a member of the B1G do you see any chance that we manage to get on their OOC schedule? I’ve loved the rivalry that’s developing and think it’d be a great matchup to hold onto (plus being regional it’s really easy to make it if we play in NJ). Thanks! Andrew, NYC

A: Hey Andrew. They should play the game because they’re so close but it wouldn’t surprise me if Rutgers “BIG”-foots UConn after next season. I could be wrong. We’ll see but I don’t know, man.

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7 thoughts on “Mailbag Nov.24: Regardless Of Conference Affiliation Could Rutgers-UConn Be Good Out Of Conference Game?

  1. Andrew

    @Artie – I have to disagree with the notion that they’d want nothing to do with each other because we recruit the same area. See UNC/Duke, UF/FSU, even Marshall/WVU. That last rivalry also shows that there is no real logic to loss being bad for a team from a more prominent conference. I really think it is up to the AD’s to build on and embrace a budding rivalry or let this conference realignment ruin yet another good matchup.

    Fingers crossed that Mr Manuel can work some magic and book this ooc in the future…

    1. Andrew

      Also keep in mind that Rutgers is no Ohio State or Michagan. I really think if anything that a win over a “Rival” (hopefully we can call it that one day) will be te best thing they’ll have going for them in the B1G where they will most likely join Northwestern as league doormat.

      1. Rich G.

        Um I’d say at this point Northwestern is a better program in a better league and has had more success than UConn so I wouldn’t call them doormats considering we’d be doormats in the Big 10 or ACC if we get to make a move.

        1. Andrew

          Sorry if me calling Northwestern a doormat struck a chord – aside from this year they typically are a .500 team. Perhaps Illinois or Purdue is a better choice.

          That said your reading comprehension is God awful as you seemed to totally miss the point of my last comment.

  2. Artie A...

    The R will not find us in their best interest. We are recruiting neighbors, they have the BIG whatever to tout. A loss to us would be very bad promo…

    They will ignore UCONN on all fronts.

  3. Jesse

    Rutgers would be stupid not to keep UConn on the schedule. Rutgers hasn’t exactly been known to have a killer OOC. Outside of Arkansas this year, they’ve always had a pretty easy schedule. UConn may not look as good as an SEC or Big 12 team on the schedule, but that is a guaranteed game against a quality D-I team every year on the schedule. That’s just one less FCS both schools will have to try to find for the schedule. It really will help both schools.

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