Mailbag Nov.26: What Is The Deal In The Second Half With Huskies?

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Q: Hey Dez… hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving…Much needed unbelievable win on Saturday, but still the offensive tale of 2 halves. Is it strictly halftime adjustments, complacency when UCONN has the lead or lack of motivation by coaches in locker room? Still not strong enough to make last game…hope the first half offense shows up for all 4 quarters, wish I could be there to cheer them on!! Teresa, Middletown

A: Hey Teresa. Get well soon, ok? I wish I knew the answer. It could be both or neither. A little of one and none of the other. It’s a great question but there are clearly opportunities missed at scoring in the second half. Could be a psychological thing too at this point, who knows but maybe next week is the game where it all comes together – maybe it isn’t. Its a head-scratcher for sure…. get well soon Teresa!

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11 thoughts on “Mailbag Nov.26: What Is The Deal In The Second Half With Huskies?

  1. William

    The comments on football have been nothing but a steady stream of whining by people who pretend to be UConn fans.

  2. Mike

    1. Outdated offense that nobody uses
    2. Poor play calling
    3. No adjustments at halftime
    4. Running back that goes down with arm tackles
    5. Qb that throws too many picks
    6. Receivers that can’t get separation or catch
    7. Can’t score in red zone
    8. O-line is terrible
    9. Mike Nebrick is not here
    10.Dez thinks we need a team psychologist

  3. jack54

    At this point,all in the mind? Bad offensive line blocking does not help. Teams adjust at the half. Uconn becomes timid. Lack of breakaway speed allows the defense to just come after them. Wide receivers have trouble getting open and the passing game becomes zero.

  4. TAD

    Lack of adjustments made by Deleone is our biggest issue in the second half. The inside handoff to Nick Williams on the wildcat offense worked twice in the first half but was stuffed the one time we ran it in the second half. Louisville adjusted their defense for that play. If our OC was creative, he would have ran a play in the second half that look like it was going to be a inside handoff to Nick Williams but instead was completely different play ie a reverse or a quick pass to a wide receiver or tightend. Deleone must be a terrible chess player. He follows the rule that its not proper to surprise the other team’s defense.

  5. JD

    Hi Dez,

    I believe this is the first questions on most UCONN Fans minds. Who knows and really who cares what the specifics are. In reality they just aren’t any good on Offense and this isn’t going to change before Saturday.

        1. Navin R. Johnson

          Even if they lose he’s back. He would have been back with a 3 win season. He’s in his second year of a 5 year deal.

  6. Navin R. Johnson

    DC…The Man!!!

    100% psychological at this point from George DeLeone on down. Poor play calling and you could just see them freeze on Saturday in the 2nd half. Correct me if I’m wrong but their body language was slumped in the 2nd half after the first 3 and out and they got frustrated.

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