Mailbag Nov.29: It’s Going To Be Cold But Last Day Seniors Play In Front Of Home Crowd

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Q: Dez,  I know its going to be cold Saturday but its the last day for these seniors to play in front of us.  lets get out there give them some support and lets become the 12th man and get this team to a bowl game. its not early so you cant complain that its breakfast time or you don’t wake up that early.  yes its not a great time but lets send off the seniors with a full house and not a 2/3’s empty stadium – UC Blue, The Rent.


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34 thoughts on “Mailbag Nov.29: It’s Going To Be Cold But Last Day Seniors Play In Front Of Home Crowd

  1. TheJerk

    Saw this recipe on For those of us who are always striving for something new in parking lot fare, read this recipe. I almost spit my coffee all over my laptop when I read this.

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  2. Teresa


    Come tomorrow and cheer real loud
    Show our team we are SO proud
    The plays aren’t always fresh and new
    But we loyal fans are always True Blue
    On this the seniors’ final game
    Rock the rent, you will be glad you came
    Show your support and loudly yell out
    The 12th man just could lead to a rout!!

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      All to become independently wealthy in the long run. Could care less about the people of CT or this country. Let’s remember his lies about his service to this country. All for his dream job.


    Our group will be there ..we will cheer on our young men…I appreciate the dedication to some of the bloggers here. However, our group was excited with the prospects of playing football on the biggest stage nearly 10yrs ago with hardcore support..we no longer see the viability or the ability of not only the leadership of the conference, university and especially the state…we sadly will enjoy our last game at the “RENT”…evrything in this state has become and is about “fraud waste and abuse” which should be our new liscence plate motto…the rich rape us..the poor take it…and the middle class pay for it all…the conference collapsed…period ..the arrogance of the basketball morons killed it…the lack of vision a d leadership across the board is alarming …this day ..where all the universities compete for admissions you better have a product that is highly competitive and provide an exciting student life. UCONN spotlight to national awareness was because of basketball …ATHLETICS!! You will see the donor $$$ significantly decrease and admissions applications gradually fall…UCONN will be back to Huskies??? Is that Washington state??…oh wait!!! Let’s spend $$700 mil on “a freakin bus route” ..that alone should speak for itself….and we let them continue to RAPE the state’s middle class…

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      Please give me your thoughts on Dick Blumenthal ROADRUNNER? Calling Dick…where are you Dick?

  4. Adam

    Personally, I don’t care if UConn decides to give away tickets to fill the place up. I’m proud to be a season ticket holder and hope my donations will be used for the good of the school. I care more about tomorrow afternoon, packing the house, and sending out this great group of seniors with a bowl game. Go Dahgs!

  5. TheJerk

    We have all said at sometime in our lives “well, you’re going to find out who your real friends are”, this is a “well, you’re going to see who the real fans are” game. If there is much more than 20k at the game I will be shocked. The upside is when these types of games happen in bad weather, the 20k is usually louder than the 40k games.

    Does anyone know where I can rent a llama, garden hose, christmas lights, air compressor, and 6 feet of PVC pipe for our tailgating?

  6. DebbieZ

    Hoping that there is a great turnout for these seniors and this team. We Husky fans need to show the ACC what they are missing as UConn perhaps makes its way to another Bowl appearance. I’ve now heard snow is in the forecast, but hasn’t the team come through for us even in less than perfect weather conditions? Think South Florida. . .AND GO HUSKIES!

  7. Frank

    You know what sucks? To get an email from the U telling season ticket holders that seats in their sections are being sold at half price. (And they do it in the name of “fan appreciation”!)

  8. RST

    Bought an extra ticket to be there having given my season tix to the kids. Gonna dress like I’m skiing but the UConn hockey sweater will fit over everything. Blue Point beer and Huskies football. Let’s go Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Adam

    My tailgate crew and I are so fired up for this game Saturday! Just a few weeks ago, bowl game chances looked bleak. Now, they are very much in play. Get to your seats by 3, give some love to the Seniors as they’re introduced, and get those throats rested for 1st, 2nd and 3rd downs! Go Dahgs!!! Let’s get back to a bowl game and continue the stunning growth of our young program!

  10. Frank

    I have been hyped for this game since they won last week. The ACC news definitely put a damper on that excitement but I dont care. Its a 330 game, got a great crew to tailgate with, going to be in on time to see the seniors off and will be screaming my head off for the team and maybe for the dumb fans that like to boo our team like Mike :)

  11. Mike

    Winning or Whining …that is the question. 6-6 is not good enough in D1. Five hundred gets you fired. Win and good things will happen. I will be there and be supportive of the team, but I will yell and scream and boo if I see the same pathetic….outdated….insulting offense.

  12. Jake

    Positive comments are a terrific read. If the Huskie fan- base help pull the wagon up the hill to victory it will be a great win for the seniors and the program. Football is an emotional game and seeing the stands full and “loud” is worth points on the scoreboard.
    Go Huskies

  13. Big B

    The vibe I am getting is that the Rent will be rockin. My group has 10 season tickets with some of us with extras and those are all spoken for, for this game. A lot of friends who are not season ticket holders have bought for this game. A lot of people, myself included are unhappy with some things–I consider it legitimate complaints and venting more than whining–but most aren’t going to punish the program or the players. At least I hope that is not the case. I know some people have posted recently that they are not going to renew season tickets, etc. but hopefully heat of the moment. We will be at the game, we will be loud and we will renew.

  14. Bob in Manchester

    Our tailgating group of 16 will be there cheering on the Huskies hopefully to VICTORY!Just to inform everyone that UConn and Shop Rite are having a canned food drive Saturday, hopefully we all can support this cause. GO UCONN

  15. SillyBoy

    This is a meaningful game…on the cusp of a bowl…if we only show up 20,000, it’s exactly one of the reasons why we are getting snubbed by the ACC…perception is that CT does not care about UConn football

  16. NickRockyHill


    Long time no talk. There has been incessant whining during this season about the team performance and coaching performance. Now fans are bent out of shape about the ACC snub. I’d like to offer a challenge to the fan base to show up and support this team and the seniors especially to the absolute max. They deserve no less. It’s all on the line for them. Getting to .500 and bowl eligble would be HUGE for this team! C’mon husky fans your team needs you in the worst way.

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      Agree NickRockyHill. It won’t happen IMO because of the weather. I’ll be there along with the other 20,000 die hards. I hope I’m wrong.

  17. Navin R. Johnson

    20,000 at the Rent tops on Saturday. Too cold, snow, wind, rain. Sad…I’ll be there and will enjoy every minute of the action.

  18. ben

    Fans need to know now more than ever that we need to support this tram and go to games. That’s why no acc. We are not passionate enough as a fan base. Root this team into a bowl

  19. roberttherugguyraleigh

    The turning point game for Coach Paul? Same as last year at 5-7 or three wins in a row and a bowl game, big difference, huge. Big game for him and the program.

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