Mailbag Oct.10: How Much More Rope Does Whitmer Get Before Johnny Mac?

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Q: Dez, How much more rope do you think Coach P will give Whitmer before he brings in Johnny Mac? Paul, Worcester, MA

A: I don’t know what the coach is thinking but personally, I think we’re a long way from seeing a change at quarterback outside of Scott McCummings


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8 thoughts on “Mailbag Oct.10: How Much More Rope Does Whitmer Get Before Johnny Mac?

  1. mg

    Um, there’s not enough rope in all of the home depots in the world.

    Want to know why Scotty M doesn’t get to pass more – go watch the RU game and see him miss a wide open receiver in the end zone, throwing it 5 yards out of bound.

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      You can’t put Johnny nack under center. With the poor O-Line he would get sacked 8-10 times a game. There are times when Whitmer gets away from the D. Johnny can’t is is not a D-1A QB.


    Same stuff each week!! Let’s just say the o-line was good..talent wise..the play calling is no different each the opposing teams stacks the there are rarely any holes to get thru is that all the O-Line’s problem??..I believe the o-line IS suspect,not very atheletic and can’t hold their blocks, however, the OC’s play book and tactics are not putting the team in a position to exploit their strengths and win games. Old George DeLeone came into town and just jammed his antiquated play book down the Offense’s throat…..The o-line cant be that bad..This team is NOT well coached and these guys are just collecting fat checks for their very near retirement..on another note, despite coach HCPP good relations with local HS football coaches,,..what talented player would want to sign with the product they serve up!!!! MAN ..I have a sneaky feeling we are doomed with mediocracy and that’s if we’re fortunate. The program has slid ..there eventually will be alot more empty seats..then what?? ..This wait and see mentality speaks volumes with our current AD..If this season doesn’t turn around. Y e d of season..I hope the AD has the vision to know its not GOOD BUSINESS for the University…!!!

  3. RST

    When they run the wildcat, McCummings only rarely gets to pass. Gotta be a reason for that. Also, it doesn’t look like the O spends much time on the wildcat. The blocking has been terrible with that package. It is almost like the O doesn’t want to run that package and doesn’t even try.

    1. MikeCon

      The blocking has been terrible, period. Not just in the wildcat. If you don’t let McCummings throw the ball now and then, you can’t run against 8 in the box.

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