Mailbag Oct.10: What Does The Offense Need To Do To Score More?

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Q: The  “D” was outstanding. We saw glimpses of an offense we want but it was inconsistent play by the offense that kept us from scoring. What do you see that the offense needs to improve on to score  more. – Raymond Martineau, Steubenville, Ohio

A: I still see big problems on that offensive line. I also see Lyle McCombs not running with the same confidence he did last year. I also think two other backs should play in addition to McCombs and the quarterback has to be super careful where he’s putting the ball. I think all those things would help. I think.



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26 thoughts on “Mailbag Oct.10: What Does The Offense Need To Do To Score More?

  1. Freddy

    We are so predictable it’s not even funny for one. Whitmer isn’t great but deleone doesn’t put him in situations to succeed. We don’t have a staff that can recruit kids to play in deleone’s pro system. So how do you fix it, get george out of there.

  2. Eric

    Dez do you still think DeLeone is safe? He should not be. He has brought an anemic offense under our last coach to non-exsitant.

  3. Felix

    Why havent they looked to use nick williams more as a slot receiver like wes welker. I know he isnt wes welker, but getting him matched up against linebackers in space seems like a better plan than sending him on deep routes against corners that are bigger than him.

  4. Raymond Martineau

    One thing I keep on hearing from the commentators is the play calling is conservitive. Is that because uconn planly doesn’t have the talent or is that the coaches don’t like to take any riusk?

  5. TXPete

    I haven’t seen it brought up (not to say that it hasn’t been), but does anyone else recognize that Chandler W has a fairly weak arm? I have seen it said, and tend to agree, that not all of the INTs are his fault, but gosh, watch the zip on his ball and compare it to that of a B12 or Pac12 QB. Again, it could just be me, but I think one of the big problems with our passing game – that is going unrecognized – is that our quarterback has a weak arm…and that’s never a good thing.

      1. TXPete

        My eyes are getting old, and I’ve definitely been wrong before. But see if you notice it against Temple, Mr. Conner – and if you don’t agree, then I will stand corrected (or at least disputed).

        1. dconner Post author

          I haven’t heard anyone voice concerns about his arm strength. Throwing the ball to his teammates vs. the other team is what Chandler Whitmer has to get better at and perhaps a feel for who he can trust in tight situations.

    1. Howard Lubinger

      Yeah. I made a comment about that earlier. His arm is very week. Throws ducks on 10 yard outs and can barely get the ball out of bounds on throw-aways. That being said, his decision making is what’s killing him. You can design a gameplan around a week arm. Throwing to the other team will kill that.

  6. Kevin

    Question: What Does the Offense Need To Do To Score More?

    Answer: Recruit BCS caliber players not FCS. Remove the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator ASAP and replace with young motivating coaches.

  7. Mike

    IT’s like novacane…give it time. Who said that? I like the idea of using the the old Delaware Wing T.

  8. husky66

    You gotta be able to run the ball to win. well, at least in the BE.

    Now if you’re in the Big12 you can just pass and play pretend defense. it’s like watching the old NBA when your team would drop in 130 pts and still lose.

    But since we’re apparently stuck in the 60’s and 70’s offensive playbook might as well look up the Wing T. It was often employed by teams w/ smaller and lesser talented O lines and smaller, not fast, but quick backs (sound familiar?) Made defeneses crazy and it worked.


    Good Coaches “coach”. They evaluate the talent they have and find a way to make progress. What positive improvement have we seen from this offense in the first 6 games? The yardage they gain statistically comes when they are down 17 points or against weaker opponents.
    What’s wrong with MCummings in the shotgun with 1 or 2 RB’s in the backfield as options and you run the “read option”?
    Or 1 RB and an H back in motion to give the defense a different look. Let McCummings run the heck out of this offense and occasionally throw one over the top as the D crowds the line.

  10. Artie A...

    Have to agree with 54, he knows Jack. I might add our last two fullbacks have gone on to play on Sunday.

    Deon and Tank were big contributors to the overall success of the running game. I now see George bringing receivers into the back field to block for McCoombs.

    Just say’n. Somebody set me straight because I can’t figure it out. As for the O line I will never slander our dogs but at the half way point I bet Foley has feelers out already to get back to what he does best.

    Obviously Paul thought he had a better man for the job. I’ll stop here…..For now….

  11. jack54

    Offensive lacks game breaking speed at QB, running back and end. No one seams to have the ability to take a small play and turn it into a long gain. Most good teams have a threat to go all the way every time they touch the ball. Offensive line not as big or dominate as in past years. Talent level is just average. 6-6 record is the best we can hope for this year.

  12. TheJerk

    GDL’s play calling resembles that stupid friend you play madden football with, and he only ever uses the same 3 plays

    1. dconner Post author

      Power O, quick slant, vertical..My favorites. Can do a lot off those three plays though – if you’re creative enough…

  13. RST

    So, the O-line is weak. Accept it. Try to make it stronger. But in the meantime, take the load off the O-line with unpredictable play calling. Get to 50-50 on run v pass. Especially on first downs. This philosophy of establishing the run first is just crazy considering the personnel. DeLeone should be maximizing what he has rather calling plays for personnel he wishes he had. He must think he is coaching Florida or somebody else in the SEC. Just nuts.

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