Mailbag Sept.20: Getting The Team To Run On All Eight Cylinders Isn’t Telling Us Anything

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Q: Dez, thanks for the interview with George DeLeone. But he really didn’t tell us anything. Is the O-line not picking up on the shifts, slants and run blitzes? Are they deficient in technique? What specifically is going on?  Getting the team to run on all eight cyclinders isn’t telling us anything. Gonna have to start bringing binoculars to the games I guess because the more we hear the less we know. RST, Bolton

A: I think the running on all eight cylinders actually does tell you something but that’s me. I’m not sure how specific anyone can expect a coach to be with the media, RST, when it comes to stuff like this but actually, I think the coach and players explained slants and shifts gave them problems vs. N.C. State. Maybe you missed that but…are they deficient in technique? If they were do you think they would say so as long as they’ve been at this stuff? Keep in mind the coaches and players aren’t trying to fail at what they do. Bottom line they know what they have to do.


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One thought on “Mailbag Sept.20: Getting The Team To Run On All Eight Cylinders Isn’t Telling Us Anything

  1. fustrated smart fan

    HCPP, you officially have my permission to copy other ” ground- chuck ” offenses of other schools that rack up yardage. How powerful would Army, Navy, or Air Force be if they could recruit monster defensive players to go along with their offensive schemes.Rob other coaching staffs of creative , aspiring coaches ( 49ers type playbook) and win. It is not hard. What is hard is breaking the culture at Uconn of DUH-NESS and no consequences for not doing what should be done normally. Make the offense to the ability of the players and use more hurry up, short passes to normally open up the run game for starters. Copy winning programs. You will not get arrested.

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