Mailbag Sept.25: Boycott Ridiculous?

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Q: I think it’s ridiculous that fans would consider boycotting their team in the fifth game of the season. Reading the chat, the UConn fans wonder why big-time coaches wouldn’t come here or why UConn was left out in the cold in conference expansion. It’s because we have a program where the fans will only show up if the team is winning AND playing a good opponent. It’s so JV. Fans are angry regarding the perception of the UConn program yet they won’t put 30,000 people in the stands five times a year. It’s such a joke. Fans wonder why the Big Ten hasn’t come calling… The last time I checked, the Penn State fans put 90,000+ in the stands for a team that has no shot at a bowl for five years and lost to a MAC school at home. Just in case you think Penn State is a unique situation, a 2-2 Iowa team that was beaten by a MAC school has put 70,000+ in their stadium. Mad about the coach? Want young up and comer to be the next head coach? Yeah, let’s not show up to the games! That’ll get the point across! That’ll definitely entice someone to come here. It’s all so JV. There is absolutely no self-awareness here. You want to boycott games? Fine, but don’t be shocked when people use the term “second tier program.” The fans have to understand that big time football programs get support from their fans in good times and bad times. Scott, Boston

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27 thoughts on “Mailbag Sept.25: Boycott Ridiculous?

  1. Teresa

    Hey, all… in the words of Tammy Wynette..”stand by your man ( in this case- “team”. The players don’t need that extra pressure of worrying about fans boycotting their game. Come on.. I agree with the Jerk.. do something positive and boycott the DJ
    Go Huskies..

  2. Kevin

    Good Morning Dez,

    I was reading the Bone Yard last night and read these post in regard to playing Buffalo ……Again. I must admit I can’t take it anymore. I thought this would be good question to address by are new AD. What are we doing to keep the casual fan base interested? I truly believe it was not the intent of Lew to schedule 4 MAC teams a year (yes, I am counting Temple). In summary, I think if the product on the field does not get better along with schedule and conference affiliation the casual fan will not be buying what Uconn is selling. I think it’s a huge problem that WM needs to put to rest or Uconn will be an afterthought in big time football and maybe Basketball for that matter.

    “I have been a season ticket holder since the rent opened and my crew of 8 this year all decided to give up their tickets for many of the reasons above. We all attended the NC state game this year and maybe will do cincy/pitt. My crew, which has no ties to the university, but all CT residents, want to watch some good college football and were tired of RE and HCPP broke the camels back. The crew is tired of seeing Buffalo on the schedule. The crew decided to pick different bars to watch what they call “real college football games” in lieu of Uconn games. I am caught in the middle. I enjoy the rent, but tired of the programs direction and conference affiliation. Not capitalizing on the BCS bowl really bothers me. So at this point, a few games a year is where my crew stands and I am sure that many people that have season tickets that are not Alumni will be falling quickly, without an offence, loosing to MAC teams, and not being considered to be in the big 5 conferences is huge impact on this once hopeful up and coming program.”
    “I have 12 season tickets and have since the Rent opened. Almost impossible for me to get people to go and this week, I had a group of ten which is now four after people saw the weather. Most of the 10 were kids under 10 years old and no one wants to deal with them and the weather. The program has lost some of the casual fan already with the play on the field and the headlines off the field about the Big East. The bigger problem is that the fan base has shrunk despite 70k people who have graduated UConn since the rent opened. I mean that is remarkable. you’ve had 5 classes of kids who had FBS football their entire UConn careers and yet the season ticket base has declined each of the past few years.”

    1. SillyBoy

      Sad to say but a very good (an accurate) post Kevin…I guess I’m a diehard and will attend tomorrow against our vanilla opponent but admittedly your story is not unique, I hear it all the time. As for the 70K recent grads of UConn, ask yourself, how many of them actually live here any more? They are leaving in droves to other places in search of jobs…but that is another story—


    The only sport the whole state embraces is e basketball,always has always will.there is not a whole lot of uconn football fans down south.the huskies arent horrible but they are far from the tail gaiting and pre-game is cheesey.attend a college game in florida and let me know the difference in fans,tailgaiting and attendanc.

  4. tom

    fan support in Connecticut is sad
    i was at the NC state game, lame crowd support
    i was at the Louisville game last year it was the same
    i was at the fiesta bowl, show of support lame, fans that came great, except for the ones behind us that complained we were standing and yelling too much, by the way we were on the UCONN side, among the UCONN fans. I was with my son who currently is senoir student there. I am an alum graduated in 1989. Fan support on the hill in Storrs was better then against teams like URI and Richmond.
    Tailgate parties are fun and are part of the game. I love them. But you are there for the game and to support your team.
    I have lived in South Carolina for the past 15 years. My other son goes to South Carolina. Tailgates there are exponentially better. But the fans are all there for kick off and player introductions. They love the team win or lose, each game is crazy. No fan in SC would boycott any game.
    We beat the SC team in a bowl game just a few years ago.
    Suck it up UCONN fans, either support them or shut up. Most fans up there have no appreciation for a division one football game, they would rather drink or complain.
    Just one football fan’s opinion who happens to be an UCONN alum in SEC country

  5. TheJerk

    you wanna boycott something? lets start with

    1. DJ Joey Franchize
    2. 10$ beer
    3. 5$ hot dogs
    4. the kiss cam
    5. jeff jacobs articles
    6. #bleedblue
    7. ESPN’s craig james

    just because this season is 1 bad loss away from turning as ugly as that rocky dennis kid, doesnt mean people need to jump of bridge

  6. Artie A...

    Damn it we lost a game we know we should have won but that is why they play them.

    Now we know how the Irish felt when they lost to us!

    This is not the end and I doubt anyone suggesting a boycott is a season ticket holder. You obviously lose or gain walk ups as a season unfolds.

    Let’s find a positive here. Look at what this team can do when playing from behind and the staff has to stop with the conservative play calling. Maybe they will start coaching as if we are down by 21 at all times…

    @ Ray Brown… RAY BROWN says:
    September 25, 2012 at 12:58 pm
    too bad uconn wasn’t located in southern part of state,where real football fans are.

    This is as funny as it gets. Do you not realize the size of the state you live in? Or are you one of those that think southern CT is part of NY and East Hartford is like a ride to Buffalo?

    Us real fans have no problem with the location. Neither do those from MA, VT, NH, RI, NY, NJ, and more. Obviously you have never been to a game and should do so. Please enjoy the variety of the north east culture you will meet.

    That and how well some teams travel. Beware you may end up sitting next to some folks that came in from Iowa. Be cautious when complaining about your one hour ride. They like myself may just not feel your pain…..

    GO DOGS….

  7. Rich

    I find it funny that other fans are saying what I’ve said for years. The so called sports fans of CT don’t know how to support the State U. Get into the stadium early, stay until the end no matter what and cheer for the players all game. For years we have struggled to sell out that 40,000 seat stadium. Watch or go to a SEC game (been to a LSU vs Florida Game)and see what other teams fans do to show some appreciation and build the program.We couldn’t even sell out N C State this year and they are a very good ACC school with a strong football tradition. Go ahead and not show up wanna be fans! This will be the first game I’ll miss at the Rent because of a football coaching commitment, but I’d be going early and I’d stay to the end. Just like I always have since the Rent was opened! I hope the real fans will go in my place because I’d hate to see it go away. Go Dogs!!

  8. Roadrunner

    @ Tdaley…ABSOLUTELY !! the thought of planning a boycott is ridiculous. I agree on that and that there are a crop of fans that are pathetic who show up late and leave early. If we had better recruits the outcome on the field would match.Its ultimately the responsibility of the coaches to sell the program and land the recruits. Look at the Maryland situation. You think Edsall (2 and 10)was instrumental in landing Stephon Diggs, or the other group of 4 star recruits?? You think it was “fan Support” ?? They wanted Edsall fired befoer he arrived and many of the ticket season holders were planning to withdrawl their commitments. He hired a New OC Mike Locksley who was a top 25 recruiter in that area. Of course the kids appreciated the fans making the trip to Maryland…I attended with a group. there are alot of fans that are passionate about the progress of “OUR” team…The kids played there with a passion…maybe the same should be said of them…the last min burst of offense in the WMU game is indicative of what ?? No fans so a “la-de-freakin-da” playing mode is what it is…The coaches are ALSO charged with MOTIVATING their team…get them fired up !! Doubt both our combined 120Yr old coaches dont do that… Even if its not in their personalities they are COACHES and part of the JOB DESCRIPTION…. Look at Don Brown !! He’s all about building the “fire in the Soul” ..and it shows on the field… Stop with the problem is the fans…why do you think we take time to BLOG here…because we lack passion?? I’ve been a season ticket holder for the past 10 years Been to all the bowl games except the Fiesta..been at several away games to include Notre Dame and Michigan…There are fans who see the opposite direction unfolding and there is concern…hence why we express it here…My opinion, the OC is of the greatest concern…By the way after the Maryland game we waited by the players busses to get picture with some of them including HCCPP….Read between the lines …If the the place was sold out and the team keeps going backwards what would you say then?? AN excellent recruiter who can identify with the young kids and and wins attract and sell a program…Ya think??

  9. JD

    I agree, Boycotting isn’t the answer.
    People are frustrated with this Program at this point though. Most people in the State of CT have a lot of Pride for UCONN and believe it is and should be a National level Program.
    Randy was a consistent Coach and always won the games we should and usually lost the games we thought we would.
    For those of us who know anything about Football, we know that last year’s team was better than 5-7 and the
    3 Losses were very disappointing from a Fan standpoint.

    But we sucked it up and really believed all of the off-season hype. Now this year it appears the season is heading in the same direction with two bad losses and we have probably one of the more experienced/talented defenses in the Conference let alone Country. We were promised the Offense would be more fine tuned and in-sync due to personel changes but if anything this offense is worse off than last years and dreadful to watch.
    The past two years we’ve been losing games we should win and losing the games we should lose, so people want answers.
    I hope the team can turn it around and beat Buffalo and then get some excitement for the Rutgers game! It would be nice to win 2 games in a row. Go Huskies.

    1. dconner Post author

      Hey JD. How’s it going?

      Hey you know this is the second time I’ve seen it written that there was some kind of promise about the offense being this or that, whatever. Man, I sure would appreciate it if you could point out where you saw that. I have been trying to find it but I can’t. Anyway, whatever you’ve got on it I’d appreciate it, man, thanks!

  10. Mike

    Some fan on the chat starts the rumor about a boycott and all hell is breaking loose. Also, don’t equate critical comments about a team with lack of support.Big time coaches from big time programs get fired all the time when they don’t win. Show me any information that the number of fans equate win number of wins. It really is all about the players you bring in. You are what your record says you are. We need a big win against Buffalo or you will really see the the gnashing of teeth.

  11. Tdaley

    Too many so called fans of our football team don’t appreciate what we have here. Uconn is the closest thing that we have to big time football. How great were the wins over Notre Dame and South Carolina in the past few years and of course Maryland this year. People complain that we don’t get better recruits yet fail support the team. With all the crazy sports fans that we have in this state its shocking to me that we don’t sell out every home game. The tailgating is a great experience and is rated one of the best in the country because of the ample room that we have at the Rent. The games are almost always entertaining even when our team loses. What we really need is not a new coach but a better core of fans. Instead of boycotting the game ( as if that would do any good ) how about trying to get more of your friends to come out and cheer the team on. How about showing up before kickoff and cheering hard for our team throughout the entire game? How about providing your team with a real homefield advantage? If you want a first rate program then why don’t you become a first rate group of fans? Its easy to criticize but harder to actually do something positive that will improve the situation. The kids really appreciated the fans that went to the Maryland game and cheered their heads off for them. Thats the kind of stuff that helps in the recruiting department. In time this program can be great ( see basketball program ) but only if we all get behind the team. GO HUSKIES!!!!!!

  12. Bryce

    I could NOT have put it better Scott. As someone who grew up in PA going to Penn State home games I find some of the comments made here comical. We call our student section the “Best in the Country?” The student sections at most big time programs would fill Rentchler. Those students along with alumni are in the stands BEFORE the kickoff and stay to the LAST minute. I was at the Maryland game and I saw a glimpse of that from our fans. I can’t believe how one trip to WM can allow us to forget that. I recommend that those who are upset and boycotting the game this Saturday turn on their TV and see what big time football looks like at the BigTen, SEC, Big12 or Pac12 level. We are a very long way from that here at UCONN, if alumni and fans turn their back to the program now it will only go backwards. Contrast Uconn and Umass if you want a real example of how far this program has come in 10 years. The teams you see consistently in the top 25 have been playing at that level for 50, 75 or even 100 years it doesn’t happen overnight.

  13. Ryan

    Couldn’t agree more with Scott. Also agree with Jason, the defense looked sluggish. After such an emotional victory against UM the previous week, this game had trap written all over it.

  14. Matt

    Excellent post. UConn fans want the program to be in the big time? Be part of the solution, not the problem. Go to games, support your 10 year old program, and bring your friends.

  15. Mike

    Scott, I like what your saying, but two things bother me. The 90k at Penn state still don’t think they should have been punished for what happened ,that Joe Pa still stands for something good and football is still more important than the lives of little boys. Second, big time coaches are not born. They are the offensive coordinators from big time programs. Uconn chose not to go in that direction,but to pick safe and from a time of yesteryear when individuals ran to set up the pass. Hasn’t been done in D1 or the pros in 10 years.

  16. Jason

    Amen, Scott! This is a big game for UConn as it has to iron out the wrinkles in their game before heading to Rutgers for a very tough conference road game. Thought that the defense got away from what was making them successful in previous games against WM. They were not shifting their look prior to the snap as much or bringing pressure from a variety of places. I know that Carder is a very good QB, but they looked like they were on their heels more and not flying to the ball as they did in the other 3 games. They let WM dictate the flow of the game and not the other way around.

  17. dconner Post author

    Have anything positive to say about anything? Please tell me the sky is blue most days, in your opinion. You have a negative comment to any and everything anyone posts here. Are you allright?

  18. dconner Post author

    You answer my question and ill answer yours ok? Say something positive for once. I don’t care what it is; doesnt have to do with football, doesn’t matter – just say one positive thing anything. I would ask to try and stay in the habit but that might be asking too much and the reason I asked if you were ok because at one point you jumped on every comment made one right after another, my phone pinging like crazy all comments from you and I just wondered that’s all because something is not right to be that negative all the time. Not healthy. Also are you a student?

  19. dconner Post author

    Very telling no response yet. no need now. Know what I’m dealing with here Thanks… be as negative, critical and cynical as you need. If this is your only outlet go right ahead just don’t expect many responses, none from me.

  20. UCONN FB

    I was a student at UCONN, graduated in 1982.
    Saw many football games at Memorial Stadium and many basketball games at the Field House before both programs went “big time”.
    Been a season ticket holder for football and Mens B-Ball for over 10 yrs. Priority Points Balance of 121 (checked today). Been to every football game at Rentschler except one since it opened. Been to Detroit, Charlotte, Toronto, Birmingham and AZ for Bowl games. So I guess I am “invested” in the Athletic Program at UCONN and the football program in particular. Lot’s of great, positive memories; and some disappointments. Up until mid point of last season moving forward I believed that whatever needed to be fixed could be recognized, acknowledged and then made right. I no longer feel that way. No confidence in this leadership group in the Football Dept.
    Do I enjoy the frustrating losses? Hell no!
    Do I believe things will get better by “wishing” they will? Hell no!
    Left UCONN in 1982 with my degree and empty pockets. Made my way, run my business, raised my family by realistically evaluating the situation, isolate the problems, and find solutions. That is what I would love to see starting yesterday for this team.
    So, is it talent? coaching? or both?

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