Mailbag Sept.29: D.Conner Where Have You Been, All Okay?

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Q: D. Conner – It is Saturday. We have a game in less than 3 hours and we haven’t heard from you since Thursday (and that was a disinteresting one sentence post setting up a disinteresting article about “Connecticut Day”. All okay? – DA, Westport

A: Hey DA! All is good my man. I’ve been in the paper and online every day this week as I am every week. I could have linked those articles to the blog without a doubt. So my bad there. As you know UConn moves on to conference play after today so we’ll ramp it up again. Also, I’m not at the game today but Paul Doyle will do a fine job covering the game. Will be back Monday for the chat….I gotcha man.

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26 thoughts on “Mailbag Sept.29: D.Conner Where Have You Been, All Okay?

  1. Mike

    Late to the chat yesterday. Dez you had asked ” how many teams pass on first down?” Here is some partial information. Only uconn and temple run more than they pass on first down in the Big East. Only 5 out of 14 teams in the SEC run more then they pass on first down. I am sure you will find this in all of D1 ball. Also, NOBODY runs to establish the pass. You run when you have to run. There really is a problem with the play calling. You can not run the football when the other team has 8 men sitting in the box.

    1. dconner Post author

      Hey Mike – it’s hard to assume your point looking at two conferences. I see where you’re going. Also, nobody runs to establish the pass? Where’d you get that? You run when you have to? I understand your frustration with play-calling but that statement is quite incorrect my friend.

  2. Teresa

    Hi Dez…
    Hubby seems to think that HCPP and staff are saving all the good stuff for conference play and that deliberately did not use the stellar plays in non-conference to throw the BE teams off their game. Do u see any glimmer of truth ( and hope!) in his out of the box thinking?? As his wife, i of course cannot be objective.. most things he says are not credible to me lol

    Take good care.. you are the best this paper has to offer in the way of professional and non bias opinions and reporting

    1. dconner Post author

      Hi Teresa.

      Hubby sounds like a bright guy, hee. You know having not seen the game live and only hearing about what happened, initially, that’s the first thing that came to mind. Then I saw saw the game and talked to players and coaches yesterday. While they did not open the playbook on Buffalo what they did do should have been good enough to me, Teresa, to win the game by three or four touchdowns.

  3. husky66

    Hey Dez, no problem if you missed a game. we just like to see what you have to say. sadhusky is probably just another BC guy w/ nothing better to do.

    I personally miss the scorecard. Esp w/ the 4th Q “prevent offense” where we almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. 5 straight series running on 1st and 2nd w/ 9 men in the box? what is this, Woody Hayes in 1965? fortunately, Buffalo is, well, Buffalo. A win is win, but is it really against a squad that wasn’t very good?

    There are just some real head scratchers w/ the offensive play calling. some really good, then some really bad. my grade for coaching offense: B+ first three Q, D- last Q and only because of no turnovers.

    I certainly hope the Huskies are up and deliver another pounding of RU like last year. I actually think that was a game the made shiano think it was time to go; he’d done all he could.

    Anyone notice the three BE teams in the top 25? and if you want to count wvu, its 4. funny how they leave the BE and now everyone thinks they’re great. that score will be more than Huggins can get out of his bball team vs Baylor.

  4. Artie A...

    SadHuskie, are you just sad or also silly, foolish and with out a touch of common sense?

    Desmond never misses his assignments. Having said that do you realize he may have been out for personal or family reasons which are none of your or my business?

    Wedding, funeral etc. Heck he could have finally went for that belly button transplant he has put off for years due to football.

    Sports writers a part of only a handful of folks that truly love their job do not take a game day off for something like the beach.

    That and he only gets 12, I do not see a 13 this year. You can bet he had a real good or a real bad day. Wake up smell the coffee and you may want to apologize.

    Obviously you have never taken a day of from work for any reason. There I go now I feel foolish, you probably do not work or you would have thought different.

  5. Mike

    I guess a win is a win,but I did not walk away feeling good like the coach. This was not a good Buffalo team that they played .This should have been one of those Oklahoma vs Jerkwater state scores. Instead they hung on for dear life. YOU CAN NOT WIN IN D1 RUNNING ON FIRST AND SECOND DOWN !!!!. Maybe 10 years ago you could, but not now. Second and eight is not good !!!

  6. Mike

    Very lackluster performance this week. Rutgers this week is a big game for the huskies. Rutgers is kicking our butt in recruiting. Why George deleone recruits new jersey is beyond me. Routers is creaming him.

  7. Artie A...

    Dez, glad all is OK…
    RST, I think closure is the word you are looking for as we are not running a legislative debate here. Just say’n.

    Not looking for anyone to be fired but with the current play calling and conservative attitude unless down by a good amount,does anyone see more than two possible wins the rest of the way?

    This is not a knock on Dez but JJ’s article was spot on today and what many of us have seen all along…….

    I hope PP proves me wrong but I am not impressed in the least at this point. Neither was a 17 point under dog.

  8. RST

    Dez invoked cloture on certain topics after the Western Michigan game and that embargo on discussion has not been lifted, DA.

    1. dconner Post author

      Folks can talk about what they want here. I have zero control over that – just what I talk about. I’ve only said I’m done discussing the issue of firing coaches during the season. It’s a waste No.1 and No.2 it’s a waste of time. The athletic director has already said that definitively – but I can’t stop people from talking about it and I wouldn’t. We believe in freedom of speech here as long as we’re being respectful.

      1. RST

        Not talking about HCPP. Talking about analysis of a particular play. The Bozeman strip and TD in particular. Unbelievable lack of awareness on the part of certain players.

  9. dconner Post author

    Eh, I wouldn’t worry too much on a Monday morning, following a Saturday game, trying to get a rise out of me over why I wasnt at the game, especially this being your first time posting here, strangely. Think there would have been a different outcome if I was there? Im not that big dude thanks but I’m not. The game was covered very, very well. Very well. I don’t criticize the fans over going to games, leaving early or whatever because if they pay for a ticket who am I to criticize what they do? I realized that pretty quick. And it was long before I missed Saturday’s game. Lastly, if it truly bothers you so much that I missed the game email my sports editor at and or my immediate supervisor and editor for UConn beat writers, Scott Powers, If my response wasn’t good enough maybe they can help you with that or anything else related to UConn football coverage or anything else. Please, give them a shout.

  10. dconner Post author

    SadHusky you got that name right. Dude you want to take me on? Come on. Gonna get your feelings hurt. Better stick to the team

  11. TheJerk

    umm, dude its a job. you ever take time off from work? sick time, personal time, jury duty? anything? crap happens. you mean to tell me you honestly expect him to be there 100% of the time? I know he’s important but geez he has a life outside being abeat writer for a floundering football team in a poor sports market. Now excuse me while I go back to dancing with my daughter to Lionel Richie

  12. dconner Post author

    Oh wait a second, lol, I need a argument for who, you? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Be gone son wasted enough of my time today with this nonsense.

  13. TheJerk

    @sadhusky do the flame broiled grill marks still end up on the burger if you call out sick? of course they do.

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