Mailbag Sept.3: When Do You Think Manuel Makes A Change?

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Q: When do you think Warde Manuel makes a coaching change?  Do you think it happens soon to try to save this season?  Or do you think the coaching change will be announced late in the season?  This is such a pivotal year for UCONN football – one that we really needed to show that 1) we can win and 2) we care about and will invest in our football program.  Conference realignment is leaving UCONN way behind and maintaining our current trajectory (i.e. – consistently losing to inferior opponents, players out of position, costly mistakes at crucial moments of games, poor play calling, horrendous offensive line, etc) will push UCONN further down the list.  My opinion: firing Pasqualoni and DeLeone is CRUCIAL to re-energizing our fanbase, re-energizing the team, holding the players accountable (everyone will have to re-prove themselves to the new interim coach), and saving this season.  We have a bye week and it should be used to name TJ Weist as interim Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator and Tom Foley as Offensive Line coach.  This gives ample time to at least get base personnel packages in and move forward.  It’s time to save UCONN football.  Give Weist 2013 to see if he can re-energize the team and, if not, Warde opens up the UCONN checkbook and hires a BIG TIME coach (just like Cincinnati did) to begin the process of putting UCONN back on its upward trend pre-Pasqualoni. Every season is getting worse than the previous one and getting blown out by a FCS opponent in our home opener all but ensures a winless (or at best, 1 win) season under the current leadership.  I don’t doubt Pasqualoni and DeLeone are working hard, care, and are doing everything they can to turn this around.  But sports is a results oriented business and with UCONN being on the outside-looking-in conference wise, the time is NOW to send a powerful message to the country that UCONN cares about football and is willing to spend the money to bring in the right coach to turn this around, even if it means paying a buyout and remaining years of the terrible 5 year pact that Hathaway foolishly handed out – Adam, Middletown

A: Hey Adam. I understand your frustration but the answer to your question is no, there won’t be any changes in head coach during the bye week. I think all the things you mention plus thousands more that you haven’t, even thought about or know about are already on the mind of the athletic director, Warde Manuel, because they have to be. That’s why he’s an AD and we’re not Adam. It was one game. It was a bad game, the worst, but it was one game. Now, there are 11 left and he has to show confidence in the head coach right now but how much longer can he do that? I don’t know. Not much longer I don’t think. I’m guessing but if we’re looking at an 0-5 or 0-6 something like that the wheels may be set in motion. That’s what I think. What I know is I’ve never seen Manuel as pissed off as I saw him in the interview room after the game Thursday night.

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