Michigan AD Dave Brandon Won’t Let It Go, Still Pushing For 2013 Game Vs. UConn At Bigger Venue Than The Rent

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Man oh man…

What’s goin on, folks?

Here’s the story from the Detroit Free Press. Michigan doesn’t want to play at Rentschler Field in 2013, obviously, and wants to play somewhere else such as MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands.

In the article, reached in Germany, UConn AD Warde Manuel sticks to his guns about where that game is scheduled to be played.


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12 thoughts on “Michigan AD Dave Brandon Won’t Let It Go, Still Pushing For 2013 Game Vs. UConn At Bigger Venue Than The Rent

  1. Steve-CT

    During the USC/Syracuse game earlier in the year played at the Meadowlands, the announcer said something along the lines of, “By Syracuse agreeing to have their quote unquote home game in NJ, they have essentially given up their home field advantage.” He then noted how the USC fans were just as loud as the ‘cuse fans etc.

    So put that in the bucket with RG3’s comments about crowd noise at the Rent and there are some talking points.

    It is very likely that this game could be an ABC afternoon or even a night game given the time of the season this is taking place. It could be a great opportunity for UConn to show a full house with a crazy and loud fans and also pull off a win at the same time.

    Certainly this is a business decision that the AD will need to make, but there is no way that UConn should assist UM in organizing any alumni events in the tri state area in the fall of 2013.

    Just my $.02

    1. husky66

      ABC afternoon or night game? you can’t be serious. Maybe if we had actually won 8 or 9 games this season, the way it should’ve happened w/ the schedule.

      I’m sure Dez can tell you about Syracuse crowds of past years but its not like too many folks have been excited about their football for a long time, home or away.

      1. Steve-CT

        @husky66 – Louisville and ‘cuse played on ABC on Sat afternoon. Unless this was scheduled in Feb., it all had to do with where Louisville was ranked and had nothing to do with the ‘cuse.

  2. Artie A...

    Watching BC give ND a game of it at BC. Can’t understand why ND does not make them go somewhere else every other year.

    Brent did mention the seasons sales go up on the ND @ BC years….

    OOOh another ouch! Kid from Ridgefield just recoverd a fumble by ND on his home turf………

  3. Does the MAC want us

    we should play a home game in NJ so they can get more of their fans there? uhhh… and give up our home field advantage? oh wait, we gave that up a while ago. this AD is starting to remind me of the guy from Duke. come to our place and we certainly will not return the favor.

  4. Artie A...

    Have to agree with TAD here…And what does Warde tell the beaver and the others that bought in on the 3 year program this year so as not to miss out on the M game?

  5. husky66

    lets see, ND blew us off for being hardheaded about this. what did that get us? a game w/ W. Michigan? bet the gate split on that one was a cool 5 grand.

    play the game where ever they want. we should glad they want to play us.

  6. Classof88

    If we can make some money on the deal, and my season tickets guarantee me a seat…do it. Much bigger names play neutral site games for the gate. Just this year its been Syracuse v USC in NJ, NC State v Tennessee in Atlanta, and Alabama v Michigan in TX just to name a few.

  7. TheJerk

    couple of points… Mr Manuel better be careful how much he sticks to his guns, UM could just buyout the game and play someone else at a larger venue. Second If the UM AD watched the game last night on TV he would have seen we could accomodate about 20k UM fans. Thirdly if the UM AD would like to reach out to me, my front yard is avalable most weekends next fall

  8. Norm

    If you brought the game to a bigger venue you could make as much as 3 million in gate receipts alone.That would pay Warde Manuels salary and pay Kevin Ollie’s long term salary that they are going to have to give him.

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