Name The New Conference! Weigh In With Your Suggestion

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It looks like the Catholic Seven basketball schools will soon be departing, likely taking the Big East brand with them. If this does happen, that leaves UConn, Cincinnati, South Florida and some other schools left, forming a new conference that is going to need a name.

Here’s your chance! What would you call it? Weigh in with a post here and give us your name and add in a sentence of why that would be your choice. We’ll take a look at some of the best responses and run some in the paper as well.

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160 thoughts on “Name The New Conference! Weigh In With Your Suggestion

  1. JoeP

    Sorry about the grammar in the previous post.
    To repeat, Big America or Big American Conference is my favorite

  2. RST

    America 12??? That’s lame. Too much like the A10. Maybe the shoe fits, though. A12? That’s what we have become, after all. A slightly bigger A10.

    1. Ryan

      think it is short sighted (hmm that has not happened before in the Big East….) especially if it is a national conference to control travel costs they should just go for 14 or 16 schools with a east/west division giving plenty of crossover options. It is what a lot of conferences are heading to anyway for numbers. When you’re talking about all your sports across the board in coast to coast conference with only 12 schools that will be a lot of friggin travel and having that option to control travel with divisions of around 7/8 teams will help in a lot of sports. Not sure I like America (fill in the number) for short we will be A12 which I agree with above will confuse people unless there is some separation and conference starts to stick out (A10 is about to take a big hit to though with basketball schools leaving for Big East l) – maybe we will have to watch for more domain names purchased with 14/16 being added for some future plans that is what the PAC 12 did.

      To counter my argument I guess I can see why they are moving slow if 12 is number right now because I’m sure all the schools are aware (and competing) to get in to one of the big 5 conferences) that this new group will be raided again at some point.

      I wish the Big 12 would just add two more schools and get back to 12 already sick of all this domino stuff.

  3. Ed

    While a conference name is an issue now, if you think about it, the Big East was the really the 1st conference that leveraged it’s name in negotiations (and really only for basketball, the Big East name really didn’t do much for football). All of the other conferences really don’t have clever names, they leverage the traditions and strengths of their teams. So if some of these new teams joining UCONN, etc win against top ranked teams(and for now I’m only talking hoops because this is where they are most successful), it will increase conference strength, then the discussion of a conference name will no longer be an issue. Remember, in a way UCONN was the “Tulane” of the original Big East and look where we are now! Now it’s our basketball tradition that can anchor a league – “If you build it we (media) will come”!

    Just for fun some ideas for conference name now:
    “X-Factor” Conference” – teams auditioning for a big contract
    “Hope For the Best” Conference (HBC)
    “Will Travel For Cash” Conference (WTF!-CC)

  4. Bob

    I think when we all dump our hurt feelings and turn off sarcasm, rational minds could come up with a conference name that embraces those that are really being hurt by all this realignment……those current athletes that will never again carry the BE banner.

    It seems we are getting close to some names that have potential.

    If we examine some pro league definitions, it seems that most use “American” or “National” to define a sport wide ranging in geography….no matter where the members are, they feel they belong….e.g. NFC/AFC (football), ABA/NBA (basketball), American/National League in baseball.

    If the case may be that the league UConn will be in may not be in a singular geographical area, the identity of “national” or “american” can respectfully encompass all our members.

    I have a couple of other suggestions that may stimulate some ideas embracing that “all encompassing” geographical concept.

    National Collegiate Athletic Conference (substitute American)…..NCAC/ACAC

    North American Athletic Conference (NAAC)

    United Collegiate Athletic Conference (UCAC)

    There is something else behind my maddening suggestions…..If the Super 4/5 conferences break off from NCAA to form their own coalition……maybe we can steal some of their thunder by limiting their choices of a “national brand” name organization

    1. Ryan

      think it would be better if we came up with a 3 letter abbreviation of a conference name by the time you get to the 4th letter it is time for a nap or your tongue gets all twisted. I suppose NCAA works but you have back to back same letter. Just try to say when you’re having a conversation with someone some weird combo 4 letters in a row over and over. Guessing game looks to be over though A(fill in the number).


    Artie may be on to something there..sell the naming rights for $$ for set period of time

  6. Bob

    Continental Collegiate Sports Conference

    ……takes care of geography and all sports and members …..existing and yet unknown

  7. Craig

    The Big 16 sounds very mpressive and I agree with Ryan. Downplay the negative; we are going to be an aggressive Phoenix rising from the ashes regardless of all of the prior misssteps. We have basketball titles galor and a football team with an Olovsky-esque quarterback – finally. Time to be patient and to march to glory!


  8. White Dog 777

    THE AMERICAN DREAM CONFERENCE! I have suggested “The Big America Conference” for a new name. Although I think it could work, The American Dream has meaning and a ring to it. It depicts our great country and the Big East conference. It says that life isn’t easy but if you fight hard for what you believe in, you can achieve success. Although the Big East lost some battles, they fought hard and a remnant of teams plus some new ones exist that carry the banner and will pass it on. It say, you can take away a name and a few teams but you can’t take away the fighting spirit. It depicts that the goal is worth fighting for until the very end. It’s what every aspiring young athlete is striving for, the American Dream.


    The initials could also stand for “After Death”

  9. Brady

    Metro East Conference
    Great American Conference
    National Athlethic League

    And we should fight to have the tourney at MSG, at least on a rotating basis. It blows my mind that UConn has already played its last Big East tourney game…last year!

  10. Eric

    First no more expansion… even when Navy backs out. Stay at 9 for basketball and 10 for football. Can’t get a redo on Tulane so don’t try, but we do get a great destination to go to there. We will not get more money for a conference championship game so why do it. Dilutes the money. Stay at 9 for basketball and play a true round robin schedule like the ACC use to have. Demand that everyone ponies up the money to expand sports however they can. As for a conference name they will not retread the names of the past and anything new will sound contrived and forced. Go simple. Something that shows moxie and determination. The new leagues motto needs to be Anywhere… anyplace!

  11. Scott

    1. Stars and Stripes Conference.
    2. Big America Conference.
    3. Coast to Coast Conference
    4. Bicoastal Conference.
    5. Great Union Conference.
    6. Big Border Conference.
    7. Interstate Athletic Conference.
    8. All United Conference.
    9. Big 16 Conference (since the numbers mean squat these days anyway; think of it as a goal)
    10. Barely Holding On Conference.

  12. UconnJets93

    Since all our members will be trying to get into a BCS conference (and will leave as soon as someone calls) let’s call ourselves “BCS Developmental League”

  13. Raymond Martineau/Ohio

    We have to get rid of the East title. This new conference will engulf all of the USA. How about the all American conference or The American East-West conference. Hey! How about the “United coast conference”.

    Ray from
    Steubenville, Ohio

  14. Dick

    I think a good new name for the Big East Conference would be the ‘Big Star Conference”. It would still incorporate the ‘Big’ and add the ‘Star’ to denote great universities from around the country.

  15. MC

    I think “EAST” should still be a part of the name.

    Great East Conference
    Athletic East Conference
    Continental East Conference

  16. White Dog 777


    Connects with “BIG” East but denotes expansion beyond the East into TN, LA, OK and TX.

  17. Artie A...

    In the same vain as Leeny below I say sell the naming rights. We are in the age of money meaning more than tradition or loyalty. Who cares what the conference is called? Has anyone here ever asked so and so to the dance because of her or his name?

    Offer the rights to ESPN, CBS, NBC etc. The network that pays the most and airs the most games is the name of our conference. This would be ground breaking in their industry and give the conference not only more revenue than what we could demand now but also supply constant advertising. This which any business selling something will tell you is a very large and important slice of their budget.

    If it is good enough for all the bowls and pro stadiums to run with why not us? It is damn well time we start leading rather than following and chasing.

  18. RST

    Re the JJ column this morning. If the Big Least Leftovers will have equal or better BB strength (he cites the case made by an analyst) and if FB drives the bus, how come the BLL’s got a much worse TV deal than the C-7 who have no FB at all? And why did the BLL’s sign the deal for so many years? C-7 has got Gtown and we got UConn. We got Cinci, and they’ve got … Marquette? Huh? The rest are all has beens. I’m not even buying it on name recognition alone!!

    1. Artie A...

      Pickle, pleas note that someone else came up with this much earlier on this topic…

  19. Rev Kevin R Loughran

    The Wanna be’s.

    One division could be the should have beens and the other the could have beens.

    I think it works. :)

  20. Rob

    With its expanded focus, it should be called the National Athletic Conference or the NAC. In a couple of years, it will be as well known as the SEC, ACC, and PAC.

  21. JB

    Copyright both Big 14, Big 16 ASAP… Use Big 14 first. Invite Umass, Airforce or someone else, to go a long with Navy and Tulsa. This will cause the fur to fly with the other Big conferences who have the plans to get to 14 or 16.

    1. RST

      Navin, I get mine with my seats. They are $15 a game, right? I’ll sell you mine for $10 a game.

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        I didn’t have the option to purchase the parking passes this year. All it said ws that if club seating ticket holders get a Gold parking pass.

  22. alexander

    All American Conference. Uconn is a great school which will land in a major conference and then everyone will be praising Herbst and Warde. Just be patient Husky fans. There was a day when we were in the Yankee Conference and an NCAA mens title was only a dream, now we have 3 thanks to Jim Calhoun. Just be patient and we will be there soon enough. To the haters please go to your board and leave ours alone, oops i forgot, noone writes about your school.

  23. Gray Avenger

    A logical, easy to remember name with the dignity and traditionally collegiate tone needed is “EAC” (Eastern Athletic Conference). It hints at the Big East roots and fits because the footprint is well within the eatern 1/2 of the continental US. Hokie names such as “Metro” and “Big America” must be avoided.

  24. Thedrifter75

    This would require inviting 3 more schools and they’d need to be north of the Mason Dixon line but you could call it the NSC. North and South Conference, add three schools and pit the 7 northern against the 7 southern. Other sugestions are EAC, Eastern Athletic Conference (or Association),and for sponsor related, The Nationwide Conference and The Allstate Conference.

  25. Joe

    If football rules and it’s all about the TV money, the name should be an enticement for watching games. Something like the Smash Conference.

  26. Mike C

    Or Mountain East Conference…position ourselves for future merger with the Mountain West…

  27. Mike C

    All the conference names out there refer to a location (Atlantic, Pacific) or direction (East, West), or a number (Big 10, 12)…. How about a simple generic name like:

    Conference X
    Conference Xtreme
    Ultimate Conference

    If not, Metro Conference isn’t bad…

      1. Mike C

        Yes I have. Have you been following this new league at all? Philly, Houston, Dallas, Tampa, New Orleans, Memphis… Is that “Metro” enough for you?

  28. Adam

    A few ideas on our new conference:

    1) “Your No Commissioner is Better Than Our Commissioner Conference”
    2) “Yup, We Invited Tulane Conference”
    3) “Will Play For Peanuts Conference”
    4) “UConn And Everyone Else Conference”
    5) “UConn Must Have Slept With Every School President’s Spouse Conference”
    6) “Thanks Blumenthal and Hathaway Conference”
    7) “Yeah, You Heard Me, We REALLY Did Invite Tulane Conference”
    8) “Bent Over Conference”
    9) “Hopefully We Can Schedule Out of Conference Games Conference”
    10) “Yes! For the LAST TIME, We REALLY REALLY REALLY Invited Tulane Conference!”

  29. Hope for the best

    “Hope & Grit Conference” abbreviated it would go by H&G Conference- it combines a positive outlook with having a toughness, perseverance, and hardworking ethos.

  30. Scott

    I wouldn’t worry about Uconn is done put a fork in the school.Time for CCSU or some other College in CT to step up UCONN blew it.

  31. Ryan

    Not only will I suggest a name, but will head back to the what we should be doing aka drawing board……

    UConn should be on the phone nonstop now is the time to make something happen (and if we get a better opportunity then jump). I say we go in direction most conferences are going anyway and just call ourselves the Big 16. Identify 8 schools east of Mississippi and 8 schools West of the Mississippi taking in to account prestige of school academically, market size/alum base/alum wallet size, history/prestige athletically , talent pool (lets face it Idaho has little talent but Boise brings other stuff to table ie football history), ability to draw crowds/fan participation, and I’m sure I could be missing things but you get the point. We should also be dropping the current Big East Conference head (what a joke of a tv contract how does Big East basketball only get a bigger tv deal than what we signed for basketball and football?!?!). We need 5-10 colleges to take the lead and go aggressively after some tv networks because let’s not lie to ourselves at the end of the day it is all about the tv deal so lets get them in the room as well and build a conference from scratch – plenty of Mountain West schools are itching to have east coast exposure (Boise St, San Diego St, etc.) As I mentioned get 5-10 maybe more schools together and build and add schools based on itinerary from basically the best of the leftovers and while your at it go hard after some of these schools that are moving around maybe you can get a former big east or current ACC team to jump back in with the national exposure if you are able to land a tv deal initially around 8-15 million a year (I know that’s reaching high). The ACC is not set in stone yet because Big 12 is at 10 and will be adding 2-4 more schools (maybe we go after Big 10 schools), PAC 12 is at 12 and may add another 2 schools so there is still going to be movement eventually (everything I hear it looks like most conferences are leaning to stopping at 14 schools). As a purely National Conference it makes more sense to have more schools and from a football standpoint 16 makes sense because you can do 8 team sub divisions (which gives 7 games within sub division and then gives schools option of 1-2 games crossover divisions depending if they want a 8 or 9 game league schedule which from what I hear most schools lean toward 8 and 9 is stretching it a bit (but 7 is too few. This idea has already been floated by west coast teams but having the catholic 7 basketball schools is what held this up to a large degree before.

    My suggestion:

    East (pick 8)
    South Florida
    Central Florida
    East Carolina or Tulane or La Tech, or maybe a MAC school from Mich or Ohio (pick 2)
    (more school ideas welcome I’d prefer we raid ACC/get back some old Big East schools but think that is wishful thinking)

    West (pick 8)
    BYU (if football is included only which I doubt they would do but this would be a big get)
    Boise St
    San Diego St
    Utah St
    Texas San Antonio Univ (they actually get big crowds)
    Nevada or UNLV (not both)
    Fresno St
    Air Force

    With the expected large amount of money coming our way with teams leaving and losing Big East naming rights we drop that money in to marketing the crap out of the new conference, assisting schools with upgrade facilities, schools need to buy in to this and invest now to make this new conference strong in the future.

    The above is tough and risky but what else do we have to lose calling and being aggressive is not going to hurt the schools who may take the lead in this.

    UConn’s other option unfortunately is only the ACC and waiting it out (lets drop the Big 10 talk we are not a AAU member and that is not happening overnight) relies heavily on lawsuits being settled, which 2-4 teams Big 12 will add as they are sitting at 10 which UConn won’t be one of them, will Big 10 or SEC go from 14 to 16, will Pac 12 go to 14 or 16, and finally will ACC go to 16 which I think they wont as they are trying to fight off being raided by the Big 10, SEC, and Big 12 which all are trying to raid ACC if they expand again at all.

    1. Artie A...

      Ryan, I hate to be a bubble buster or wake any dog fan from their dream, so I will not point out the immediate half dozen problems I see with your plan. To keep it short I’ll just go with one for now.

      You say,”With the expected large amount of money coming our way with teams leaving and losing Big East naming rights we drop that money in to marketing the crap out of the new conference, assisting schools with upgrade facilities, schools need to buy in to this and invest now to make this new conference strong in the future.” Do you really think any school that is presently in The Big East and has money coming is going to give it to another school to improve their facilities????

      It simply ain’t happen’n in this day and age. Yes we need conference brotherhood but they all gotta raise their own ching.

      Your spelling and punctuation are great though.

      1. Ryan

        I spell checked it…..but Artie I did include in there the schools need to buy in to it – this is a gamble but the alternate for ALL the schools at this time included in this big move is mid major aka conf usa/mountain west/MAC. They should have a good chunk of money coming their way (WV along giving 20 mil). We do not know all the exact numbers but we could be talking 50 mil plus if they can manage to get some sort of decent tv deal (lets say realistically to start 5-15 mil a year) that is more than they are getting now which is around 2 mil or less some of these schools are getting nothing. We have seen mid major schools move up quick and it is a risky proposition for all these schools but the benefits of getting your school on the map and being a top 4-5 conference in the country can have huge rewards as a institution way past athletics. I also mentioned for something like this to happen 5-10 school athletic directors and school presidents will have to take a leadership role most the schools will have to be from current big east (UConn, Cinnci, South Florida) and other schools that have marketing power right now for tv deals like a Boise St, BYU (which is why I think that school would be a critical piece but doubt they would jump in), etc.

      2. Ryan

        Artie – one other item this was already discussed to a smaller extent as many Mountain West schools like this idea because they are on the bubble as a conference as well. Us having 7 basketball only schools before is what played a part at least in it not happening.

  32. jack54

    Grand standing by Blumenthal cost UC an ACC invite , and millions in lost revenue. I think he + family are worth 100 million. Let’s take 1 from his play book + sue him to cover our lost tv revenue.
    New conference name — Ivy League 2.
    Still an option — apply to pac 12(football) + Catholic 7 (hoop).

    1. Ryan

      as for Blumenthal UConn did get screwed by 3 schools who left after UConn spent a ton of money but the decision to sue with very little shot of winning (as far is I know they did not cover their bases and did not put clauses in as part of the upgrades that all Big East teams had to stay) was very short sighted.

      Bigger mistake though was Big East adding duPaul and Marq rather than adding basketball only schools (they already had a strong basketball league) they should have gone after available strong football programs to help strengthin the football side of the house. By adding those two basketball only schools they put the football schools in a bad spot and left the conference exposed.

      At the end of the day the Catholic 7 (well 5 if they did not add those two) and football schools still could have had the best of both worlds with 12 football schools (two 6 team divisons with 3 crossover games) and 17 overall teams in the conference.

      1. JCBJR

        Blumenthal has never been more that a publicity hound. Indeed, he is very instrumental in Connecticut’s current travails. I proposed the Who Cares Conference, but maybe we should resurrect the Yankee Conference – can’t be worse than a desperate offer from a fading ACC.

  33. Kevin

    Either, East Coast Conference! Or, The Big Atlantic! The reason being that we already seem to serve as a sort of minor league for the ACC so we might as well make it official. I mean think about it, someone gets injured (poached) and someone from our conference gets the call up!

  34. David Brogan

    Enough already! This is UConn’s temporary new reality and we all need to stop the whining and deal with it. If we want to get an invite into a better conference we need to stay true to UConn and show up at games (no matter who they are playing) and get in our seats on time (big time programs don’t have lots of empty seats for the world to see). Let’s get our BB practice facility built, add some seats to the RENT and play one hell of a non-conference schedule. WE ARE STILL UCONN. We have won 10 National Championships in Men’s and Women’s Hoops and we have a football program, that while it is still in it’s infancy with regard to most schools, is on the rise. The problem with people in CT is that we are always way too negative and we think small ball all the time. Let’s hold our heads high, support our school, play anyone anytime and anywhere and continue to win on the field, the court and the classroom. Then people will take notice and we will end up where we belong…in a top tier conference.

    1. dconner

      @David…. If 10,000 and 16,000 had that same attitude for basketball and attended all the games; if 40,000 had the same in football and went to the games….and if the teams win, win, win..that makes UConn awfully attractive to many. Win and support. Nothing more important than those two things here right now. This is a very important time for the school. Very important time. It will be interesting to see if the support is there. The cold hard truth is UConn needs its fans and I think most people realize that and will rally but the question is will skepticism, cynicism woe-is-us attitude cloud the better judgement of the others? As I’ve said before I don’t have any skin in the game here but I do feel for UConn fans many of whom I know.

      1. tmumford

        When it comes to calling out the fans for showing up late, I cry foul! That sounds like the same complaints that Edsall had. In my opinion, and being a season ticket holder since the Memorial field days (daze?), I know that complaining about the fans is not the way to go. If the entertainment was more interesting in the stadium than out, people would be in. But we have not seen a very exciting offensive team — although our defense can really turn heads. Guys, this is entertainment, first and foremost. If you want to get people buying every ticket and showing up before the kick-off, then find out what they want. Be customer-centric, not customer-punitive. I’m tired of that.

        Regarding a conference name, I like the idea of the “Continental conference”, but it doesn’t have a catchy acronym. If another “C” can be worked into it, it could be referred to as the “C3″.

        1. Ryan

          I’m actually impressed with the amount of people show for football games for such a new program look around our attendance is mid pack for big conferences and would be at the top for these mid major conferences.

          Basketball attendance has been pretty bad though from what I see on tv.

          I do think UConn never has been good at marketing the games very little effort in getting people to games… my opinion. Always relied on being a self draw/name to get people to games.

  35. ray

    Dez, I know you are the football guy, but my concern is where will the basketball post season tournament be held. I would imagine the Garden will be locked up twith the Catholic 7 tournament.

    How about Brooklynn……

    1. Ryan

      Not sure a set location like MSG every year is needed UConn was once in the top basketball conference in the country…..if we take a look at the 10 schools left the basketball side of the house will be hurting most out of all this because we do not have that many strong teams. I say for now just move it around to big markets (Houston, Brooklyn, Ohio, Philly, etc.)

  36. John

    Call it The Big 16 Confernece. BIG XVI. Then when the BIG 10 or BIG 12 expands to 16, we can sell them the name and split up the proceeds to supplement our TV deal.

    1. Jesse

      I think that exists already in DII or DIII. Don’t quote me on that. Also, Texas, Ohio, Florida and Tennessee are not in the north east.

  37. 81Alum

    How about getting TRAVELERS to sponsor the Conference Name, The Travelers Athletic League. They’ll all be travelin’! Instead of being a BIG league, we’d be a TAL league LOL.

  38. Gary Powell

    They should call it “A Conference with No Name” (in the spirit of the 1970s hit by America, “A Horse With No Name”).

  39. KM

    The One foot out the door conference or The Purgatory conference as everyone is wating to be ascended out of it.

    1. roberttherugguyraleigh

      That would be: “The Island of Misfit Toys” Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

  40. Groucho

    Why is everyone upset? I am a basketball season ticket holder and I can’t wait to play Central Florida and SMU. Road trips to East Carolina. Season ending tournament in Houston! Who needs NYC and MSG.

    1. Jesse

      I’m not a big basketball fan, but I’m also pretty excited about the road trips and playing some of the new schools on the football field.

    1. DB

      This Was My Choice Also ! It Has A Nice Ring .
      AAC ! And It Fits With Teams From All Over America ! Cast Your Vote For AAC !

  41. Philly Guy

    The No Name Conference. Like the old No Nname Bbar. This way the conference could expand or contract without having to have a name change.

  42. Olde Huskie

    Reply to UConn Jack,
    Touche on the VaTech observation….I lose track on who and how many people and organizations “Former Marine” Blumenthal took legal pot-shots at. His litigous proclivity (and assertation that BC was looking to undermine another New England competitor)served to inspire New Haven native Gene DeFillipo and his Jesuit president to black-ball any future offer to UConn in spite of how well we would fit into the ACC’s geographic footprint and potential rivalries.

    1. Olde Huskie

      Exactly my point. The conference had penalties in place for schools who opted out….but that wasn’t enough for General Blumenthal…Oh noooo…free TV time and press clippings….Semper Fi!

    1. Pete

      I have to agree Big Eastern makes sense. It may also dig the people who left us out in the cold.

  43. Josh

    Why not have corporations bid for the naming rights to the conference? It’s a common practice among stadiums, arenas, bowl games, NASCAR series & tracks, pro golf tours, etc.

  44. HarryH

    Unwanted, unloved, left out, leaving soon.

    Not to worry folks because UCONN and the state will be raising rates, etc. to pay for all the new signage.

  45. Anonymous

    The Road Kill Conference. All field turf will be Team Colors (Navy Blue for UConn). Basketballs will be in the Team Color. Footballs will be Flaming Pink.

    Half-time shows will feature monster trucks running over ACC mascots and ESPN personality bubble heads. A post-game NASCAR modified race will be mandated and a track constructed outside the Rent.

  46. Russ

    Aresco’s Masterpiece
    The Not Good Enough For DePaul League
    The Leftover League
    The American Airlines Conference (schools will be racking up those miles…)

  47. joe fabish

    I dont really have an opinion about the conference name, but i think they should look into having their basketball tournament next year in the nicest arena in the country down here in orlando.Beautiful weather, disney, and the area around the amway center is loaded with great bars and restaurants.This idea is of course if only applicable if MSG doesnt want us anymore.

  48. Hope for the best

    The “Phoenix Conference” -out of the ashes of the old Big East and Conference USA.

  49. bill scollo

    I think UCONN is in a great spot to be the leader of a new conferedce. If the ACC comes calling send them packing. The Continental Conference is a great name and would take into future expansion.

    It is time for universities to be run be the school’s administrations and not by the athletic departments. The current situation is a sad comentary on our country.

    1. Bob K

      Bill – same name that I suggested to a group of us UCONN fans in NC. Killing us that we’re not in the ACC. Funny that one of the announcers doing the UCONN/Cinn game yesterday referred to the game as an ACC game rather than the Big East. Had to go back and replay it to make sure that I heard it right. Yelled at the TV – if only!

  50. MarkF

    I am as disappointed as any of the below folks but I think patience will prove our next landing place will be a boon for UConn. UConn is a major research university that has a major athletics program – in that order of importance, which most of fandom does not care to consider. We have to continue to grow both and I have faith that our school’s president and AD are smarter and more foward-thinking than many seem to want to believe.

    For now, we need a name that will ring loud and clear via media outlets. No ‘Big’ in the name, please. Based on the athletic abilities of schools with whom we now will compete, “UConnference” may make sense (LOL) but based on the geographical diversity, I like “All American Association”. AAA. It would also sort higher than ACC.

    1. Mike F

      I was also going to suggest AAA, but I was thinking more along the lines of Triple A ball…

    2. rich

      MarkF…love the sorts higher logic. When we open a sports website and look by conference, it will appear first!

  51. Olde Huskie

    Dear UConn Jack,
    Don’t hold Herbst & Manuel responsible for The ACC shunning State-U. Headline-grabbing Attorney General Richard Blumenthal alienated UConn from future ACC consideration with his shoot-from-the-hip law suits against The ACC,BC,Miami and VA Tech. Blaming H&M is like the NCAA blaming this year’s Huskies for the poor academic performance of guys long-gone to the NBA or the unemployment rolls.
    Olde Huskie

    1. YankeeI

      And in keeping with the liberal tradition, Ct elects the same guy to Congress where he has alreadty been voted the most Liberal Senator. Good job!

    2. UConnJack

      Olde Huskie, you make valid points about Blumenthal, but you fall down when you speak about a lawsuit “against” VaTech. If you will research a little better, you will note that Va Tech was a plaintiff in the original,lawsuit yet that did not prevent the ACC from inviting them. The past is the past. Let’s concentrate on the here-and-now. The fact remains that UConn was the favorite to get the next ACC invite, yet Louisville, with some slick behind-the-scenes posturing got the invite instead. Yeah, I blame the current administration. Instead of schmoozing in the Virgin Islands during that period, perhaps they could have been a bit more proactive. Maybe then we wouldn’t even be worrying about the future of our athletic programs as we are doing right now.

      1. BearJWS

        The current administration has done nothing to help UConn. They have basically missed the boat on every opportunity they’ve had. They lack experience & it’s showed. They never should have hired Manuel in the first place. T

      2. Tom

        Old news. That’s been said at least 100 times on this site – and is probably not true. ACC fotball wanted the Cardinals.

  52. Artie A...

    Let’s see, first I would like it to be known as

    For a nick name I would hope we are so dominant it is known as THE UCONNFERENCE…

  53. BearJWS

    How about “Fire Warde Manuel for doing nothing to help or improve UConn” conference??

    Really, what has he done? No ACC, no Big Ten, waited WAY too long to hire Ollie…

    1. Pete

      So you think Warde turned down offers from the ACC and/or Big 10 or that they don’t want us because Warde hasn’t show any interest? What color is the sky in your world?


    Get freakin over it already !!Still a bunch of whinning tantrum cry babies !! Are you on the right blog? … Are you UCONN fans? Time to let it go !! It is what it is!!! UCONN and its fans need to focus on what’s in front of them ..become the Boise of the east coast the conference slay a few Goliath programs that land on the schedule the bowl the team certainly has been frustrating ..however, use your passionate fan energy and become part of the forward motion and optimism!! Go to the games tailgating create traditions and have fun ..damn!!

    1. rich

      Word. We fans can’t control conference realignment. Screw it, let’s beat Michigan, Maryland, et al and make some noise. Roadrunner is right, Boise seems to be doing alright in a non-BCS conference. Sure they get shafted some years, but they’re practically a household name.

    2. Chuck

      Thanks Roadrunner & Rich, Finally some voice of reason prevails. Are these clowns(???)for real? lDez, isn’t there some way that you can cut off the idiot comments? They do a disservice to this blog, themselves, the school and add absolutely nothing to the subject (pro or Con)or support of UConn athletics. You have got to be frustrated. Sorry you and our sensible bloggers have to put up with this tripe.

  55. Alex

    Sell the naming rights to the highest bidder and if the NCAA interjects take them to court. Every other conference shook up the landscape, its time for Aresco to do it too.

  56. UConnJack

    Des, rather than have a contest for naming the new conference, how about a contest to guess exactly how Herbst & Manuel will get out-maneuvered this go-around. Unlike last time when the Louisville AD pitched his case to the ACC while our two heroes were “in absentia”, this time around they will be active participants in the frey. Adds a bit more interest to the situation, doesn’t it?

  57. Joe

    I won’t take a cheap shot…time to move on. How about bringing back the Metro Conference? UL, Tulane, Memphis and Cincy were charter members before it dissolved in 1995.

  58. TZToronto

    Whatever it is, it can’t be a geographic name. The footprint of the new conference is just too big . . . How about the Too Big Conference — The TBC? Or maybe the Big Footprint Conference. It will stretch from CT to TX to FL, with stops in between.

  59. Moe Mitterling

    The Big Orphans – unaffiliated, unloved, unwanted by other power conferences
    Or the Big Leftovers – see above

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