Happy Birthday Ja’Miya, Remembering Jasper “Jazz” Howard

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What’s goin’ on?

Jazz and Daneisha’s daughter, Ja’Miya, turns 4 today. Happy Birthday!

Thanks Daniesha for the beautiful photos and as part of the Courant’s 250 project, remembering Jazz  


No Real Scrimmages Outside Blue-White, Practices Too Valuable; News, Notes

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What’s goin on?

Good to get back to UConn Monday with Spring Practice 4. Practices 5 and 6 are going off this week. Saturday is Practice 7. It is open to the media. It is also high school clinic day and if you didn’t get a chance to see Monday’s notebook check out how new UConn coach Bob Diaco would blow the thing out if he could. There just wasn’t enough time to get it all done this year..

Anyway, here’s a few more notes from Monday’s availability with Diaco post Practice 4.

Explosive plays in Diaco’s book: a rush of 10 or more yards and a pass complete for 20 or more.

No scrimmages during the spring: :”Other than Practice 15, we’re not going to have a scrimmage, per se. The practice is too valuable not to practice so during the portion percentage that we’re allowed to have live contact it will always be intermingled in practice. Saturday will be live action. It just will be intermingled in a base practice. And the template for that scrimmage being it’s the first time or that live action  – I guess is a better way to say it because when you say scrimmage people have a particular picture in their mind where offense is calling plays, defense is calling defenses and the ball is moving – that will not be the template for the first time we get together. It will be scripted, The ball will be stationary. There will be no real situation that we’re working on at that time. The next time we get together and do that then we will have a ball-movement situation.”

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UConn Football: Two Positions Will Be Tough To Play

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And they are safety and outside linebacker in UConn Coach Bob Diaco’s defense.

What’s goin’ on?

Here’s Diaco on why:

“It’s a hard transition anyway” Diaco said. “A guy like Graham Stewart for example who has played outside linebacker at some point in his past looks pretty natural doing some of the jobs and some of the defensive ends don’t look as natural and it’s still a hard job for Graham who has played it. It’s a transition for everyone. It’s one of the really challenging positions on our defense to play so if you’re also having to learn some fundamentals of being an outside linebacker, you tack on a little learning, too.

That’s especially going to be the case for a couple of defensive ends last year, redshirt freshman Cole Ormsby and senior Ruben Frank who are now linebackers.

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Geno On UConn Football Coach Bob Diaco

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What’s goin on?

Fell into the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast this morning in Cromwell where UConn womens basketball coach Geno Auriemma was the featured speaker. My kids love him and wanted to see him, so….

Anyway, as you might expect, he pumped the other programs at the school and their coaches.

Now we know Geno is a dynamic speaker and he was all of that today but he said new UConn football coach Bob Diaco is one to watch in the department.

“What are you teaching at practice, coach? ‘We’re teaching destruction’,” Auriemma said reciting a quote from Diaco last week to which the packed house erupted. He continued on with more: “We’re looking for players that have violent hands. Really? Violent hands. OK. I like that. I was looking for a wide receiver and a quarterback myself.”



UConn Football Practice Three: Notes And Quotes

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What’s goin on?

Trusting you’ve seen some of the videos from this morning’s practice.

There’s some good stuff in there including the Rodeo Drill which UConn Coach Bob Diaco invited the media onto the field to see up close. It was great and part of an extra 30 minutes we got to stick around and see the Huskies in their first day in full pads.

We certainly appreciated that.

A safe and fun spring break wish to all the players….

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