UConn Coach Pasqualoni Says QB Casey Cochran In Good Shape

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UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni said redshirt freshman quarterback Casey Cochran (6-0, 214) is in good shape to start Spring Football Monday in Storrs.

That’s good for Casey because toward the end of the season he let the good shape slip and added a few pounds.

Asked if he thought it happened because he was down over the wrist injury Pasqualoni said he thought so.

“He did get a little heavy,” Pasqualoni said. “The fact that he hurt that wrist/thumb and was really limited, kinda knew he wasn’t going to go in the game, I think he did get a little heavy but he looks good right now and has run well in the agility workouts. I’m anxious to see those guys at the quarterback position.”

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23 thoughts on “UConn Coach Pasqualoni Says QB Casey Cochran In Good Shape

    1. dconner Post author

      @Dan … The next media availability is March 26. Spring football is not – and has not been – open to fans; just the spring game which is April 20, Rentschler Field at noon. Parking and admission is free….

      1. RST

        I have ordered a repeat of last year’s weather with just a little less wind. :) :)

        Should be a lot of fun.

  1. RST

    Back to the topic at hand. Sure hope Mr. Cochran is back in shape. He has a dogfight on his hands for any PT that will be greatly encumbered if he has lost any athleticism.

  2. Howard Lubinger

    Yeah. I think I know where his weight went. I was wondering why I can’t see my feet anymore.

    I’m telling my wife and doctor that I’m taking one for the team.

  3. Chris

    Didn’t know you had surgery DC. Painful from what I hear about the Achilles. Hope all is well and your recovery goes smooth and swift.

      1. RST

        Just did a rotator cuff myself. Long recoveries suck, to put it bluntly, and things look bleak at times. But you do get better. Keep working the PT when it starts and get better soon, Dez.

        1. dconner Post author

          @RST wishes to you for a speedy recovery – but they are what they are right, with no setbacks, of course. Good luck and thanks

          1. Ryan

            as much as physical therapy at times cannot be fun, it makes a dramatic difference in short term speed of recovery and long term recovery.

            hint hint

  4. Artie A...

    Dez, anything on open practice dates yet? Also is Navin considering a walk on position? I presume this to be the reason for his new gym regime mentioned here.

      1. Artie A...

        Sorry Dez, jumping the gun probably but fan is what I meant. This even if they have an open in the spring.
        Anything media I realize you or a designate would be there to get us the goods.

        1. Navin R. Johnson

          I don’t ever remember a spring practice being open to the public…just the fall ones and its a handful at that.

        2. dconner Post author

          @Artie – yeah Spring Practice isn’t open to the fans – never has been as far as I recall – only the spring game. There are media opportunities Monday and Tuesday with a big break in between before the next one and only about three practices where the media will be allowed to watch from start to finish. Others we can watch the first half hour with interviews after the practice such as Monday. Different media setup this year which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Well, maybe to one or two. It’ll be someone else at the outset. I just had Achilles surgery…Thanks Artie…

          1. Navin R. Johnson

            How did you hurt your Achilles? I have a partial tear and should have surgery but have put it off. Hurts like heck walking down stairs in the morning.

            Get well!!!

          2. dconner Post author

            @Navin Godspeed. Playing ball. I had a full shredding that really required surgery. Supposed to get walking boot this week…

          3. Navin R. Johnson

            My brother did that last March…full tear playing deck hockey. He’s doing a Tough Mudder deal this summer and is running up to 13 miles now.

            Golf will be your new sport.

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