Prediction UConn Vs. Temple

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Predictions, predictions.

UConn 21, Temple 7


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23 thoughts on “Prediction UConn Vs. Temple

  1. Eric

    DeLeone has to go at the very least… If Coach P can get a real imaginative OC then he can stay but this offense is killing the team.


    Mr. Burton was right….I wonder if there is some discord starting to brew between from the defense toward the offense? .

    On another note …what’s with the fireworks going off as the captains walk on to field?? Not expected…and poorly planned.
    No more bell ringing after touchdowns?? They could be rung after the explosions…which are not always in sync..

    It seems like UCONN planners are trying to find an identity even from the those lil traditions which are inconsistent and come and go ..

    And DJ JOEY MUST GO !! Read it hear B4…and agree…

    …and this is what I’ve resorted to blogging here…nothing about the game to blog about except another poor performance …but wait there will be a multitude of generalized statements from HCPP..

    THERE NEED TO BE A CHANGE !! UCONN is loosing all the ground as a growing program…not an attractive
    program for the ACC …I predict 3 more teams to ditch the conference by next year ..and UCONN will not be one of them…you’ll see…

  3. dan

    There is a game? Wouldnt know if from the lack of television coverage. How do you build a fan base in the seats if you cant build a fan base on the couchs first? People need to see the product (and an intriguing one at that, which is a topic for another posting entirely) on the TV before they are willing to pony up $$$ to sit in the cold and watch them.


    21 points for UCONN, ok. How many points scored by the Offense? The Defense? Special Teams?
    21 seems a tall order for this offense alone.

  5. TheJerk

    over/under of 41.5?

    Uconn 13 Temple 27

    other preditions include:
    DJ Joey french eyes will bother me 10 minutes in
    Jane will add mushrooms to something and bother me
    Navin will bother me to get up so he can go to the can
    The 15 minute walk to the port-o-can will stink

  6. Artie A...

    Predictions…Capt’n Morgan will find his way into the heated apple cider, guaranteed.

    Homecoming day deep fried turkey will come out perfect as always, guaranteed.

    The UCMB will impress as usual, guaranteed.

    The team on both sides of the ball will be giving 100%, guaranteed.

    If Paul has not gone to page two of what he called the massive play book the boo birds will be out for sure. We need to broaden the running game and let the passing game develop under less than desperate game conditions.

    The books have us a 5 point favorite, they are good at this stuff and they give 3 just for being home. Therefore UCONN 2 Temple 0 …

    My alter ego says UCONN 24 Temple 10….

  7. TheJerk

    Interviewer: What’s your prediction for the fight?
    Clubber Lang: My prediction?
    Interviewer: Yes, your prediction.
    [Clubber looks into camera]
    Clubber Lang: Pain!

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