Report: ACC To Vote On Adding Louisville Today

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From the Chicago Tribune…

What a day this could be for Louisville and of course, UConn.



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13 thoughts on “Report: ACC To Vote On Adding Louisville Today


    @ Jake-off …ur delusional…and clearly know nothing about any of this ..ur as relevant as the HCPP AND THE OC GD…”competing at the highest level” that was the quote of both our AD and pathetic Susan herbst…yay rah..rah..”gooo UCONN”…what’s that spell? …a lil louder now…beat Tulane!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy….I’m gonna vommit twinkle toes…yippppppy…it’s nothing more then a “Vaudeville Act”….back to the BIG SCREEN TO WATCH FORMER BIG EAST TEAMS COMPETE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!

  2. Steve-CT

    What I don’t understand here is that it was said that the ACC wanted UConn as opposed to Pitt, but our friend in Chestnut Hill talked them out of it based on territory reasons etc and Pitt was invited as a result – so now that our friend is no longer in play, doesn’t it appear to be a no brainer to go back to who you wanted before? Louisville was always a choice, but what has changed?

  3. Andrew

    On the bright side, I will have a ton of extra time now since I don’t have any interest in watching us play Tulane…This one really sucks though, after two passes by the ACC I really have no further interest…

  4. Jake

    Blah, Blah, Blah. UConn still finding it’s way as a football program. Super conferences will ruin the game as only the Alabama’s and Florida’s can win. How great is that. Go Mac conference. Other schools have been playing major college schedules for 50-70 years. Some have won little and a few can recruit 5* players every year. UConn will get there. A few less fair weather fans won’t make a difference in the future. BYE, BYE!! Go Huskies and Red Sox!!!!!

    1. rich

      @Jake. I understand and agree to a point. But do you think those “other schools” that haven’t won are having problems winning because they play crappy schedules, generate no fan interest, don’t sell tickets, aren’t invited to major bowls because they have no following? Don’t you think that impacts ticket sales and recruiting? Not to mention TV money and bowl invites?

  5. rich

    I’ve heard it time and again, ‘you have to be invited’ to a conference so what are the AD and President to do? I understand that. But does anyone really believe that Louisville’s public, and more than likely private, campaign didn’t have an impact? Why is it that I heard about Louisville’s campaign and then even Cincy’s campaign, but not a word from UConn’s people? Would it have mattered? I don’t know, but how could it have hurt? I am disappointed.

    Let’s go independent!

  6. UConnJack

    I am extremely disappointed with the performances of both AD Manuel and President Herbst. They had almost two years to cement this deal and, instead, sat idly by (in the Virgin Islands I might add) while Louisville was putting together a deal behind the scenes. And Gov. Malloy, who should have been brokering the deal with the assistance of his “first five” partner, ESPN, is not altogether blameless. Shame on the entire crew up in Storrs. I had every reason to put my faith and trust in them and they failed miserably.

  7. TheJerk

    I am not boycotting going to games in the future, nor do I suggest it, But all be damned if I am going to purchase season tickets either


    If UCONN doesn’t land in either ACC OR B1G ..i was interested AND EXCITED about UCONN playing football on the biggest stage back in 2003…and with that had purchased season tickets since then…been to every bowl game…the BIG HOUSE ,NOTRE DAME ..and the EDSALL BOWL..the fact that there was equal opportunity to compete at the highest level. Now we are regulated to the bush league ..ABSOLUTELY NO EXCITEMENT WITH PLAYING Eastern Carolina..I dont care that they average 47k at their games …NOT INTERESTED!!! Susan Herbst hired a $200+ a year marketing …Desperation!! Calhoun retiring this year?? Perfect timming!! ..this state recently rated one of the WOST MANAGED STATES IN THE COUNTRY…AHHH A Governor the spends nearly $700 mil for a freaking BUS ROUTE??!!?? When the state has a huge deficit….I know…not the right blog…SORRY Folks REAL UPSET !! The group of 16 season ticket holders I belong to discussed recently and would not renew the tickets unless something positive would happen..WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN A Jounior Varsity conference.. Hello UCONN ??? You do realize this will also affect your student admissions….

    1. roberttherugguyraleigh

      Won’t argue with any of it except Eastrn North Carolina is beautiful this time of year, any time of year.

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