Report Card Later This Afternoon

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Report Card coming later this afternoon, folks. It’ll be brief.

Final live chat of the season is Monday 11 a.m. to noon. to join one more time for 2012.


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15 thoughts on “Report Card Later This Afternoon

  1. william


    That’s extraordinary, being attacked for understanding facts and knowledge. Wallow in your ignorance. You might also consider taking a remedial English class.


    @williams….read the blog…It was a general statement ..and applied to the season!!..have you been to or watched any Ox the games ..3 and out most of the season !!!

  3. TAD

    We all know that the team is short on talent in the offense line and at running back. However, the coaching staff didn’t get as many wins out of this team as they should have. At the end of spring practice it was clear with the personal that we had on offense, we could not run the ball. Deleone’s solution was to take over at offensive line coach rather that redesign his play book to fit his personel of his team. They took a 7 and 5 team ( I’m adding wins against WM, Temple, SF and subtracting out the upset against Louisville) and gave us another 5 and 7 season. Running a 150 lb running back into the line play after play was mind numbing. I know as fans we all have to be patient as it does take time for a new coach to get his recruits in and for the players to learn the new systems. However, I don’t see anything on the field or the evaluations of the new recruits coming in that convinces me that Deleone’s offense schemes will ever be successful. I hope I am wrong since I will again next year attending signing day, the blue/white scrimmage and all the home games cheering our huskies on in probably a half empty RENT.

  4. Steve-CT

    Man, Ryan Griffin threw on the afterburners yesterday. What a play! There was a moment when he was in reach of the Cincy defender and you could see him just turn it on and push himself a little farther ahead. Very exciting stuff, what a play!

  5. Mike

    You can take the rest of the day off. The report card , as much as I look forward to, is not needed today. Jeff Jacobs said it all. ” The status quo will not be ok and the close but no cigar excuse will not work next year.” The specifics of the game or the season doesn’t matter. You are what your record says. Five wins is simply not enough. By the way, 34,500 attendance….are you kidding? There were empty rows and half filled sections all around me. Good xmas all…life is fragile…make it the best day.


    Well..the defense not one of their better performances..but a stout and beastly group that has been jewel of this UCONN team…My hat off to them ..SOLID GROUP AND COULD PLAY AGAINST ANYONE…unfortunately they were attached to an OUTDATED UNIMAGINATIVE OFFENSE and spent more time on the field then they should have thru out the season.

    The Offense…I don’t believe this group to be that bad..I’m convinced that “Old Georgy boy Deleone” needs to part ways. Doesnt have the relevance in today’s college SLOW to react as a tactician “too late in game” is not aggressive or imaginative!!! His persistence to run the same plays game after game made it easy to defend. His arrogance to not truly evaluate his personnel and create an offense that plays to the strengths of his group is negligible By doing so, ” Old Georgy Deleone” did not put this team in the best position to win games!!…I have also heard from from some parents of a few players that he doesn’t relate well or understand the young men too well..that can’t help the situation either …THE NEEDED CHANGE HERE A NEW OC !!

    On re-alignment …I read that the PAC 12 commish said that they continue to monitor BOISE STATE AND SDSU as possible members in their conference….I’m beginning to think the Big East is nothing more then an auction house!!!..Anyone hear or read anything more about that??

    1. William

      You should be in possession of facts before you make grand generalizations that the offense kept the defense on the field too long.

      First Downs:
      Cincinnati 18 UConn 19

      Total Net Yards
      Cincinnati 356 UConn 373

      1. Mike

        The only significant facts that correlate to wins and loses are red zone scoring and turnovers. We are close to being the worst in the country in both areas.

        1. William

          That is obvious, however; you answered the wrong question, which I wasn’t addressing. Learn to read and learn to think.

  7. RST

    I’ll be brief too. I have seen enough. Unless there is a compelling case to be made that next year will be significantly better than the last two, there needs to be an immediate coaching change. The program from my perspective is in free fall. Get the Buffalo, Western Michigan, or Kent State coach while we still can.

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