Report Card: UConn Vs. South Florida

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South Florida 13, UConn 6


Six points, 327 total yards, three turnovers on last three possessions and very likely a sore quarterback. Two weeks to prepare for the game.

Line: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse it did at South Florida. Four sacks on quarterback Chandler Whitmer? Nothing short of amazing the young man got up from some of the hits he took. The line should take more pride in protecting their QB. And forty-three yards on 31 carries? F

QB: Whitmer was 24 of 38 for 284 yards and two interceptions. He was while throwing the first pick deep and the one at the end of the game was kind of flukey, right? I thought so. I also think Whitmer is one tough customer, to get up from some of the hits he took? He’s a gamer and he tried. C

Running back: McCombs (18×48) really ooked like he wanted to make something happen in this one but there was very little room for him to do it but McCombs could be a little bit better, I think, with another back in the backfield to worry about.  C minus

Wide Receiver/Tight End: Geremy Davis (7×98) is still rolling. Would have liked to have seen more plays to Ryan Griffin ((2×29, including one for 26). Nick Williams (6×48), got into the action a little bit more but the receivers do need to help the offense more by shaking free for more yards. There were signs Saturday night but the Huskies just need a little more out of this position C minus

Special Teams

Nice job by Chad Christen hitting both of field goals (50, 37). The pep is back in his step. Good for him. The return game, punt and kickoffs, well, the Huskies none of either. The coverage teams did well, giving up five yards on one punt and 34 yards on two kickoffs. C


Allowed one touchdown, two field goals held the Bulls to 283 total yards

Line: Helped hold the Bulls to 84 yards rushing but gave up a key 31 on the 26 yard rush by Demteris Murray and the five yard TD run by B.J. Daniels that followed it in the first quarter but Trevardo Williams got a sack to become the all-time sack leader (27.5) and Tim Willman, I thought he made a few nice plays and had some nice plays including a sack. B minus

Linebacker: Jefferson Ashiru is going to be a heck of a player but one wonders how successful the Bulls would have been on that first quarter touchdown. We won’t know because the regular starter, senior Sio Moore (disciplinary reasons) missed the first quarter. Moore finished with five tackles, Yawin Smallwood and Jory Johnson had six. B.J. Daniels was sacked three times before he was knocked from the game with a leg injury late. B minus

Secondary: They had a couple of opportunities hit them in the hands. Dwayne Gratz snatched his opportunity in the end zone but there were a few others just dropped late The defense needs to get these when it can C plus\




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60 thoughts on “Report Card: UConn Vs. South Florida

  1. Big B

    I would appreciate the courtesy of an explanation as to why you did not post my comment. There was nothing offensive or inappropriate about it.

  2. Dave

    Think about it NO second half TD’s since the Buffalo game on Sept. 24. Looking at 3-9 0-7 (BE) after 5-7 3-4 (BE). The worst off. line play i’ve ever seen. You have to question coaching ( Duh), and male toughness on the line. Not to mention Pride or lack of it. In two years never winning two games in a row. Randy Edsall’s 12 years destroyed in two. I hate Jeff Hathaway. I can not think of one positive spin for next year with this coaching staff. PP and GD of course. Coach Brown you deserve better.

  3. TAD

    I still can’t get beyond the observation how bad the offensive line looks. Are there a bunch of red shirt freshman and sophmores that look promising and just need more time in the weight room? Is there any hope for the next year? I feel bad for the kids in the line who are getting the brunt of all the criticism but as a unit they are horriable. I’m sure each kid is working hard and doing the best that he can but there is an apparent lack of talent. We can’t blame all of the problems on the coaching can we? Our best o-line was on the team that blew the Notre Dame’s defensive line off the field in south bend a few years back. Each subsequent year the line has gotten worse ( even the festa bowl team’s o-line wasn’t as good as the year before). Did Randy stop recruiting line men his last 2 years here? I wonder what coach P’s answer to these questions are?

    1. Mike

      Tad, I agree with you that the O line is poor.We all know that and the lack of talent is not the fault of this coaching staff. That being said, this is not the first college team with a poor O line and despite that, we continue to run between the tackles, we continue to pass with the QB taking snap from under center, we continue to run on first down, we continue to use a 2 back set in the middle of the field. That is a coaching issue. At this point there really is nothing more to talk about. I will be attending the Pitt game. I just want it to be competative.

      1. TAD

        I strongly agree with you about you taken snaps under center. On the last drive in the South Florida game its was unexplainable to watch Deleone call plays where Whitmer wasn’t in the shotgun formation. You would think that the coaches would being do more to find a way to keep our quarterback standing. It seem like every time Whitmer took a snap under center on a pass play he got sacked. Clearly, the coaching staff isn’t doing enough to adjust to the personel that we have to make this team competitive. It all comes down to the head coach. If it was me, I would be running every play out of the shotgun formation the rest of the year unless we were inside the 10 yardline.

  4. Rich G.

    Saturday night lineup: Oregon vs USC, Alabama vs LSU, OK State vs Kansas State, Clemson vs Duke and UConn vs South Florida. Talk about showcasing from the top of college football all the way to the absolute bottom. Maybe anyone that is planning on bidding to broadcast the BE games wasn’t watching or their offer would probably be for the schools to pay them to even put them on TV. At this point I’d doubt UConn could beat U of New Haven. With Edsall we were only a middle of the pack team but at least we showed effort and were competitive. Now it’s just sad.

  5. paul

    He is thinking that he really didn’t want this headache, but it goes with the job. On the bright side, he is about to have “his hires” atop the basketball and football programs. He is beginning to peak at who may be available and thinking about how he must be careful in his public comments and guarded in private.

    There should be some decent successful mid-Major successful candidates, or even a younger re-tread. Maybe Coach Murphy from Harvard who rebuilt Cincinnati before his terrific run at Harvard. Plus, he went to Springfield College and is a New England guy. Just a thought, but that is kind of what Warde is thinking in private – along with many others.

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        That’s my main concern. Boy…if the Connecticut high school football coaches are not happy with the head coach then look out.

  6. Ed

    When will the “run up the middle on first down” plan be abandoned .

    Every fan , announcer , casual observer , has noticed that it doesn’t seem to be working to well .

  7. husky66

    didn’t see it, glad I didn’t. Did they at least play w/ some heart and intensity? or was it the “Bad Body Language Bears” all over again? 6 points?

  8. TAD

    Worst offensive line in all of college. Maybe the worst running game as well. How can they possibly be so bad? If Uconn loses every conference game this year I can’t believe that coach P keeps his job.

  9. RST

    Wondering if this is the appropriate juncture to stop talking about the possibility of a post-season? I mean, it has been patently obvious since the WMU game that UConn was going nowhere. Time to start sitting the upperclassmen and playing the underclassmen who have burned their redshirt so we can start building for next year. Get the underclassmen more PT so they get that experience that will be needed.

  10. Mike

    Forgot One
    11. Randy Edsell left us in “Dire Strais” .My favorite song from this english rock group was “Walk of Life” 1978,which coincidently was the last time this offense was seen

  11. Mike

    Top Ten Reasons Why PP keeps His Job
    1. He eventually will get back to basics.
    2. He will go over everything with a fine tooth comb
    3. It is a work in progress.
    4. The high school coaches like him.
    5. The single-wing will eventually work
    6. Lady luck will start going our way.
    7. Jorden Todman will return for his senior year.
    8. The other teams will stop using Flubber.
    9. Losing builds character
    10.Jerkwater State and Bob’s School of Hair Design are on the schedule.

  12. Perry Mason

    @Paul, I couldn’t agree more. Quite simply, there’s no downside to getting rid of PP whereas keeping him is fraught with risk.

    Think about it… If Warde fires PP, no one, not one person in the state will be critical of the decision, except maybe for a handful of the high school coaches.

    But if Warde keeps PP, well, best case scenario we have a middling to ok season next year. Worst case scenario? The season is another disaster, Warde looks like a chump for not firing PP sooner, and recruiting suffers a major blow as most potential players, even now, can see the writing on the wall.

  13. Big B

    Hi Dez,

    Nice review, I agree with Mike though; I think Whitmer deserves a “B”. Of course, the costly interceptions undo a lot of good but nonetheless I think he is about the only promising thing going on with this team. The only good thing I could say about the hideous SU game was the way Whitmer kept trying–seemed like it was one guy left fighting while just about all other quit or were never even in it.

    Here again, getting zero protection and bad decisions on the formation along with absolutely no other offensive help, no running game, nothing, he managed to execute some pretty damn good passes (receivers made some good catches too)in-spite of getting knocked on his ass repeatedly. He got up, dusted off and went at it. I also think if there was anything else going for us offensively some of his costly errors would be less costly ’cause there would be overall better results and it would not hurt so bad. If we had him with prior teams (when we could do everything but throw the ball) I think we all would have been very happy.

    Another positive: good to see Chad back on his game.

    Like a lot of others, I am now at the point where I blame the coaches but I also think there is a problem with the players, whether that is also due to coaching or not is debatable but some of these players do not seem to be willing to lay it all on the line or care that much. When an offensive lineman is quoted: ” We fought hard, gave all we had. It just seemed like the ball rolled their way sometimes.” to me this points to a big problem–writing it off to we did the best we could and luck was not with us is inexcusable, especially against such a bad defense. Where is the ownership, where is the disappointment, the regret for letting down their QB, again, where is the anger, where is the vow and determination not to let that happen again? I think this is a coaching thing–not motivating–and a player thing–it is their life: has to come from within. Either way, as much as bad coaching, poor skills, etc. the attitude seems to be a huge problem, some seem OK with how it is or at least they don’t seem to have very high expectations for themselves. May be self-fulfilling at this point.

  14. Jane

    The only hope for 2013 is if HCPP gets offered his dream job after the December game (since there will be no post-season play for UConn football) and he bolts.

    1. Perry Mason

      What’s his dream job and who would hire him? I wouldn’t hire him to run my Pee Wee team right now.

  15. Mark Mockovak

    I think the CT High School coaches should be polled to make sure they are on board that is what seems to be important.

  16. Livin

    Another disappointing loss. Another day of thinking about what could have been. Good day for Whitmer but the mistakes were killers.

    1. We know that the O Line is terrible. The coaches need to put the players in a position to succeed. As stated on this board, it’s clear to anyone with any football knowledge that Whitmer should have been in shotgun formation. When he was under center, he got clobbered. Slants, screens, quick releases. Seems like an obvious solution. Maybe I’m naive.

    2. The 50 yard FG at the end of the half saved Coach P from more questions. His time management skills are atrocious.

    3. I’ll be at the Pitt game cause I’m a glutton for punishment. Bring on the pain.

  17. fobe

    again, I don’t believe that this is a bad team. Can they be better….certainly. The real issue continues to be bad coaching. That won’t change regardless of who’s playing. I understand Warde’s position, but, the fact is, we will be discussing this same issue and situation next fall. Because, the coaching will not get any better. This is going to be a long painful process. It’s sad given all the resources that the university and state have invested in the program.

  18. Bob Hensley

    This is very frustrating. I have had season tickets for a long time. I started buying them when they decided to go D-I…I have loved it…even in the early years…because I loved the enthusiam and felt they were getting better…NOT NOW. We’re worse than we were back then. It’s embarrassing! I grew up in the Midwest. PP would never last there. Why are we waiting. UCONN, come on, you’re better than this. NO energy, no emotion, no confidence…That’s coaching!

  19. Bobert Rurton

    I agree Whitmer deserves more than a B-. He was under a huge amount of pressure from the pass rush when he threw that deep interception, in fact he barely got it off and was creamed right after the release. I’d love to see what the kid could do with an effective offensive line.

    I read Jacobs’ column this morning, and don’t understand his argument that switching coaches would lead to “chaos.” How could things be more chaotic (see: worse) than this? The only way things could get worse would be if the team just walked off the field before the end of a game, or if Whitmer took a swing at someone on the o-line. Personally, I had thought the cost of buying HCPP out of his contract was higher. If it’s only $1,000,000, then I say screw it, let’s do it and move on. I’d imagine Bob Burton will happily pick up the tab.

    This whole continuity argument, that HCPP needs to establish a few recruiting classes, is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and it’s disappointing the Courant writers give it credence. In my mind, there’s almost zero percent chance HCPP will be renewed in 2015 even if he isn’t immediately fired after this season, so who gives a crap about continuity? Better to stop the bleeding now.

    It’s also frustrating, Dez, that it seems like you guys (and this includes Jeff) are so adamant that HCPP will be back when a) any objective observer would say there has to be SOME doubt, given HCPP’s record at UConn thus far, about whether he will continue and b) the fact that some of us have heard otherwise from program insiders. I’ve heard from folks I trust who are pretty high up at UConn that Warde has unequivocally said HCPP is on the hot seat. From where I sit, you guys are either willfully ignorant or need better sources (and Warde offering platitudes isn’t good sourcing… what do you expect the guy to say on the record? “I’m firing this dude right after the season”!? Not gonna happen).

    Finally, and this has been brought up on the boneyard, it’s sort of ridiculous that KO was given this 6 mo contract, yet HCPP is supposedly being given unmitigated support by Warde two years of evidence that he’s not the right guy for the job.

  20. paul

    Every team we play down the stretch is decidedly better than UCONN in all phases of football. We will lose out and get blown out by at least one opponent.

    No way does Warde retain HCPP. He can’t afford to take that chance. Nobody will criticize him if he makes a move after UCONN loses – what 7 or 8 in a row.

    The only question now is who can Warde recruit and attract to become HC??

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      As long as the Connecticut high school football coaches are happy with Coach P…then I’m happy.

  21. roberttherugguyraleigh

    The All Time Winningest Coach in Big East History may not get a Big East win this year.

  22. Navin R. Johnson


    This was the result after two weeks to prepare for a ball game. To me it seems that it’s poor preparation by the coaching staff. 6-14 points in 1-A football is sad week after week.
    Last week there was a comment on this board that Randy Edsall left this program in dire straights. Well it is in dire straights at the moment. This coaching staff can’t get their offense to produce more than 6-14 points a game…something is wrong here and it’s not because of Randy Edsall.

    This is becoming very hard to watch and root for.

    1. MikeT

      The question becomes: How long is the PP leash? I doubt the university would part ways after this season but maybe after next. It sure looks like we would’ve been better off with a young DC/OC at a major or a coach from a mid-major….

  23. Does the MAC want us

    when is the last time we scored an offensive TD against USF? anyone remember? i got a kick out of the announcers harping on how we have sooo many formations and plays to run. the offense showed a few signs , but overall they shoot themselves in the foot with sacks and turnovers. the D hasnt been the same since Jesse Joseph went down. not nearly as mch heat on QBs.

  24. MikeT

    With regard to Frank’s comment, I live in Stamford and have season tickets. Friday night, I can’t see fighting northbound traffic to watch a 3-6 team that could go winless from here on in.

    Again, the coaches disappoint when, on that last drive, they alternated between shotgun and under center. Why would you go under center on obvious passing situations? More and more, it’s looking like we’ve taken a step back as a program under PP…..

    1. TheJerk

      glad i wasnt the only one who noticed whitmer being under center. for the love of god give that kid as much time as possible and put him back where a punter would stand

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        Did you see his game shirt? The front of it was pure white like he just put it on…the back you could barley see the #10 on it. All grass stained and dirt.

  25. Frank

    Everything is lining up for the Pitt game. Bad UConn team, bad record, increasingly poor performance, a Friday night game in November, a late (ESPN dictated?) start, fans still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy, a probability of blustery weather. 5,000 fannies in the seats. Max.

      1. Frank

        I agree that the announced attendance will be 35,000. In some cases, the announced attendance is based on people through the turnstiles. In others it is tickets sold. UConn announced attendence apparently is based on tickets printed.

  26. Mike

    This QB is OK. —-B, despite the overall poor offense. They lost the game because they did not score enough points against a middle of the road team. The O-ine is what it is. Most coaches would look at this situation and say …here is how I will help my team. We will run and throw out of the shotgun…we will have more 4 and 5 receiver sets…. we will throw more short- slant 3 step drop passes, we will have our qb run by design. Why… because most team do it and it works…. andit will take the heat off O-line problems. I have been a supporter of giving this coach time . Instead of making excuses ” we didn’t get the breaks” ,which by the way, want to make me throw-up in my mouth, DO SOMETHING. You lost because you only scored SIX points in a league where teams put up 30-40 on a regular basis. I am dissapointed with this loss,but I guess “you are what you record says” Let’s get it together and get ready for the next game.

  27. ray


    Is it still a “Work in Progress”? To me its been a “Work in Backwards Progress” from the day this regime took over.

    The bottom line is that we scored 6 points against a defense that could not stop anyone all year. Up until yesterday SOuth Florida gave up 29 points a game……Don’t you think this “Work in Progress” offense could have scored 14 points in a game against one of the worst defenses they played all year.

    It’s a darn shame what is going on here.

    P.S. What is Jim Leavitt up to? Is he available?

    1. michael k

      I agree that 6 points against USF, and 0 offensive touchdowns in something like 11 or 12 straight quarters is pretty pathetic.

  28. MikeT

    I agree with Mike. The offense problems do not include Whitmer. When he can step up in the pocket, he throws darts. The 2nd INT was a fluke play. Without question, he’s our best QB in years, maybe since Orlovsky. You can’t score when the OL is as bad as it is….

  29. mikeinmanila

    Whitmer was taking a lot of hits but still got off some nice throws. I’d give him a “B” given what he was able to produce given how little protection he got from the line. Agree that the last interception was just a fluke play. He’s clearly the best QB UConn has had in years.

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