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The 17-14 overtime loss to Temple, at home, during Hmecoming, was a poor result for the 3-4, 0-2 Huskies


Line: Lots of problems here, can’t sustain blocks long enough, inconsistent in pass protections, too.  Both were obvious Saturday and have been all season. F

Quarterback: Chandler Whitmer’s numbers (22 of 39, 293, 2 TDs) look fine overall. He was 12 of 17 for 205 yards and two TDs in the first half.  He was 10 of 22 for 88 yards the rest of the way. He didn’t turn the ball over which is a great sign for him. Whitmer tried his best Saturday.

Running back: Max DeLorenzo (23×91) runs hard doesn’t he? Twenty of his total yards came on one run. The one thing DeLorenzo showed is that there is room for his game in that backfield this year. Throw another gear or two at the defense and the running game could be allright. We didn’t see enough of Joe Williams. Shout out to DeLo too for becoming the first state-born back to start at tailback since Matt Lawrence in 2004 C 

Wide receiver/tight end: Shakim Phillips (7×100), Mike Smith (5×54) and Ryan Griffin (2×67) were among the eight receivers Whitmer hit against the Owls. And guys made some yards after the catch. You would think with their breakout game the Huskies would have been more explosive on offense. B


Line: Montrel Harris (30×142, 1 TD) took some stuffs on fourth and 1 a couple of times in the fourth quarter. However, Harris cracked a stack box on the 33 yard run that led to his 24 yard TD in the second quarter. The line can’t allow that but Ryan Wirth (seven tackles) was a bull again. Tim Willman and Trevardo Williams had sacks

Linebackers: Played well. Yawin Smallwood had 13 tackles. B plus

Secondary: Serious breakdowns with the game on the line, reminded me of the loss at Rutgers two years ago. It was bad. Miscommunication on the game-tying TD? Call timeout. You can’t have that. Also, S Byron Jones ties Smallwood for the team lead in tackles? The unit was fine most of the game but that last drive, those two plays, the 33 yard reception that precipated the TD were killer no matter what happened D

Special Teams

You can’t miss four field goals in a game as Division I-A kicker, you just can’t. Nobody knows that more than Chad Christen. I know teams don’t want to kick it to Nick Williams on kickoffs but something is wrong on that punt return. To have a kid with that kind of talent getting clubbed as soon as he catches the ball…The missed field goals trumps whatever issues there are in the return game – 12 points went by the boards. If they don’t UConn wins the game. F

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111 thoughts on “Report Card UConn Vs.Temple

  1. JD

    Very Disappointed in a lowly loss to Temple at Home. This loss shows the State of the Program.

    It is clear that this team doesn’t how to win and that comes from the lack of leadership from the top down.

    We are very competitive and I believe could play with anyone in the country for the first half but ultimately we make too many mistakes and have no clue on how to score Touchdowns.

  2. Ed

    More pathetic than the loss to Temple was the number of fans in the stands for the OT. How can people bail out on a 14-7 game ? Lets petition to stop the PA announcer from saying “the best student section in the country” when the majority of them are heading to the parking lots mid 3rd quarter.

  3. husky66

    finally read the “five things we learned.” Could also be called the “things we’ve seen are confirmed”

    In particular, Dez’ #5. The one I, and no football fan can ever abide, is the lack of excitement and emotion. If it doesn’t appear to be all that big of a deal to the coaches and players, can’t expect much of the crowd.

    1. dconner Post author

      There will be five things to look for going into every game and five things we learned coming out of every game. I can link those here if you’re not going to

      1. husky66

        I’ve been reading those too, they’re good and spot on. Just had to comment and agree on the apparent lack of excitement and emotion. times i’ve seen them the body language says a lot. and its not good, esp if I can see that on TV. can only wonder what its like live.

        Im sure its not their intent, but it doesn’t make sense. this is college football and these kids more than any other ought to remember to “Play like its the last time you’ll ever get to play.”

  4. Freddy

    if Manuel can’t see this program is a sinking ship then get rid of him too. He’s not up for the job if he can’t figure this is going nowhere. The connecticut high school coaches can cry me a river too. Boyle, Isaacs, Marquis Little, Van Allen, Olanrewaju. None of these CT prospects even looked a Uconn. Instead we sign fullbacks and tight ends from our home state. Cant wait to watch them play. Pathetic.

  5. Perry Mason

    Dez, I don’t understand why you’re so dismissive of people who are just asking whether Coach P is on the hot seat.

    1) You may have worked this beat for a long time, but how long have you known/worked with Warde Manuel? Less time than you’ve known HCPP I’d venture to guess. There’s a whole new cast of characters in Storrs, and they ain’t the cats you’ve worked with for 20 years like you.

    2) There’s a few things that make the Pasquoloni situation somewhat unique. First and foremost is the fact that no one besides the state’s high school coaches were the least bit excited about him as a hire. No one, and I mean no one in this state, will miss him as head coach when he inevitably gets canned.

    Second, the very reasons most of us were less than enthused about him being hired (bringing in a defensive minded coach to fix a team with an offense problem, lack of creativity, age etc.) seem to have been borne out. I for one, feel like all my worst fears about PP have been realized.

    Third, this season hasn’t even played out. I could see everything spriraling into an unmitigated cluster(*ck, in which case I’d imagine your PP calculus would change a bit, no?

    And finally, if Warde is going to make a change at head coach, wouldn’t it make sense for him to do sooner rather than later? If we have have a weak season, recruits will know that PP getting fired is only a year or two away, so why will they want to come play for a guy who won’t even be there? Moreover, it makes no sense to keep recruiting “his guys” if change is inevitable. I say stanch the bleeding now and cut our losses while we can.

    1. dconner Post author

      It’s not an issue of asking about it. It’s just that I’ve already said the guy isn’t going anywhere. Even a 3-9 season won’t change that. He is going to have an opportunity to implement a couple of his recruiting classes at least. His freshman class is now. That’s the deal unless he decides to leave on his own or does something completely out of character off the field. Now, you can either believe that or not. It’s totally up to you.

  6. roberttherugguyraleigh

    Have never been negative about Connecticut Football, I do think however that if we finish below .500 this year something has to give and that shoul be the Coach, pains me to write that, but below .500 and Coach Paul must go.

  7. Artie A...

    92 Comments! OOOOPs this would be 93. This is kind of like racing where you get a lot of attention if you are running first and a lot of looks running last also….

  8. TheJerk

    Uconn should save a ton of money this year on fireworks since we cant seem to find the endzone that often

  9. Roadrunner

    Here’s an observation..Lets see…Edsall goes 2 & 10 last year… the Maryland faithfuls didn’t like the hire and were calling for his head. (Even a Washington Post Sports Writer wrote an article calling for his “Immediate Fire”) ..something like 23 or so players leave including the ACC freshman QB of the Year..Edsall Fires his OC…Hire’s Mike Locklesy as OC a younger guy who clearly identifies with players and who had been known for being a top 25 recruiter twice in his career)…The program suddenly lands (5star) game changing Diggs…several 4 star lineman and other skill position players Hell he even stole a 4 star Connecticut kid (tightend) from BC ..the Kid de-commited…The program responded to the Ticket season holders and BOOSTERS..(i dont care if you disagree the boosters and loud passionate season ticket holders have an impact)..It’s free market research…the FANS and BOOSTERS do take a turn to drive the bus…and this is a $$$ business. As coach PP has said it’s “a performance driven the end its ALL about the wins and losses”…Clearly hiring his OC friend was a HUGE mistake……there WILL be more empty seats you can count on that..lets hope the AD doesnt respond like the former BIG EAST commish the “meatball” Marianato’s poor planning, no vision and reactionary responses that certainly assisted in killing the BIG EAST as we all knew it.. and have keen business visionary skills to cut the losses….If you want to be a member of the BIG TIME FOOTBALL PROM…then dress and act the part….Otherwise the UCONN football stadium we so fondly call “THE RENT” will have a different destiny…”FOR RENT”….

    1. UCONNFB

      Well said.
      Maryland now 4-2, 2-0 in Conference and on the rise. They will be in a bowl game this year while UCONN is home sitting on the sofa getting fat 2 years in a row.

  10. Al-South Windsor

    The loss was on the special teams. Plain and simple. The offense did a fair job of getting into FG position and it came away without points.
    Having said that, Dear OC Deleone, Please STOP killing drives by going to the “wildcat”. That drive in the 4th quarter almost certainly would have ended with a TD had he not brought in Mccummings for what a 4-5 yard loss? Next play, a very catchable (almost Welker-esque from the super Bowl) most likely gets them inside the 10-5 yd line but it was that stupid call to bring in the wildcat that stalled things. Wanna mix it up? how about starting a series in the wildcat and my god…please…please I beg you…throw the darn ball out of it. No team is surprised by any of it right now. Right now, we have to throw to set up the run instead of what we have always done, run and set up play-action. I see that from my perch in 217, why can’t you George?
    Ok, so now on to Syracuse where I will be making the hike with 5 others. Gonna be an epic time and I plan on driving back victorious. A very angry U-C-O-N-N !!!!!

  11. Gary

    I think Warde Manuel will let PP coach one more year after this. If next year looks like this year, PP is out. Unfortunately, I believe that next year will be more of the same, meaning that we have to sit through one more year of this sub-mediocre offense, and we just fall that much further behind, kind of like Syracuse during the GRob years. Sad really.

  12. TAD

    No one expecting a national championship or even a big East Title. But with the talent on this team even factoring the weak offensive line there is no way that this team should not make a bowl game. Its the head coache’s job to get the most out of his talent ( see coach Addazio who beat us with a quaterback that had below average throwing ability). At least 2 teams with less talent has beaten Uconn this year and one team with a lot less talent than Uconn only lost to us by one touchdown. These are the things that a AD has to look at in deciding whether or not to continue the Coach P era. Its not looking good right now for Coach P. He may need an upset victory over either Cinncinati or Louisville to keep his job. On the positive note, nice game by Max Delorenzo. I hope he continues to develop.

  13. Jim

    PP might be a nice guy and a good recruiter but what kid is going to want to come to a school that is dead in the water and the coaches are so conservative. WINS= GOOD RECRUITING and PP has not won and is not going to win with his out of date playbook.Let’s stop kidding ourself PP took the job for the paycheck and knew this was his last stop before retiring,feel bad for the kids who deserve better than that.

  14. Rich G.

    Western Michigan has beaten us 2 years running and now Temple has won the last 2 against us. That’s all you need to know about the state of this program. Not that this program was all that good to begin with but we’ve gone from at least making a bowl game to rock bottom. Pathetic.

  15. husky66

    didn’t see it, glad I didn’t. two bad losses in a row in games that were winnable is tough for any team to take; can suck the heart right out of any player no matter how tough they are. Character check time in Storrs. This is when coaches earn their money trying to convince young men that they have what it takes.

    I’d guess there needs to be at least three more wins in this season for no coaching change (at least in OC and OL coaching). And if not three more wins, then extenuating circumstances that made it impossible to finish 6-6. Bad losses and empty seats will force any AD’s hand.

    1. Navin R. Johnson


      Mike Smith complaining about Temple celebrating on Connecticuts football field…F Hey Mike, make a few more plays on offense and it wouldn’t happen. They won the game and they can celebrate.

      I am so disinterested in this team and program. Sad how far it’s fallen since 2010. If Connecticut can’t beat teams like W. Michigan and Temple the program has fallen. Teams never came into The Rent and won. Coach P is now 6-5 at The Rent in 11 games. No home field advantage and with this road they are headed down it will only get worse. No fans in the seats will give them an even less home field advantage. I’ve resigned to the fact that Coach P will be back next year so we have to just deal iwth it as a fan.

      Here’s to the 2014 football season…

  16. mikeinmanila

    Right now it looks like 4-8 or 5-7 at best, which means no overall improvement from last year. I liked that HCPP kept much of UConn’s staff in place and brought in Donald Brown…all good moves. All he needed was to get someone equivalent to Brown to run the offense and we are probably 5-1 at this point. HCPP’s only hope…and a slim one at to replace DeLeone. Frankly, he should have done it 3 games ago. Top programs know when to cut their losses (e.g., Wisconsin, Georgia Tech). It sends a clear message of expectations. That said, the next 12 months will be a critical time for UConn athletics…stay tuned UConn fans! P.S. Really rooting for Kevin Ollie…so far, he sounds like the real deal.

    1. mikeinmanila

      Sorry, meant to say we should be 5-2 (actually 6-1 isn’t out of the question) had we had a decent OC…

      Dez, I know you’ve said you think HCPP will be back for 2013…but does Manuel force HCPP to get rid of DeLeone, or do ADs just generally not do that kind of thing (i.e., the general view is for the AD to be “hands off” beyond the head coach)?

    2. UCONNFB

      Not sure what coaching staff HCPP kept in place. Coach Orlando and Coach Richardson are gone. Both greatly missed.
      Coach Foley and Coach Hughes have reduced roles.
      Warde Manual–please put a call into Bobby Wilder at ODU now to test his interest. Young, energetic, innovative , winning Head Coach!

  17. Quincy

    Did anyone notice that whenever Temple punted the ball our special team line simply turned and ran down the field without throwing a block. We’re the trying to form a wall? If so it’s an impossibility since they have to turn and run while the punting team just races down the field without a block being thrown and always gets to Williams before he can catch the ball. Hence it was always a fair catch or getting clobbered. Is that our punt return coaching philosophy?

  18. RBWizard

    Dead on with the report card this week, DC. Not sure I have the stomach to go to the two remaining home games this year. What did you take from ADWM on the sideline the entire game? Trying to get an up-close view of HCPP?

    1. dconner Post author

      Didn’t see him on sideline. Saw him after the game. Was not happy. Manuel has always said he doesn’t take losses well.

  19. Artie A...

    Specials not so special. Yes Chad has to answer the bell but who is working with him after a bad round?

    He stated he had a bad practice on Thursday, was this a concern of any of the coaches?

    What the hell is going on? Yes Chad has to suck it up and he did but what about the staff? Were the snaps good? Was the hold proper? Who was creating the pressure and from what side? Unusual for a change but the wind was not a factor on Saturday.

    There is way more to a kick than just a man and a ball, what were the circumstances to the three kicks that did get off going wide right. Get on it Dez…LOL…

    I understand the players have to execute but I have seen our opponents make adjustments and we do not.

    Or was this just a continuation of a not so good day from our O line? …….

  20. Jonathan

    I cannot believe you just wrote an entire article how this team evokes memories of the 2010 team. Ask any UConn fan and see if they are going this feels like 2010 all over again. I don’t think you will find one person. The only reason you wrote this is cause they are 0-2 in the big east. This team doesn’t have nearly the talent or the coaching staff to turn this around. Plus everyone was expecting a big year in 2010 after the way 2009 ended. Not one UConn fan was expecting a big east championship this year.


    The worst part of this season is that this year’s defense, in my opinion, is the best we have had since I became a season ticket holder in 2004. All we would need is a slightly below average offense and we could be 7-0 right now. It is just a waste of a great defensive season…

  22. Jonathan

    If I’m the coach I burn bobby puyols redshirt year and make practice a kicking competition. If coach p cares about winning you do not allow chad to kick another fg this year.

    1. dan

      What was all that crap on the news in the prior week and in the pre-game about Christen working on his 50 yarders… I heard him talking about hip shifts, etc. That waste of time is probably the reason he missed all his kicks. he wasnt practicing the meaningful ones.

      UCONN is going to be rejected by the MAC in the next round of conference realignments, if they keep up this level of play.

  23. UCONN FB

    Bottom line: Last Place team in the BE.
    Been to every home game at Rentschler except one and have never felt so disheartened and disgusted leaving the stadium as I did yesterday.
    One and a half years away from a BCS Bowl game.
    This program was on the rise, playing competitive against top talent. Beat ND at their place. Beat SC in a Bowl.
    Played a competitive game at Michigan.
    This team and this Coaching Staff should be embarrassed to put on UCONN gear!
    Worst O line in the league.
    After yesterday we have to say worst PK in the league.
    Never have we seen any coaching adjustments “in game”. We get out coached every week!
    There was a time that we enjoyed a real home field advantage. That is GONE! Lost more home games in the past season and half then ever before.
    No other preferred conference would give us a look as a viable football program.
    What recruits are coming into this mess?
    Every other BE school has a dynamic, younger coaching staff that will take away any recruit from us that they want. Tell me one recruit that we won away from other BE schools?
    We have hit bottom. Robert Burton was right.
    Please Warde Manual…..push the button!

  24. Adam

    I have to agree with Dez here. PP will not be fired after the season. We all know the most important position on the field is QB. UConn hasn’t had a D-1 level QB since Dan Orlovsky. Coach P recruited Casey Cochran to be *his* guy and should be given the chance to coach the team with his guy under Center. I understand everyone is frustrated. I am too. But this team is playing hard…they’re just not executing or catching any breaks in key spots to win games right now. If the team gives up on the season and starts losing games by giving no effort, then we have more of a problem.

    Go Dogs!

  25. Real husky fan

    Everyone is right the program needs to step up. It is easy to understand why Randy took the opportunity to get out of Dodge. We got very lucky to go to Festa Bowl remember the beginning of that season. He knew we had some major holes to feel and the fans would have been calling for his head if he were here today. They were only weeks before we won are why to a BCS bowl. I also think you can put part of this on our fans half of them left before the forth quarter. It is the story of two teams just watch the speed we have on defense and compare it to the offense. Questions is it intensity or limited ability. One field goal yesterday and no one would be calling for the coaches head.
    Let’ s consider the 56 players with 3.0 grades and except for a very isolated incident the conduct of this team.

  26. Big Ugly

    Getting physically handled on the OL has as not much to do with coaching but with who’s on the field. A few years ago we had a nasty OL who played with a DL attitude. Now we have a bunch of big babies who get nothing done.

  27. im blue


  28. RST

    The most telling thing to me was when UConn had the ball late in the game, third and long. Temple rushed only two and both of them got to Whitmer. I said to myself, how is that even possible? As far as the coaching is concerned, we have to remember that most of the guys they have recruited are not even playing yet.

  29. TAD

    Coach P is a good football coach, a decent recruiter and a nice guy. Players like playing for him. That being said, he is a worse game coach than Edsell. He does a terible job managing the clock ( see end of the first half of the Rutgers game or even the end of the temple game when we are snapping the ball with 17 seconds to go on game clock with a seven point lead with less than 10 mins to go in the game and offense that has a hard time scoring points. He is unable to find ways to win with the talent that he has against teams that are very beatable. After dominating Temple’s defense in the first quarter Uconn was unable to adjust to Temple’s blizes the rest of the game. Where were the screen passes, the checkoff pass to the running back, or draw plays? DeLeone has no ability to adjust to what the other defenses are doing. A new coach gets a pass for the first year but not the second year. I think the school needs to move in a different direction after this season. I wanted to see Coach P succeed as much as anybody but he is in over his head. With the seniors that are graduating from the defense after this season there is no way that next years team will be any better than this years team. We may score more points but it will be another bowlless year.

    1. Jesse

      I’m not fond of either Deleone or Coach P, but Coach P is a great recruiter and players seem to really love playing for him. This teams can succeed under both, if the O-line can be coached up like it was under the Edsall years. If Whitmer gets time to go through his progressions and the holes open up for our running backs, there’s not a team in this country UConn could hang with. Fix the O-line, fix this team. Simple as that.

  30. Jesse

    I don’t usually comment, but as harsh as these grades are, I thought they were dead on after yesterday. Great job givin’ the tough love Dez!

    I’m not highly fond of Coach P or OC Deleone, but the Huskies are only 3-4 with Syracuse, Pitt and USF still on the schedule. These are just as winnable as Temple was, so there is still hope to make it back to a bowl game (Pinstripe against Texas maybe?). I’m not going to jump the fire Coach P and Deleone bandwagon right now. No team left on the schedule is a guarantee loss and this team could end on a hot streak. There’s 5 more games guys, lets see how the rest of the season goes before we call for these’s guys heads.

    1. Jesse

      I only say this because I see Whitmer getting better. He’s making some nice throws with some good touch and he’s minimizing the INT’s. The running game as bad as it was, did show some flashes of what it can be with Delorenzo and Williams out there. You don’t have to look that hard to see that, even though the offense is still pretty atrocious, it has improved since game 1.

  31. Jim

    I am answering your post ,as far as what he walked into he walked into a team fresh off a trip to a major bowl game that did not have a legit div 1A qb but still managed to get the job done without one. The off line needs to do a better job but that said you seem to put alot of the failure of the team on them ,how about the play calling? I am sure RE would have loved to have a kid like Whitmer rather then the rotation he had to use. Something else to consider is whether the players buy into PP and his scheme’s. If the powers to be want to continue with PP after this season that’s fine with me but don’t be surprised if recruiting does not get better and more and more players question whether they can win under PP.

  32. Frankie/Stamford

    Dez, We still have to wait until the end of the year before judging what to do. As I mentioned in an earlier post we will be hard pressed to win another game, I’m leaning that we will finish 3-9. Then it will be up to the AD, especially if it looks like the team quits and there is discord between the offense and defense in the locker room. I just hope I’m proven wrong!!!!!

  33. uconn fan

    you never hire a head coach who would only be considered for that specific vacancy, thank you Hathaway. You certainly don’t allow him to bring in the OC that got him fired from his previous head coaching position. Get somebody in demand. Also if Gene Chizik can get fired two years after he wins a national championship (which he will be), anyone can.

  34. Mike B

    Another 5 and 7 season ? It feels more like 3 and 9 ! I have held season tix since 2004. UConn football has become an inferior product. Immediate changes need to be made to put more fans in the seats.

  35. Eric

    I said it last week and was dismissed, I will say it again today. Either Deleone is fired or COach P has to go. Friendship or not he is no longer elite as a coach and can not help us.

  36. Mike

    We have now become the program that when teams look at their schedule …. they see a win. Bad loss for the program today. The kicker had a bad day, but don’t blame him for the loss. This ridiculous offense not seen anywhere else in any of the other A or AA programs STINKS! punt…punt…punt. Can’t take any more.

    1. dconner Post author

      Kicker missed four field goals, 12 points lost. He has to take some blame. You can blame the offense for having a bad day if you want but its hard to take the comment seriously if want to only refer to the kicker as having a bad game.

      1. Mike

        ” In the end Temple made two plays that really probably were the difference. We didn’t capitalize on all the point opportunities. Obviously, Chad had a tough day. ” Did you or someone from your paper report this? But,of course,only your comments can be taken seriously.

        1. dconner Post author

          Yeah it’s a quote from the coach I used. What does that have to do with what I said to you? You wanna pick a fight with me Mike? How can I take you or anyone take you serious if you want to bypass four missed FGs to the kicker having a bad day and its all the offensive coordinator’s fault. That’s bill. Acknowledge 12 points were lost on the FG. Acknowledge 14 plus 12 equals 26. Can you do that? If you can and still put the loss on the offensive coordinator you trek out there by yourself on that one.

      2. ibleedhuskyblue

        this kicker has had 1 bad day. ONE. The offense has yet to have a good day. There was no reason we shouldn’t have scored a TD after the first quarter.
        FIRE GDL !!!

  37. ray

    Ok Dez,

    I will relax….I think I have said too much already.

    But, keep Derrick Dooley in mind.

    Have a great day and keep up the good work.

  38. ray

    I agree on forgetting about the three year rule.

    Having Connectiuct High School like you better than Edsall does not win games.

    Again, Derrick Dooley would be a great choice. He just happens to be playing in the best league in America’s and expectations are too high in Tennessee.

  39. todd b

    Deleone has to be fired NOW. The year he replaces coach foley as the OL coach the OL stinks. The OL has always been the strength of this team. Combine that with his pathetic play calling. they brought in a QB coach from the Bears. Let him coach the offense.

  40. Paul

    I have never seen as frustrating of a game as what I witnessed yesterday. From others I spoke with after the game, I am afraid that the stands will be far emptier if something doesn’t change…. and change soon.

    What a let down this season has been.

    1. dconner Post author

      No program can afford to have that many empty seats at a game. Think about at least 25 bucks was left out of the kitty with 5-6000 empties that ain’t good

  41. Jim

    Does anyone care to entertain who might be PP successor after this year? Not sure UCONN job is as attractive as it was a couple of years ago.

      1. Jim

        I am just voicing my opinion no harm in that is there?Most of the people on here agree PP should go why single me out?

        1. dconner Post author

          And you can do that Jim I’m just giving you a heads up that the head coach isn’t getting fired during or after this season that’s all. Carry on.

          1. Jim

            Fair enough understand not firing him during the season but your saying that the powers to be plan on keeping him even if the team continues to lose,where is the logic in that?

          2. dconner Post author

            I think the logic falls in the realization of what the guy walked into here. How can you build a product without a legit 1-A QB to start with. We’re counting last year? Really, when the guy spent his January trying to save recruits instead of zeroing in a little bit more on spring practice? How about the offensive line? We gonna discount all the experience lost there? How about RB? Lyle McCombs is a good back for 5-8 166 pounds but on the real how many I-A programs have such a player as their main guy? Are we really counting last year? Really? Are we going to discount this year how bad the offensive line is. Are we really going to ignore the fact you have to block for the ball to move down the field? They need players here Jim. Players. To me the staff is doing what it can or feels it can do wit what it has. We can say this team is talent filled. We’ve seen the games. If it is its not producing. Is that the fair of the staff Jim? Now all that being said the staff has made some clock management mistakes, it should be open to give more players opportunity and the offense should be put in position now to be successful for get the philosophy stuff. It’s not working. Don’t like the word blame all that much but you can point to any aspect of that team where there are issues. Players have to be responsible too is what I’m saying. I think the we want the coach gone argument sometimes clouds better judgment. What do you think Jim?

  42. Dwayne

    Its interesting that no one has said anything regarding the fact on temple’s 12 play 72 yard drive to tie the game the coaching staff never decided to use any of their timeouts, to regroup the defense and make adjustments. After the 33 yard completion with under a minute left, Temple was at the 14 yard line, their was just a broken coverage, why doesnt PP use any timeouts right there. Seems like the usual bad game management of PP. At least in the buffalo game, they called time out to reset the defense and stopped them on fourth down.Seems to me that if you are relying on the defense to stop them and win the game you can help them out by using time outs to set the defense. Yesterday temple converted two 4th downs (on that drive), and PP is saving the timeouts for after the game. Explain his logic?

      1. Dwayne

        I was primarily referring to the coaches Des, you don’t coach the team( although you might do a better job, cause I’m sure you would have called a time out when you saw the defense was confused and the game on the line). My point is that bad game management contributed to this loss. That’s on the coaches.

        1. dconner Post author

          Agree it was on them and certainly played a role in the loss but there were four missed field goals (12 points) left on the field. P wasnt on the coverage on 33yd catch that set up the game tying TD was he, D Wasn’t on the field when Whitmer got sacked six times. All I’m saying is there is enough blame to go around to come out of this one with the determination the coach and OC must go is just unfair and I think you all know that. You want the coach gone, many of you. I hear you I’m just not behind you on this one right now and trying to convince me otherwise is really a waste. Things are going bad right now if you really care about what those things are you can’t put it all on the staff I’m sorry there are seven pieces of evidence now out there for you to watch to see where some of the problems lie as well. At this point it’s in the staff to find a way to salvage the last five games and sticking to philosophy may not be the answer. It might be something as simple as keeping things simpler.

          1. Greg

            Dez, I’ve never commented before, and I think you do a great job with the coverage, but I don’t see why you can’t comprehend a coaching change at the end of the season. I have had season tix going back to mid-80’s at Memorial Stadium. We are less than two years removed from a Fiesta Bowl appearance yet I look at this year’s on-field performance and wonder what I have to look forward to next year. Edsall was able to coach up the low-level recruits, so far Coach P is unproven. But I see empty seats galore, especially in the blues (which I cannot afford), and have serious doubts about us ever being more then an occasional mid-level program with an occasional low-level bowl appearance. You’re more in the know that I, but how does Cincinnati and Louisville have a down year or two, then rebound two great heights, while our success feels more flukey and short-lived?

          2. dconner Post author

            Tell you what ill do. Ill no longer say the coach will be back next year and we’ll see what happens. If I’m wrong I will acknowledge as much but if you’re wrong Id like it if you did the same. You make an interesting comment about by knowledge here yet … We’ll see what happens Greg. Ill save all of this.

          3. Greg

            To be clear, Dez, I shouldn’t have made my challenge sound so personal, but I do accept your challenge. I really meant how can anyone guarantee this coaching staff will be back when I see the program at a huge crossroads of making a serious run at being an annual big time program, or are we going to accept a “we’ll do our best” a have the occasional good run, but be mediocre most years. One of my biggest concerns is fan support. Unfortunately, we need the band-wagon jumpers to help us long-term supporters fill the stadium, and that only seems to come with big wins. Yesterday’s crowd was weak, especially for homecoming and decent weather. And I don’t see anything to get excited about with the returnees as I have in the past. When you combine that with our weak recruiting history (that we sometimes do overcome on the field), I’m extremely concerned. Perhaps Northeast college football is just too much to overcome on a yearly basis…and it is what it is. Still, I’d like to be excited again – and I can’t help but think that starts with a big-time coach that would send a message to recruits that we are in this to win every year.

          4. Greg

            Glad you took it in good spirit. I guess I’d like to think of myself as not a “sky is falling” after every loss critic. My concerns are more deep-rooted, and not new, but yesterday’s loss sent me a message I didn’t like. And, I think it’s risky to brush it off as purely a loss because we missed 4 FG’s. If we end this year with a losing record, with the defense we have, I can’t help but think a big change is in order.

          5. dconner Post author

            Oh I’m not taking it in good spirit. Im taking it as someone challenging me on my knowledge of what I do for a living and challenging the relationships I’ve built and maintained at UConn the last 20 years. The way I see it you’re challenging all of that. As long as I’ve been covering UConn sports man no one has ever done it to my knowledge, you know. Ive worked so hard in my career to be able to bring readers info they can trust. And though most people may not like what I say or even how i say it, no one really challenges the validity of that info because they already know that so I’m a bit offended. Upset? Not at all. Good luck Greg. Oh be careful about misstating my position on the four missed field goals. That happened and they were a huge factor in the game. I’m sorry if you don’t recognize that

          6. Greg

            Well then, I should have worded my question better. I wasn’t questioning your knowledge of the program or your relationships; my question was why wouldn’t the program look for a coaching change after a second-consecutive losing season with not the greatest prospects in the near future. If you know Coach P is here next year regardless of this year’s performance, so be it. I’m pretty sure you’re not in on the decision-making, so I can’t hold you responsible for that. I was using this format to ask you why they shouldn’t be looking to make a change should this season end as poorly as it seems we’re headed. I’d like to think the UConn sports department has as big if not bigger a foundation as Louisville or Cincinnati, and therefore be able to rebound from a tough year or two more quickly like those programs did. I’ve enjoyed the wins as much as anyone, but even during the process it felt a little more flukey than we were building a path of permanent success. If the Fiesta Bowl was like basketball’s NIT for Coach Calhoun, at the moment it feels like greater or even continued success is a long ways off. I simply want something to look forward to, and this year’s graduating class isn’t leaving a lot behind. As a Northeast program, we will always struggle to recruit. So, maybe I’m putting too much importance on a coach, but I don’t know where else to focus on what’s going to help get us to be a consistently successful program. Maybe early success came too easy, and this is the struggle we should have experienced sooner, but that still doesn’t get me excited about the future. With a new AD from a big-time football power, should this season end poorly, I’d like to think he’d be open to a coaching change as a step to elevating the program to more consistent success on the field and with recruiting.

  43. Chris

    Kept my thoughts on this quiet because there’s no chance they get canned mid year. But P and D cannot be back in 2012. I saw one coaching staff make adjustments after getting dominated in the 1st Q. Once that happened we had no answers. I’m sorry but this is year 2 of DeLeone’s system. The first year I think they tried to do too much too fast, but the hope is that it would pay off down the road. Well, a year later and with OL coaching responsibility, and we’ve regressed big time. Manuel needs to do something this Dec. I usually want to give a guy 3 years but this is just so obvious. Have Burton cut the check and move on.

    I do think Dez makes a good point about absolving the players though. Coaching aside, they are the ones making plays. Plenty of blame in all 3 phases. I saw Temple force a fumble with a 3 man rush. The missed FG’s mask the special teams failures on the kick return/coverage games. And I’m sorry but if tout yourself as a top 10 defense you can’t allow Temple to march down the field for the tying score.

    Just an incredibly frustrating day.

  44. Livin

    A very demoralizing loss. It’s a shame because there were some positives on both sides of the ball. However, the inability of the offense to score in the last three quarters is disgraceful. It seems that the other team’s coaching staffs do a much better job at making halftime adjustments. Bye DeLeone and Coach P. The question is will they survive the season?

          1. Chris H.

            I love how you stay defending these old coaches who did nothing to better our program. We won five games last year and this year we may only see 3 wins and no blame falls on the coaching? Every freaking paper I see you’re constantly talking about player’s not executing, BUT the coaches are suppose to put their player’s in the best situation possible to execute. ULM, Kent State, Louisiana Tech, etc… don’t have better talent than we do, BUT they manage to have an identity and have an explosive offense… why?? because the coaches are putting there player’s in the best position for them to execute. We constantly ran a RB 166 lbs up the gut, we barely rotate the backs and I mean BARELY! Then we demote Foley from the Line position where he was succesful at for years, then you put a DB’s coach as the RB’s coach??? and you blame the player’s for not executing??? Lol man you must be in love with these coaches! from 99′ to 07′ DeLeone has done crap on offense look at his track records everybody these coaches are a joke and needs to get the boot! How we come of the Fiesta Bowl and hire Paul Pasqualoni? this is bull… Oh and Dez you don’t have to respond I already know you won’t ;)

  45. ray


    This could have been a special season.

    Yesterday was another embarassment not of the players, but of the coaching staff.

    The work in progrss was last year.

    1. dconner Post author

      It could have been Ray and should have been. Yesterday was an embarrassment. I feel your pain. I do. I understand the criticism of the coaching staff. It’s warranted, I agree. But Ray to say the players aren’t at fault for what’s happening is thinking beyond my comprehension. How am I supposed to respond to that? Yesterday you had a kicker miss four times. If he makes the team wins and I’m sure we’re still talking about fire the head coach and fire the offensive coordinator. That’s just par for the course now. I get it.

      1. Frank


        What do you foresee for the the attendence for the the Pitt game? The 35,000 that the U posts or the 15,000 that folks in the stands have been seeing the last coupla games?

      2. MikeCon

        How many times do you run the ball up the middle on first down, when you’re averaging less than a yard per attempt. An average Pop Warner coach could defend against that…The play calling needs to change before we start putting it on the players. You don’t have a kicker missing field goals if you score touchdowns…

      3. Chris H.

        He missed 3 times and 1 was blocked! And we still made no adjustments after the half. We didn’t score for 3 quarters against (TEMPLE) we continued to run the same plays and stopped rotating the RB’s after the first quarter… Again it’s more than just 3 field goals missed.. What happened to the adjustments… Why not go for it on 4th and 1 with a 14 point lead? DeLorenzo who broke more tackles than McCombs did his whole career averaged 4.0 yards a carry, so again it falls on the coaches which you fail to realize!!

        1. Chris H.

          Temple went for it on 4th down twice if im not mistaking and we have a great D… Who was more hungry Adazzio or Paul???

    2. Jim

      I disagree with you Ray,a div 1 kicker can not miss all his attempts and then blame the coach.I also think as much as PP is to blame players have to start accepting blame to.

      1. Chris H.

        Jim we did not score for 3 quarters against Temple!!! it’s much more than the kicker missing 3 field goals… The Temple coaching staff made adjustments did we?? No, we continued to run the same plays and we stopped rotating RB’s after the first quarter please don’t be fooled by these reporter’s who keep throwing these player’s under the bus… PP and Deleone suck period!

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