Sources: UConn OC George DeLeone Heading To The NFL’s Giants?

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What’s goin on?

That’s what I’m hearing. Although I’m not sure in what capacity. I’m hearing offensive line.

I’m also hearing the reason is because DeLeone is close to being vested in retirement at the next level and that, more than anything, is at the center of the move,

I spoke with UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni a short time ago and asked him about it. He was non-committal today but you could hear what he was saying and you should be able to read it, too:

“There’s no information or anything on that,” Pasqualoni said. “…my only comment to you is that at this time of year, you know what time of year this is, so, you know. There’s a lot in regards to coaches and movement, around this time of year there’s a lot of speculation on a lot of things.”

So will he back next year or…?

“Well right now I anticipate the staff I have being back right now – but you know this. This is the time of year where we’ve already lost two guys [defensive coordinator Don Brown [Boston College] and special teams/running backs coach Clayton White [N.C. State]…you know what time of year it is.”

Yes, it’s the time of year where coaches come and go regularly.

Speaking of those two coaches the Huskies will have to replace, likely three for now…

“Those guys were really good guys here,” Pasqualoni said of Brown and White. “They did an excellent job for us. We’re appreciative and we wish them well. We appreciate all the hard work and the hours, the blood sweat and tears they put into it.

“I’ve been at this a long time and over the years and each year opportunities come for guys on the staff. In this case Clayton went back to the school he played at, he’s from there. His wife is from there. Don was the head coach at Northeastern and UMass. His family is up there and closer. He’s got grandchildren now so, as these things come around there’s opportunity. I anticipate every year if you have good coaches and guys are working and what you’re doing in the program is really respected that there will be people who are going to look at coaches. That’s something that’s happened to me over the years quite often.”


On filling the positions: “With the bowl season ending, the first phase of it with coaches moving and coaches changing jobs and opportunities coming, to me, is phase one of it. With the bowl season ending and pro football season coming to an end, for the next couple of weeks, this is kind of the next part of it. It’s just being aware of what’s going on, what your needs are and who might be out there you might talk to or you might bump into. All those things are a work in progress and this is not time right now to be speculating or commenting because we’re not there yet.”

How has the interest been in the openings you have?

“I would say there’s a lot of interest…a lot of interest. I’d like to have them filled as soon as possible. As soon as the stars line up you’d like to get it done.”

Pasqualoni said he’s been talking to coaches about the vacancies (obviously wouldn’t mention any names).

“Constantly, in recruiting you’re taking calls, and you’re taking calls from coaches who have interest, so you’re doing all of that over the course of the day.”

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27 thoughts on “Sources: UConn OC George DeLeone Heading To The NFL’s Giants?

  1. fishpaw31

    As a Husky fan living in NYC, I’m not pleased! First G. DeL. stinks-up my Huskies, now he’s gonna stink-up my Giants!

  2. Yale OL

    any chance that the University of New Haven head coach fills either the OC or OL job at Uconn?

  3. jack54

    UConn new OC ? College experience,head coach college experience, NFL experience, high octane offensive approach with ties to CT. + Mass. Was considered for UC head job 2 years ago. Wanted : 1 Mark Whipple and his “whiplash” offense. He also could jump right in and take over if PP gets fired before end of 2013. Ideal fit. I doubt PP would want him around for that reason.

  4. Kate B

    Any chance some young, up and coming coaches see the OC or DC spots at UCONN as their stepping stone to a Head Coaching job? I wouldn’t mind that.

  5. Houp

    We cannot have started 2013 any better than if this news is true! Good Riddance to the least exciting play caller in college football history!


    It’s a good move for him and an even better situation for UCONN….On another note isn’t it interesting that for a conference that ESPN and others called the “Big Least”, it sure got picked thru and added to these so called “super conferences”?…I watched Louiville take care of business over the SEC’s and #3 ranked Florida..the Goliath’s can. E taken down!!! Hats off to Louiville ..and best wishes to them in the ACC ..a d alot of Louiville fans were in attendance…niiiice!!!..that’s how it’s done BELIEVE…I still maintain UCONN should go independent in football only at this point…

  7. JD

    This would be the Best News for the Huskies and maybe get some excitement back in the Program. This may be the Coach PP’s way of saving grace for his friend. Allowing him to find another job before sending him packing.

  8. Jesse

    Well if GDL goes to the NFL good for him and I wish him nothing, but success even if it is with the Giants. Even with him staying, I was still excited about 2013. PP has a tough job ahead of him right now, getting both coordinators replaced, but I think he can do it. He did bring in Don Brown, so I bet he’ll bring in a couple good guys to get the job done this year.

  9. Marcus in MD

    So I just woke up from a wonderful nap (office door closed) and I dreamed of a new and improved UConn coaching staff.

    And who should appear in my lazy slumber but none other than Sean Marinan (Xavier) on defense and Jack Cochran (160-24-nuff said) on offense, mightily galloping upon the Rent sideline! Coach P was sitting back, calm and smiling, doing nothing more than occasionally separating the two ultra-competitive gridiron gurus from ripping each other’s heads off.

    You see, in my dream, AD Warde Manuel saw the writing on the wall, err, on Desmond Conner’s blog page comments section. AD Manuel knew that excitement, an edgy swagger, and a throw all caution to the wind attitude is what this fledgling, no-conference-having football program needed. Yeah, sure, it might get nasty in practice. The OC throws punches, the DC won’t smile. But be warned, it will get reallllly nasty on Saturdays… or Tuesdays… or Sunday mornings in Anchorage, wherever and whenever the BigPacWac Conference is playing its games. And nasty, oh my faithful fellow Puppy fans, means good! In my dream, what was once our own copyrighted run-run-wildcat-blocked punt Huskies offense is NOW forcing the NCAA to institute the NEW “Cochran-Marinan rule,” having to use a running clock when beating opponents 125 to negative-50! Yes, negative points, the D is that good!

    Wake up, minion, our meeting is in five minutes! Oops, boss is here, time to wake up and get back to reality…

    1. mg

      I hope you are joking. This program is still reeling from the day it decided it should suck up to the CT HS FB Coaches – none of whom is on the radar of any program at D2 level, let alone D1. CT HS FB may be good some day, but it is not a blip on the radar in terms of quality of play or quantity of recruits. Can we please start thinking like a major power and stop acting like we are in the yankee conference. Bring in guys with an established rep. who are good recruiters outside of CT and who can design a scheme aimed at 2013 players, not those of 1976.

      1. Marcus in MD

        Actually, it was in jest. BUT, if you think Cochran and Marinan aren’t football guys who could have/will make a D-1 program better, you’re wrong.

        And, while we’re counting, CT HS football will ALWAYS be just that, CT HS football…

  10. Teresa

    OMG…a new start for us, maybe a constant diet of 3 up the middle will be a thing of the past.

  11. kevin

    awesome news, good luck to him, and good luck to us getting an young up and comer! Understand we may not have a coach for 10 years, get some one with a little fire in their belly to get our offense moving.

    Great to hear, thanks DC

  12. Huskygrad88

    As you are a stickler for getting it right vs getting it first, I’ll assume this is a lock. Raises the inevitable chicken or the egg question…does a great hire here increase the outside interest in our program or have the trials and tribulations of the Big East made us too far gone that we cannot get that type of hire?

  13. RST

    I think the pros are a better fit for GDL at this point of his career.

    This should be interesting, replacing both coordinators. I hate to say something ageist as I am getting up there myself. But a couple of young guys who have teaching talents and relating to kids barely out of HS, and some imagination in play calling, would be nice. Also the ability to move up and take over when HCPP retires would be helpful.

  14. Swami

    Shaping up to be a good week. Love having KO signed up for awhile. He is a good coach and a good man.

    This rumor has me pumped.

    Any rumors on recruits?
    Sock it to me Des!

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