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First Preseason Practice Under Bob Diaco And New Staff Is A Wrap (Updated)

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And it was inside the Burton Family Football Complex due to inclement weather…

What’s goin on?

The first preseason practice under first year coach Bob Diaco is a wrap and it was much different from first day of spring practice…

“A lot of times, you’ll go to a full-speed drill and people are flopping around on the ground, flying around all over, banging into each other, knocking each other down, grabbing each other. That’s not how professionals do their work,” Diaco said after practice Saturday. “Then on the other side you might go to a walk and talk teach installation part and guys are kicking the ground or moving around, not focused or looking off into the distance or something. That wasn’t present today. It was Day 1 in spring.” Continue reading

UConn Coach Diaco Satisfield With Depth On Defense? At Most Spots, Yes But….

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“I think we’re lean a little bit for the jobs,” UConn head coach Bob Diaco said Tuesday during AAC Media Day. “But the jobs at safety and outside linebacker are so complex and hard not only physically but mentally that create a depth issue. It’s not the players. It’s this new system.”

What’s goin on?

Diaco knows defense and depth. Notre Dame’s defense during 2012, where Diaco was defensive coordinator and when the Irish ran to the national title game, was ranked seventh in the nation. The Huskies will likely play a 50-50 split between the three-man front (3-4) and four man (4-3) fronts but either way the S and OLB has to be stronger.

Continue reading

More On The UConn Quarterback And What He Would Be Wise To Avoid

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What’s goin on?

UConn football coach Bob Diaco said Tuesday during AAC Media Day there will be a starting quarterback named but a second will play because the quarterbacks on the roster do different things well. And, honestly, the Huskies need to move the ball much better and easier so whatever way the staff sees fit to do that even it’s three quarterbacks playing that should be the direction to go.

Anyway, Diaco talked about how the competition will go between Chandler Whitmer, Casey Cochran and Tim Boyle (The fourth QB this year is walk-on Will Rishell. N.C. State transfer Bryant Shirreffs won’t be available until next season… Continue reading

Diaco: More Than One Quarterback Is Going To Play In The Game

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Because they do things totally different well,” UConn coach Bob Diaco said at AAC Media Day Tuesday. “Things we’re going to need done.”

What’s goin’ on’?

First here’s my UConn Football notebook from Newport today

Second, a little closer look at what Diaco is seeing with respect to quarterbacks Chandler Whitmer, Casey Cochran and Tim Boyle and why he thinks more than one QB has to play. Continue reading

UConn Coach Bob Diaco On Staying Focused On The Jobs Recruits Will Be Asked To Do

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“Because that creates physical parameters for what we’re looking for,” Diaco said. “We call them our profiles. Our profiles are set per the jobs we ask them to do which aren’t going to change. They stay the same. And then you inspect your team that you have to see how many guys you need to collect of what particular spot.”

What’s goin on?

Looks like we’re rolling this story out over the weekend but I wanted to leave a little more of it here now to chew on. Here Diaco offers some details on how he and the staff find the right fit for positions to build the team while recruiting

Diaco continued…

Continue reading

UConn Football Coach Bob Diaco On The 1-2-3-4-5-Star Deal And Then, How UConn Does Its Business

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What’s goin on?

As part of a bigger story I’m working on this week I wanted to dribble this little nugget out for folks to nibble on with respect to the recruiting sites, their ratings and what, if anything does it truly mean to new UConn head coach Bob Diaco and his staff.

It’s usually a hot topic in some pockets of the UConn fanbase and usually that conversation centers on the lack of four or five stars players on the roster.

Diaco lit this one up for all time and I mean of the dropping the mic on stage when you’re done type lighting it up, too. Enjoy… Continue reading

UConn Football Recruiting: Remember This In Following How Head Coach Bob Diaco And Staff Do It

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What’s goin on?

With five recruits in the bag the trend, big, long, lean is apparent.

In about a week’s time UConn got commitments from Kevin Murphy, a 6-2, 270 defensive tackle from West Chester, Pa; Tyler Davis, (6-5, 215)  quarterback from North Bellmore, N.Y.; Ben Hartwick, a 6-6, 215) tight end from Mahwah, N.J.; Philippe Okounam, (6-5, 270) defense end from Concord, N.H. and Marshe Terry (6-4, 190) safety from North Burlington, N.J.

UConn Coach Bob Diaco keyed us in well before spring practice…

“If we’ve got a bigger team we’ve got a better chance to win the game,” he said. “We’ll always try to collect big players. I think you’ll see the team get bigger for sure but guys are scouring their recruiting areas and evaluating the 2015 UConn need positions.”

These players have been carefully evaluated. Diaco also told us how the process works, internally, in pursuing a player, Continue reading

Holy Cross Coming To Town In 2017, Huskies Come Back To Town Next Week In Prep For 2014

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What’s goin’ on?

Here’s the release from UConn on Holy Cross coming to Rentschler Field in 2017.

Holy Cross, a member of the Patriot League and the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) began offering scholarships to freshmen last year and by the ’17 season will offer a full array of them to where games against Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), such as UConn, will count in the overall record for bowl eligibility. That game is scheduled for Sept.9, 2017. The Crusaders own a 19-8-1 record against the Huskies dating back to 1916 but the teams haven’t played since 1985. UConn won that one 22-2 at Memorial Stadium.

OK, save for a few Huskies doing summer internships, the team has been away but will be back in full force for summer conditioning on Monday at which time they’ll spend time working with strength and conditioning coordinator Matt Balis and his team. We’ll point out again  Balis and crew have done an excellent job already in building the players’ bodies for battle. The Huskies will do their own football-related stuff, too, with no coaches involved, 7-on7-7s, individual drills etc. (Note: freshmen report early July. All players report for preseason practice Aug.1. First practice for 2014 is Aug.2).

New UConn coach Bob Diaco has some expectations for the team in its return next week of course. There are some new rules for summer that will be beneficial. as well. Here are some recent thoughts from Diaco on both topics. Continue reading

UConn To Hold “Women’s Football 101 Clinic” On Campus June 25

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What’s goin on?

Here’s the release from the school…

The University of Connecticut football program will hold a “Women’s Football 101 Clinic” on Wednesday, June 25 in the Burton Family Football Complex and the Mark R. Shenkman Training Center in Storrs.


The event will give women a chance to learn everything from the basic fundamentals of the game to finer intricacies in a fun-filled night. It is a unique opportunity for women to receive instruction right from the Husky coaching staff in UConn’s modern facilities.


The clinic will begin at 5:30 p.m. with registration and a social hour, including a cash bar. Participants will take to the field at 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for lights drills and a real football experience with the UConn coaching staff and players.


The cost for registration is $40, which includes a t-shirt, food and a souvenir item. 


All participants are asked to wear athletic clothing and footwear and water will be provided during the clinic.


For more information and to register, go to UConnHuskies.com.