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More On The UConn Quarterback And What He Would Be Wise To Avoid

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What’s goin on?

UConn football coach Bob Diaco said Tuesday during AAC Media Day there will be a starting quarterback named but a second will play because the quarterbacks on the roster do different things well. And, honestly, the Huskies need to move the ball much better and easier so whatever way the staff sees fit to do that even it’s three quarterbacks playing that should be the direction to go.

Anyway, Diaco talked about how the competition will go between Chandler Whitmer, Casey Cochran and Tim Boyle (The fourth QB this year is walk-on Will Rishell. N.C. State transfer Bryant Shirreffs won’t be available until next season… Continue reading

Diaco: More Than One Quarterback Is Going To Play In The Game

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Because they do things totally different well,” UConn coach Bob Diaco said at AAC Media Day Tuesday. “Things we’re going to need done.”

What’s goin’ on’?

First here’s my UConn Football notebook from Newport today

Second, a little closer look at what Diaco is seeing with respect to quarterbacks Chandler Whitmer, Casey Cochran and Tim Boyle and why he thinks more than one QB has to play. Continue reading

UConn Football Practice 7 News And Notes

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Minus the technical difficulties….Couldn’t post last night but here’s my original posting from Saturday night….

What’s goin on?

Practice was open today and there were some scrimmage-like situations within the practice.

“Whatever happened with the play [the ball] got re-spotted back at the original line of scrimmage and we moved the hash so the moving parts were ball movement in terms of field space, left hash, left middle, middle, middle right, middle, right hash and then formations, personnel groupings, defensive changes with fronts and coverages, pressures, who was rushing, who wasn’t rushing….

Diaco said he thought the players did that smoothly. Continue reading

UConn Coach Pasqualoni Says QB Casey Cochran In Good Shape

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UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni said redshirt freshman quarterback Casey Cochran (6-0, 214) is in good shape to start Spring Football Monday in Storrs.

That’s good for Casey because toward the end of the season he let the good shape slip and added a few pounds.

Asked if he thought it happened because he was down over the wrist injury Pasqualoni said he thought so.

“He did get a little heavy,” Pasqualoni said. “The fact that he hurt that wrist/thumb and was really limited, kinda knew he wasn’t going to go in the game, I think he did get a little heavy but he looks good right now and has run well in the agility workouts. I’m anxious to see those guys at the quarterback position.”

Mailbag Feb.15: Silence On Cochran Defeaning?

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Q: The silence about C. Cochran’s progress is deafening. Methinks we will be hearing about a transfer as soon as he finds a place to land. Steve Brown, Branford

A: The silence about all of the players progress will be defeaning at least until spring practice….Me doesnt think we’ll be hearing what you think we’ll be hearing about Cochran.