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UConn Coach Diaco Satisfield With Depth On Defense? At Most Spots, Yes But….

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“I think we’re lean a little bit for the jobs,” UConn head coach Bob Diaco said Tuesday during AAC Media Day. “But the jobs at safety and outside linebacker are so complex and hard not only physically but mentally that create a depth issue. It’s not the players. It’s this new system.”

What’s goin on?

Diaco knows defense and depth. Notre Dame’s defense during 2012, where Diaco was defensive coordinator and when the Irish ran to the national title game, was ranked seventh in the nation. The Huskies will likely play a 50-50 split between the three-man front (3-4) and four man (4-3) fronts but either way the S and OLB has to be stronger.

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UConn Football Coach Bob Diaco On Offense…And Defense

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What’s goin on?

Here’s new UConn Coach Bob Diaco talking about what the team will look like offensively and defensively.

“We’re not a 3-4 defense. I mean we base out of and fundamentally teach in and begin in that concept because it’s the top way to talk about fundamentals, it’s the top defense to talk about the fundamentals of playing defense,” Diaco said. “If you scouted my defenses they';re 50-50. We’re in four-down [linemen] and three-down, 50-50. If we played 900 plays I’d bet 500 of them were actually four down and 400 we;re probably three down…It was probably tilted the other way, so I think people see me as a 3-4 guy because of my affiinity and affection towards it but the game isn’t conducted like that.”


“The offense is going to have a great ability to go uptempo.because that’s how I want to practice – but not necessarily how I want the game to be but we have that ability. You know I see a lot of formations from similar personnel groups…just kind of do all the things [as a defensive coordinator] I hated. [Former Iowa Coach Hayden Fry for whom Diaco played] used to call it scratch where it itches.”


UConn Defense Has Been Trying To Help The UConn Offense Quite A Bit This Preseason, Too

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What’s goin on’?

How is the UConn defense helping the offense right now?

Well if you think aboiut all the looks/coverages it’s been seeing the defense trying to master, of which there are many, if the offense sees those coverages or anything like them from opponents during the regular season it should help the unit…right?

“It’s the best thing,” said Shane Day, UConn quarterbacks coach. “Because as a quarterback, when you go into a season, you’re going to play 12 opponents and you’re going to see a plethora of covergaes so when our defense gives us all the different looks against each play then we can go through and teach all the different looks.

“If they only play one coverage…like, for example last year. We were more, primarily, a man team so we didn’t get a lot of off corners or different coverages so we knew where to go with the ball vs. man [defense] but when we played teams that didn’t play man we were a little bit behind. This year, we’ve seen everything. We know where to go with the ball against every coverage which is good.”

We shall soon see.

The UConn Football season opens a week from today against Towson University (Rentschler Field, 7:30 p.m.).



UConn Football: What’s Up With The Pass Rush?

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What’s goin on?

You know, UConn’s defensive line could very well be as good if not better than last season’s front if recent practices are any indication of what this group is attempting to do in 2013.

On Saturday, during individual drills, it was a good thing senior tackle Jimmy Bennett (6-9, 306) came back against junior Angelo Pruitt (6-3, 297) and kept him from getting past him the last two times he went against him because the first two times, Pruitt blew past Bennett and OL coach George DeLeone went off.

He also praised him when he came back and held well against Pruitt.

“I give him props,” said Pruitt, who also goes by “Lo”. “He’s one of the best out here. That’s what makes you better. When you’re going against the best you better your game.”

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Nationally Ranking: The UConn Defense

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The Huskies are third nationally in total defense today allowing opponents 174 yards per game.

They are also: tied for No.1  (with Tulsa) in tackles for loss (10.67 yards worth per game); third in pass sacks at 4.67 per.

UConn is fifth against the run (51 ypg.) and fifth against the pass (123).

It is tied with LSU for 11th in scoring defense (10.3 ppg.)