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How It Went Down: BC Coach Steve Addazio On DC Don Brown (Formerly Of UConn)

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Here’s how Don Brown (at UConn the previous two seasons) to Boston College went down according to Eagles head coach Steve Addazio…

“I’ve watched Donnie for a long time and I prepared to play against him last year. He has great energy. He’s got great passion. He’s got a unique ability,,, he’s really the head coach of that defense now. He can really rally guys and schematically he poses a lot of problems for you on offense. He’s a New England guy, coached at UMass, Plymouth, Northeastern. He’s coached at Yale so I said ‘OK… Continue reading

Paying Attention To Detail Is Key For UConn Defense In Next Two Games

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What’s goin on?

Working on some stuff for today and the weekend with UConn offensive coordinator George DeLeone and defensive coordinator Don Brown.

Paying attention to detail is going to be key for a UConn defense that showed signs of being the nasty unit it was at the beginning of the season -and just in time.

The Huskies (4-6, 1-4 Big East) will have fights on their hands to get to .500 having to go through Louisville and Cincinnati to do it.

Anyway, an example of detail, would be things such as having your eyes in the right place at all times. Now, junior Taylor Mack is a solid corner but he got beat for a touchdown last week because of a very minor and very correctable detail. On the road? Yes, those things will be very important for the Huskies, who because a of a small detail saw a key run lead to the lone touchdown in a 13-6 loss at South Florida.

Here’s Brown on the Mack play: Continue reading

UConn Defensive Coordinator Don Brown On Last Week (Buffalo), This Week (Rutgers), A Little In Between

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What’s goin on?

We’re moving on to the defensive side of the ball today and that must include thoughts from UConn defensive coordinator Don Brown.

Here he is wrapping up Buffalo, talking about Rutgers and a little in between…

The defense hasn’t seemed to be as dominating the past two weeks as it was the first three. See any issues or…

“You go from the first game where you shut people out and you set a level of expectation then you go N.C. State, who, I don’t know, if you go look at the numbers, I think they had 600 yards of offense against Miami (664, Miami had 651 in beating the Wolfpack 44-37 last week) and then you play a Maryland offense with a lot of good players and we’re not perfect there and we find a way to win the game,” Brown said.

“We gave up seven points, legitimate scoring drive, the whole deal, first half against Buffalo; great. The seven-point gimmick play? Good. Hats off to them, they got me. Hook and ladder, hit it; we don’t get the guy on the ground. You know if you watch the tape, Blidi Wreh-Wilson takes the wide receiver and parks him on the bench. Now if he doesn’t park him on the bench he’s going to come off and make the play. So, what do you tell the guy? ‘Allright when you get the guy pressed, don’t park him on the bench/? Obviously, we’ve got do a good job of getting that guy on the ground. We end up surviving that and away we go. They come down and kick a field goal and then the game is in our hands at the end of the day. Just like Maryland we take care of our business. The reality is we won the game. Continue reading

UConn AD Maunel: “Not Even Thinking About Whether Paul Is The Right Coach At This Point In His Tenure”

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What’s goin on?

UConn athletic director Warde Manuel and I crossed paths at Bradley Airport this afternoon.

Manuel was heading off to Dallas for the Division I athletic directors meeting and then onto the rules committee meetings, which he is also a member.

I was just getting back from the trip to Western Michigan. Manuel was in Kalamazoo as well and witnessed the Huskies disheartening 30-24 loss.

His thoughts?

“Too many mistakes, too many mistakes; too many blown assignments,” said Manuel, a former Division I-A football player at Michigan under legendary coach Bo Schembechler. “I just came from the MAC [he was previously the AD at Buffalo]. MAC football is good football and these kids have to understand we have to play against a MAC team the same way we play against an ACC team or anybody else. This is Division I-A football and because of that we have to understand that we need to go into every game giving 100 percent effort on every play, every series and make sure that we’re doing what we need to do to be successful.” Continue reading

UConn D-Coordinator Don Brown: The One Thing That’s Going Unnoticed This Spring

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Checking in with UConn defensive coordinator Don Brown….


“Do you know the one thing that’s going unnoticed this spring, that I’m really pleased with?” UConn defensive coordinator Don Brown asked after practice Tuesday. “It’s that we ask all 11 guys to defend the run, right? Their run fits have been really solid. That’s a thing as a cornerback you say, ‘well why is that important?’ Well, especially when you get into all the unique sets we get into, those guys become, when certain guys block or reads are made, those guys gotta become linebackers to make run fits. That’s kind of an important thing now.”

On the rise of CB Taylor Mack after struggling with the new system last season: “I can’t even tell you how many roles we have him in. We just fit him into our stuff and he’s got a lot of different little innuendos…all of a sudden you see this little No.29 and he’s lining up where he’s supposed to be; lining up and doing what he’s supposed to do. And, he’s pretty damn quick.”

On defensive line depth: I think we’re developing some depth at defensive line. With Jesse Joseph missing some time and Teddy [Jennings] it hasn’t been a bad thing because now Kenton Adeyemi, Jon Louis, Tim Willman are getting reps and getting better…[Julian] Campenni is coming out of the woodwork, an inside guy, he’s playing really well inside. Angelo Pruitt, coming out of the woodwork, using his hands, another inside guy. And the nice thing is, [defensive line coach] Hank [Hughes] is playing all those guys and they’re doing well so we are developing depth there.”

“I’ll tell you, this [safety] Andrew Adams is going to be something,” Brown added of Adams who has been working his way back from a knee injury. He should be ready to go when preseason practice starts in August. “They’re letting him run around in a non-contact role but all of these reps that he’s getting are valuable.”