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UConn Football: George DeLeone Takes On New Role, Weist Likely Candidate To Replace Him As Offensive Coordinator

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What’s going on?

I can confirm, through UConn, that George DeLeone the offensive coordinator at UConn the past two seasons, will continue his duties as line coach but will add the title of Associate head coach under Paul Pasqualoni.

“I continue to be excited about the direction of our offense and I look forward to continue to work with the offensive line – a position group that I have been passionate about my entire coaching career,” DeLeone said in a statement. “The new role of Associate Head Coach is a new part of my job that I am eager to take on.”

Former Cincinnati wide receivers coach T.J. Weist is expected to take over the offensive coordinator and wide receiver duties. He’s been seen on campus a couple times. I was told he hasn’t signed a contract just yet but that whole thing could be wrapped up in within a week.

Look at Weist’s resume folks. He’s got some feathers in his cap. Continue reading

UConn OC George DeLeone Talks Late Game Against Pitt

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The Huskies were looking to go up 31-10 with just under five minutes left when Chandler Whitmer was picked off in the end zone, to which Pitt promptly turned around and marched 80 yards in nine plays to pull within 24-17 with 2 minutes, 46 seconds to play…

“The interception at the end was an aggressive call. That was, to me, as aggressive a call as I’ve ever made in my life. Logic would say you run the ball and kick the field goal but I knew, we knew, we had them in that formation and we knew exactly what we were going to get and  didn’t execute the play,” DeLeone said.

“That’s the story of our life – the consistency needed to knock a team out, we haven’t shown it. We’ve got to do it – bottom line we’ve got to do it. We haven’t had the consistency enough to knock a team out. We have let a lot of teams hang around. We show moments of brilliance and then we have plays like that last play.” Continue reading

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown, Sure But, What If You’re Wearing Two Crowns?

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George DeLeone wears two crowns as UConn’s line coach and offensive coordinator.

The offense showed progress in the Pittsburgh win but it has been a rocky road for the unit, particularly the line, all season.

Head coach Paul Pasqualoni has already said he doesn’t think the two hats are too much DeLeone.

Here’s DeLeone’s thoughts. Continue reading

UConn Football: Free RB Martin Hyppolite?

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Tell you what? Kid look like he was shot out of a cannon on that toss sweep in which he scored from 50 on the Bulls Saturday.

Martin Hyppolite should get more burn against Rutgers Saturday, especially against that defense because although he showed speed to the outside against Buffalo, he’s probably more adept at working the middle – and he’s shifty, too.

What’s goin on?

Here’s the redshirt junior talking about his scoring run and how he thinks he can contribute. He should get more burn against Rutgers Saturday especially against the defense because of what he did do and can do. Although he showed speed to the outside against Buffalo, Hyppolite can be just as much of a problem hitting the middle because he’s strong and he will shake you.

“It was definitely exciting after everything I’ve been through with the ACL (missed all of last season) and then getting moved from offense to defense then back to offense. It was my first career touchdown and a long touchdown, too. I never expected to take a sweep 50 yards because they had me as the big back, in between the tackles but I was so excited that I got the chance to do that. Everything worked well. My teammates blocked so well on the play.” Continue reading

UConn AD Maunel: “Not Even Thinking About Whether Paul Is The Right Coach At This Point In His Tenure”

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What’s goin on?

UConn athletic director Warde Manuel and I crossed paths at Bradley Airport this afternoon.

Manuel was heading off to Dallas for the Division I athletic directors meeting and then onto the rules committee meetings, which he is also a member.

I was just getting back from the trip to Western Michigan. Manuel was in Kalamazoo as well and witnessed the Huskies disheartening 30-24 loss.

His thoughts?

“Too many mistakes, too many mistakes; too many blown assignments,” said Manuel, a former Division I-A football player at Michigan under legendary coach Bo Schembechler. “I just came from the MAC [he was previously the AD at Buffalo]. MAC football is good football and these kids have to understand we have to play against a MAC team the same way we play against an ACC team or anybody else. This is Division I-A football and because of that we have to understand that we need to go into every game giving 100 percent effort on every play, every series and make sure that we’re doing what we need to do to be successful.” Continue reading

Part II: More From UConn Offensive Coordinator George DeLeone

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What’s goin on?

More from my interview Tuesday with UConn offensive coordinator George DeLeone. Here he talks about running the ball and diversity on first down against Maryland and beyond

“We have struggled running the ball. We made some progress against Maryland,” DeLeone said. “Our run consistency, which is the most important thing I care about – how many run attempts do you have that go over four yards – was were up around 49 percent and our goal is 40 something percent so we made some progress there.

“I think there was an emphasis to run the ball, allright, in this specific case. The other emphasis we have to understand is, we’ve got to put this team and our quarterback, which did not happen against N.C. State, in manageable third down situations. Continue reading

UConn Offensive Coordinator George DeLeone Talks Run Game And…Wildcat Offense

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OK, well let’s get right into this one.

Lyle McCombs (23 carries, 82 yards 1 TD) didn’t break a buck against the Minutemen. What gives?

“We were not pleased with how we ran the ball,” DeLeone said. “We have to run the ball better. We’re  a team that believes that we can run the ball. We’re a team that is going to pride ourselves on our run game and we spend a lot of time on it. We didn’t get the results against UMass that we wanted. It was a combination of issues: No.1, I thought, fundamentally, we gotta coordinate some things better between the running backs and offensive line. No.2, I didn’t think the offensive line, at times, played as well as they can play: No.3, UMass’ middle linebacker, No.44 (Perry McIntyre who had a game-high 12 tackles), had a phenomenal game; phenomenal game. Now, we’re going to see good linebackers as we go down the road here but he was exceptional. I mean he was extremely well-coached on our offense. I thought he diagnosed plays exceptionally well. I thought he had a very good game. So, I thought it was a combination of the three. No excuses. We have to do better.” Continue reading

UConn Offensive Coordinator George DeLeone: A Light, Then Serious Notes About QB Situation

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What’s goin’ on?

Working on a piece for tomorrow featuring offensive coordinator George DeLeone and how this recruiting class can help on offense next season but I don’t think I can fit this in so we’ll drop it here.

I asked DeLeone if he and the staff could trudge through yet another  quarterback competition like last season because this season there are five guys in the mix:  starter  Johnny McEntee, Scott McCummings and Michael NebrichChandler Whitmer, an experienced JUCO with credentials and true freshman Casey Cochran, the reigning two-time Connecticut Gatorade Player of the Year.

A light moment with the coach then onto it.

Can you afford to run the competition the way you did last year?

“I think you just answered your own question,” DeLeone said. “You got five quarterbacks how can that get done in one day? You don’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning sports writer to know you had the answer to that one before you asked it.”

Continue reading