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A Few Highlights From Teleconference With New UConn Offensive Coordinator T.J. Weist

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What’s goin on?

Haven’t met him yet but new UConn offensive coordinator T.J. Weist was hoot and very serious all in one during a teleconference with local media a short while ago.

Thanks to Brendan Flynn and Mike Enright from UConn athletic communications for pushing some of the quotes. I’ll throw those at the end but there’s one thing you all really should know about Weist and that is he learned a lot about the game  from one of the best offensive coordinators to ever hold the title in Alabama’s  Homer Smith (don”t know? Google him)

Anybody who has been around Smith has a story. That name is gold in college football circles. Smith passed away in 2011.

Anyway, here’s Weist  on meeting Smith and how he prepared him for coaching Continue reading