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Mailbag Feb.6: What Happened To Game At Yankee Stadium?

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Q: Dez, I noticed that uconn wasnt on army’s schedule. What happened to the game at yankee stadium? Todd B. Newington

A: Nothing happened. That one is a go. May be a special announcement on that one. Thanks Todd

Mailbag Feb.6: UConn-Tennessee Suspended, Any Word?

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Q: Hey Dez. Happy New Year. Hope everything is going well on your end. Just read an article where the University of Tennessee’s athletic director Dave Hart said that the UConn v. UT series had been suspended. Any word on what happened here? – Josh, Trumbull

A: Hey Josh. Happy New Year. Looks like UT had a scheduling issue and the ADs at both schools worked out a deal to set up another series no latter than September 2015. I’m hearing though that UConn is looking to fill those spots with a high-profile opponent. We’ll see what happens.



Mailbag Jan. 21: Do You See Diaco Making Big Splash Landing “A Four”?

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Q: Dez, Do you see Diaco making a big splash over the next 2 weeks and landing a 4* or has he really not had enough time to get out there with his guys to maybe sway some of the going elsewhere verbal commits and the few non committed?? According to their projection, they only have a few spots left to fill with verbals.

A: Hi Al. I’m not sure” landing a four” is Diaco’s or the coaching staff’s focus right now. I think the head coach and staff are trying to do the best they can with the time they have. It’s an excellent staff top to bottom and most have solid reputations as recruiters, too, so that should pay off. Let’s watch and see what they do from now until signing day. If there’s a four, there’s a four. If there isn’t, doesn’t mean the class won’t be a success. They just got added four talented players over the weekend, the first time they were able to bring guys in. That’s good stuff.. Be good, B+ Al.




Mailbag Jan.3: Has Recruiting Night Event Been Set?

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Q: Hi D.C. Great Job on UCONN Football. Great amount of energy in the program with the new Head Coach and staff being built. Was wondering if they have the date set for the recruiting night? Take care Richard Witte, Southington

A: Hi Richard. I’m told the details are being worked on now.. You should know more in a couple of weeks. Thanks Richard.

Mailbag Jan.2: Why Weren’t Some Of The Defensive Coaches Retained?

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 Q: Over the past several years, the Huskies have been OK defense and have sent several defensive players to the NFL. So why weren’t some of the defensive coaches retained? Charles Rubano, New Milford

A: Hi Charles. I think most coaches like to bring in the people they’re comfortable with. That’s not uncommon,  I also think new UConn coach Bob Diaco spoke directly to this one. Here’s what he said last month abiout keeping Mike Foley, the only assistant retained from the 2013 staff: “Through all the counsel and everyone that I’ve talked to, players and coaches alike, he was the one consistent name and the one consistent evaluation that fits with the DNA of the program moving forward, And I’m excited about that.”…..  Thanks Charles

Mailbag Dec.27: Recruits Backed Out, Any Idea Why?

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Q: Looks like two recruits have backed out since the new coach was hired.  (Looking at ESPN’s recruiting list).  Any idea why?  Any thoughts as to what kind of recruiting class they can put together at his time? – Dave, Rocky Hill

 A: Recruits back out.all the time for all kinds of reasons from coaching change, system change to change of heart to any number of things. In the end I’m just not sure it matters why you’re not there. These things happen all the time, Dave. I think what programs and coaches try to do is concern themselves with  players who want to play for the school first and are committed to doing that. Anyway,I think the class has nine it right now. There are some nice players in it. Let’s see if UConn can get a few more. Always available.

Mailbag Dec.27: Any Transfers Or JUCO DE Or OT Coming In?

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Q: Any transfers or JUCO DE and OT possibly coming in or are we staying with the current talent? – Pete, Shelton

A: Haven’t heard about JUCOs or transfers, Pete. Doesn’t mean there won’t be any, I guess, We’ll have to see. I’d be a little surprised if they brought in a defensive end. I think UConn has talent there including insdie guys it can shift outside if it had to. They are young on the offensive line, though.

Mailbag Dec.6: Support For Coach Weist, Staff, Players

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Q:  As a longtime fan and season ticket holder I want to thank and commend Coach Weist for the job he’s done this year.  From a fans perspective he’s taken pride in the University of Connecticut, the football program and the players.  In the face of this long difficult season, he’s kept his head high and remained optimistic using the challenges and difficulties as teaching opportunities.  He’s been an example of what it means to walk the walk.  It’s much easier said than done and I think he should be recognized for it.  It speaks volumes the way the players have continued to fight and have never given up on such a tough season.  Although there have not been many Wins in the win-loss column, he’s taught the players a lot about life and how to overcome.  A much bigger win if you ask me.  I think Coach Weist needs to be recognized for his leadership and the fortitude he’s shown while in a very difficult year.  He could have easily packed it up weeks ago and passed blamed for the situation he was in. Instead, he’s remained committed to the players and the university.  I think we’re lucky to have an interim that has taught and led in the manner which he has.  Keep in mind that doesn’t have ties to the area or University and could have justifiably pointed some fingers and moved on.  For the manner in which he’s carried himself and the players through the year I believe he deserves to be included in the search for the next head coach.  Wherever he ends up next year that football program and school will have a good leader and coach on their staff. Thank you to Coach Weist, the staff and all the players for all your hard work and sacrifice in 2013!  It’s been one heck of a year!  Nothing but the best to you all! – Dave H., CT

Mailbag Dec.4: Is Ed Orgeron Going To Be Considered?

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Q: Is Ed Orgeron going to be considered? After he resigned from USC with Sarkisian being hired, do you think Orgeron will be considered for the head coaching job? He turned around USC’s season and I feel the players respect him and want to play for him. Even though he doesn’t have New England ties, he has SEC territory and California ties, which could be exactly what UConn needs! I think he could be a great fit, what do you think? Kyle, West Springfield, MA

A:No, not a good fit, pattern on either doesn’t indicate it would be, either, as you’ve pointed out here Kyle. Thanks…. 



Mailbag Dec.4: Frustrations Understood, Put Them Aside For Saturday?

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Q: Saturday is the final game of a season that I am sure many of the fans would like to forget ever happened.  However, there will be one group in that stadium who never forgets this past season or any of the past 4 or 5 seasons, the SENIORS!  Saturday will be the final time this senior class gets to represent UCONN.  An honor they have passionately done through changes in their head coach, athletic director, and conference.  I have sat in the stands for every minute of every home and away game this season.  I understand the frustration from the fans and reasons for the empty seats at the Rent.  However, I ask that this Saturday the fans put aside the bitter taste of this season, and instead show up to honor the seniors.  An hour prior to the game, each senior will be honored on the field.  I not only ask the fans show up on Saturday, but also finish that last burger or drink a little early (Rent serves beer) and fill the stands early for those seniors to be honored.  Leave the debate and sourness of why we are here for the next 9 months, Saturday is for the seniors. GO HUSKIES! Bryce Wagner, Boston, MA

A: Let’s see what happens Bryce.