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Mailbag July 31: Has The Culture Changed As Dramatically As Presented?

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Q: Been a long time Dez (too long).  Hope all is well.  As the we’re about to flip the page in the calendar I’m getting more and more antsy.  Only downfall is that it means summer is over yet again.  Read your report about how McBryde lost weight and hearing about Cochran’s weight loss/body fat reduction……without rehashing everything that went wrong the last 3 years, it seems that every single kid left on the roster has bought into Diaco/Balis’ approach.  We’re hearing the right things from Diaco.  Question is for someone who was around the program last year and currently, has the culture really changed as dramatically as it’s being presented?  Can’t wait for BYU! – Chris, CT


A: Yes, it has been a long time – hopefully not too much longer. Hope all is well on your end. I think the culture has changed significantly.  The commitment the team has put in, been putting in with respect to their bodies is a very good visual indication that the culture has changed. The emphasis on the body, easting, etc, has never been greater in my opinion and that means something in the way of optimal performance on the field. You can hear the excitement in the players’ voices when they talk about the direction of the program now and the upcoming season. I haven’t heard it like this in a while, man. And being around the building now is just a different vibe. It’s all no nonsense. The players are personable of course but more business-like. How will it all play out in wins and losses this year is anybody’s guess but in my opinion – and it’s only my opinion C – the program is on the track it should have been on in 2011. That was a hot time for the program coming off the Fiesta Bowl and that was THE time for it to make moves upward and outward. And it did not. But you’re right the past is the past; no good to keep rehashing….The culture on the field has to change. That’s the deal …..Hey, I’m sure you’ll get a chance to meet Diaco and Balis. As a football guy you’ll love them. They’re real C, the whole staff is and I know the players have bought into that group, too. Good hearin from ya…..




Mailbag July 27: No.1 Thing Diaco Has To Get Done This Year Strenghthen OL

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Q: For me the #1 thing Diaco has to get done this year is strengthen the offensive line. That will help help the running game and give the QB time. What do you think? – Raymond Martineau, Steubenville, Ohio

A: I think that’s important no doubt. I think instilling in the team not finding ways to lose may be a tad bit bigger, at least in my view. The offensive line is part of the deal there, too. Sure, it has been an issue the previous three seasons but there have also been a number of games UConn could have and should have won but lost because something bad happened at the wrong time. Those things have to be kept to a serious minimum or eliminated altogether. That’s how you seal deals, win games. I think the mindset of the team has to go in that direction.


Mailbag June 18: Will Diaco’s Positive Attitude And Enthusiasm Be Enough To Alter Past Performances?

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Q: I met Coach D at Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday. His positive attitude and enthusiasm are only 2 of many reasons to be hopeful.this season. But will that be enough to alter the players performance of previous year?? you gotta love the dynamic emotion of our new coach – Teresa Wood, Middletown, Ct. Continue reading

Mailbag May 6: Tell The Coaches They Have Beasts

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Q: I am looking forward to the new football season. I’ve read the tweets, and I like the changes that are happening. From what I’ve read in the tweets, and saw at the spring game. The young men are hungry. Tell the coaches that they have beasts. Just wake them up, and turn them lose. “Go Huskies football”. Nathaniel Cave Jr., Neptune, N.J.

A: Nathaniel about 40,000 more like you on Saturdays this fall in East Hartford would be a good thing for everybody who follows UConn athletics. Have a good one….

Mailbag Feb.6: UConn-Tennessee Suspended, Any Word?

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Q: Hey Dez. Happy New Year. Hope everything is going well on your end. Just read an article where the University of Tennessee’s athletic director Dave Hart said that the UConn v. UT series had been suspended. Any word on what happened here? – Josh, Trumbull

A: Hey Josh. Happy New Year. Looks like UT had a scheduling issue and the ADs at both schools worked out a deal to set up another series no latter than September 2015. I’m hearing though that UConn is looking to fill those spots with a high-profile opponent. We’ll see what happens.



Mailbag Jan. 21: Do You See Diaco Making Big Splash Landing “A Four”?

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Q: Dez, Do you see Diaco making a big splash over the next 2 weeks and landing a 4* or has he really not had enough time to get out there with his guys to maybe sway some of the going elsewhere verbal commits and the few non committed?? According to their projection, they only have a few spots left to fill with verbals.

A: Hi Al. I’m not sure” landing a four” is Diaco’s or the coaching staff’s focus right now. I think the head coach and staff are trying to do the best they can with the time they have. It’s an excellent staff top to bottom and most have solid reputations as recruiters, too, so that should pay off. Let’s watch and see what they do from now until signing day. If there’s a four, there’s a four. If there isn’t, doesn’t mean the class won’t be a success. They just got added four talented players over the weekend, the first time they were able to bring guys in. That’s good stuff.. Be good, B+ Al.




Mailbag Jan.3: Has Recruiting Night Event Been Set?

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Q: Hi D.C. Great Job on UCONN Football. Great amount of energy in the program with the new Head Coach and staff being built. Was wondering if they have the date set for the recruiting night? Take care Richard Witte, Southington

A: Hi Richard. I’m told the details are being worked on now.. You should know more in a couple of weeks. Thanks Richard.

Mailbag Jan.2: Why Weren’t Some Of The Defensive Coaches Retained?

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 Q: Over the past several years, the Huskies have been OK defense and have sent several defensive players to the NFL. So why weren’t some of the defensive coaches retained? Charles Rubano, New Milford

A: Hi Charles. I think most coaches like to bring in the people they’re comfortable with. That’s not uncommon,  I also think new UConn coach Bob Diaco spoke directly to this one. Here’s what he said last month abiout keeping Mike Foley, the only assistant retained from the 2013 staff: “Through all the counsel and everyone that I’ve talked to, players and coaches alike, he was the one consistent name and the one consistent evaluation that fits with the DNA of the program moving forward, And I’m excited about that.”…..  Thanks Charles

Mailbag Dec.27: Recruits Backed Out, Any Idea Why?

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Q: Looks like two recruits have backed out since the new coach was hired.  (Looking at ESPN’s recruiting list).  Any idea why?  Any thoughts as to what kind of recruiting class they can put together at his time? – Dave, Rocky Hill

 A: Recruits back out.all the time for all kinds of reasons from coaching change, system change to change of heart to any number of things. In the end I’m just not sure it matters why you’re not there. These things happen all the time, Dave. I think what programs and coaches try to do is concern themselves with  players who want to play for the school first and are committed to doing that. Anyway,I think the class has nine it right now. There are some nice players in it. Let’s see if UConn can get a few more. Always available.