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Lots Of Unofficial Visits For UConn Football This Weekend

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What’s goin on?

To be clear, unofficial means these guys are paying their own way but here are the UConn recruits expected in this weekend for UConn-Michigan…….  Continue reading

Michigan AD Dave Brandon Won’t Let It Go, Still Pushing For 2013 Game Vs. UConn At Bigger Venue Than The Rent

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Man oh man…

What’s goin on, folks?

Here’s the story from the Detroit Free Press. Michigan doesn’t want to play at Rentschler Field in 2013, obviously, and wants to play somewhere else such as MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands.

In the article, reached in Germany, UConn AD Warde Manuel sticks to his guns about where that game is scheduled to be played.


Props To UConn Sticking To Its Guns Regarding Michigan

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Just got back from the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast in Cromwell featuring guest speaker Warde Manuel, the new UConn athletic director and Michigan grad.

I asked him about the Michigan game at Rentschler Field in 2013…

The reason I asked because as you know there was some chatter about this game being moved to a bigger venue other than The Rent.

That chatter was coming from Michigan not Connecticut.

The only thing Manuel told me regarding the game – and he said it definitively – was “we have a contract to play at Rentschler Field and that’s where we’re gonna play”

It’s my understanding this was more than chatter and Michigan definitely wanted to play somewhere else, possibly Giants Stadium – possibly. No specifics were discussed between the two sides.

I also learned this morning that before there was even change-of-venue talk Michigan wanted to buy the game out, period.

It still can and may do that but it’s gonna cost the Wolverines $2 million to buy it’s way out and the same goes for Tennessee if it tries to wiggle its way out of the 2015 game.

That is a LOT of money to pay NOT to play a game.

Now, there were several UConn officials at the breakfast today and regarding this issue a prominent one told me “We can’t do that. The game is too important to people here to play it anywhere else but Rentschler.”