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Key NFL Combine Results In For Stephen, Smallwood (Updated)

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What’s goin on?

Former UConn defensive tackle Shamar Stephen had a solid showing at the NFL Combine Sunday and Monday, including a 30.5 inch vertical jump, 24th among defensive linemen but fourth among defensive tackles.

Stephen, 6 foot 5 and listed and weighing in at 309, ran a 5.25-second 40-yard dash and benched 225 pounds 25 times and went 8 feet, 7 inches in the broad jump.

Former linebacker Yawin Smallwood, who declared early did 18 reps on the bench and recorded a 5.01-second 40-yard dash, slower than he wanted but he pulled up with a left hamstring injury 20 yards into his sprint.

“I’m a little bummed out right now. I couldn’t really do much from there,” Smallwood told me by phone a few minutes ago. “I felt my hamstring tweak up at about the 20 yard line and I was trying to fight through because I had a good 10 and if I kept going would have got me to a 4.60 but I couldn’t really control it after that.”

Smallwood also leapt 36.5 in the vertical jump and 9 feet in the broad jump.

Three-cone, 20 and 60-yard shuttle results aren’t in yet but Smallwood did not participate in those drills but will do them at UConn’s Pro Day next month.



Smallwood, Stephen Set For NFL Combine

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What’s goin on?

The NFL Combine kicks off officially from Indianapolis tomorrow Feb.22 through the 25th.

Linebacker Yawin Smallwood and defensive tackle Shamar Stephen will be there representing UConn.

Here’s a look at The Combine and what goes on there

The schedule (NFL Network will carry the Combine live Saturday through Tuesday):

Saturday, Feb. 22: Tight ends, offensive linemen, special teams
Sunday, Feb. 23: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers
Monday, Feb. 24: Defensive linemen, linebackers
Tuesday, Feb. 25: Defensive backs



UConn Huskies Shine At NFL Combine…

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Here’s a look at how they did in the big events.

The cornerbacks worked out today and for UConn that means Dwayne Gratz and Blidi Wreh-Wilson.

Linebacker Sio Moore and defensive end Trevardo Williams put up some serious numbers during their drills on Monday.

More on that in a minute.

Gratz tied for first among corners in the bench press with 22 reps. He also ran a 4.47-second 40-yard dash which was 14th best among corners. Gratz was fifth in the vertical jump with a leap of 38 inches. Gratz tied for 12th in the Broad Jump 10 feet, 5 inches.

Wreh-Wilson was fourth in the Broad Jump, 10′ 8″.  The two-time Huskies captain ran a 4.53 40 and had 14 reps on the bench press and got up 36.5″ in the vertical. Continue reading

Huskies Dwayne Gratz, Sio Moore, Blidi Wreh-Wilson And Trevardo Williams Set For NFL Combine

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Reads from the week…

Dwayne Gratz Hopes To Make Noise At NFL Combine

Sio Moore Proud of UConn But Looks Toward NFL

Blidi Wreh-Wilson Could Be First UConn Player Taken

Trevardo Williams won’t Be Able To Go All Out At NFL Combine

UConn Players Say Pasqualoni Prepared Them For NFL Future

(Note: defensive linemen and linebacker events will be held on Monday. Corners and safeties are scheduled to bench press on Monday with the on-field testing on Tuesday. The on-field testing can be seen on the NFL Network)



Former UConn DT Kendall Reyes Says He’s Pleased With Effort At NFL Combine Today

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What’s goin’ on?

Big Kendall Reyes is at the airport at this hour heading back to New Hampshire then soon back to UConn to start working out again but the 6 foot 4, 299-pound defensive tackle, like receiver Kashif Moore yesterday, had a good day of his own today.

He didn’t do anything to hurt his draft stock or position, which most believe, will be in the late first-round second round area.

“Yeah, I thought I did good but this was just one stop,” Reyes said. “There’s still a lot of things left to do.”

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Former UConn DT Kendall Reyes Having Good Day At Combine

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Former UConn DT Kendall Reyes is performing at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis today.

He’s holding his own having posted a 4.79 and 4.88 in the 40-yard dash for defensive linemen. His official time in the 40 has been posted at 4.95 seconds.

You know the top 15 DLs all ran sub-five second 40s? That is amazing – to me anyway.


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Former UConn Receiver Kashif Moore Talks About Solid Day At The NFL Combine

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Former UConn receiver Kashif Moore is at the airport in Indianapolis at this hour headed back to Florida where he had been training and where his family will join him then take a cruise to the Bahamas where older brother, Rock, will be getting married -but what a day today was for Kash at the NFL Combine.

The night before wasn’t easy though.

“It was tough to sleep – it’s probably going to be like that every night – but I was excited, knew what I had to do and it was finally time,” Moore said by phone. “I’ve been working, for several months, six days a week, two times a day, you know, just for this day, to get out there on that big stage and open some eyes.”

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Former UConn Receiver Kashif Moore Puts Up Good Numbers At NFL Combine Today

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Nice showing today so far for Kashif Moore at the NFL Combine Indianapolis (currently being carried live on NFL Network).

Moore tied for ninth in the 40-yard dash (4.42 seconds); tied for sixth in the bench press with 19 reps (225 pounds each on the bench) and is currently No.1 among receivers in the vertical jump with a leap of 43.5”. You have to admire that one because Kash is 5 feet 9.

He’s also tied for fourth in the Broad Jump at 10′ 6″ and tied for fifth among receivers in the three-cone drill at 6.82 seconds and fourth in the 20-yard shuttle (4.05 seconds)


Here’s a break down of the day’s drills from NFL.com

UConn AT The NFL Combine: Kendall Reyes

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Zac Boyer sends us this from former UConn defensive lineman Kendall Reyes today from the NFL Combine


What did you weigh in at this week?
“I’m 6-foot-4, 299 pounds.”

What are your goals coming here?
“Basically to have a great week, do well in the interviews. I haven’t really been hurt too much, so medical evaluations went well, then definitely going to have to perform on Sunday and Monday.”

What do you hope to prove?
“Just do my best really. That’s all you can do.”

What kind of system did you play in college?
“We played the 4-3 and the 3-4, so I played a lot of positions in college. We’d do a lot of running things out of the 4-3 and on third down we’d blitz out of the 3-4 package. I was kind of all over the field. I played a lot of positions on the defensive line.”

Do you think that will help you going forward?
“Of course. You have to be able to be versatile at the next level and I think that’s one of the things I bring to the table.”

How would you describe how UConn has helped you to make this transition?
“Definitely, it’s a great program. It’s prepared me very well. It’s a very blue-collar type of program, we work hard there, that’s what we do. Mentally, I feel ready. Anything that will come by my way, I feel prepared. It’s definitely a great program and I’m ready to go.”

Do you feel like you have momentum coming out of the Senior Bowl?
“Sure. I had a decent week at the Senior Bowl and I just want to build on that and have a good week at the combine. Things are going well so far. I have interviews [Saturday] and the next couple of days, then we get on the field.”

What system do you think fits you best in the NFL?
“I have no idea, because I played both. Probably that’s the whole thing about me, I’m a versatile player. I could kind of see me anywhere. They like my ability to switch in and out of different positions.”

Is there a technique you prefer?
“No, I prefer them all. I just love playing football, that’s it.”

The background of some of you defensive linemen is just crazy. Is that the versatility you’re talking about?
“You’d be surprised how many defensive linemen or linemen period just played other positions in high school. I played receiver, tight end and linebacker in high school. It sets you with a good base. If you have the type of frame that can put on weight, you can have certain advantages over some guys who weren’t. But then again, some people are just naturally gifted, so definitely playing different positions helped with my versatility.”

How would you describe your style of play?
“I like to come off the ball quickly, and be physical. That’s what it’s really about down in the trenches and I pride myself on that.”

Do you compare your style to anyone in the NFL?
“Not really. I’m my own type of player, but I definitely respect a lot of players out there.”

What is a weakness you have to work on?
“One of my weaknesses is my pad level. Sometimes I tend to roll my chest up. I’ve been working on it every day, so it’s definitely getting better. I improved greatly at the Senior Bowl and will continue to work on it every day.”

How are you going to hold up to much bigger offensive linemen in the NFL?
“You got to hit them.”

When you’re a receiver in high school, when does that decision get made to move to defensive line?

“It wasn’t just like ‘one day I’m a receiver and the next day I’m a d-tackle.’ There is a transition period. I played receiver and tight end in high school and played linebacker and defensive end. I was recruited to play defensive end, so that’s where I started at d-end and eventually moved to defensive tackle in college.”

Was that just a result of your growth?
“Yeah, you know keep lifting and putting on weight. It’s natural and just ended up that way.”

How closely did you watch the Patriots growing up in New England?
“I watched a lot of football. I watched college, the NFL, you really have to watch it all. That’s pretty much it.”

Have you thought about the possibility of playing with the Patriots?
“Just being up here is a blessing in and of itself. I’m considered a person who has the ability to possibly make it at the next level, so that idea is a blessing, to be able to make it to the next level.”

Do you think your versatility will make you an every-down player at the next level?
“Definitely. You have to be versatile to play this game. Defenses are switching it up all the time. You have to be able to ‘one play I’m end, one play I’m the 3, next I’m in the 1.’ You have to confuse the offense. Definitely, me playing all those positions and given my athletic ability, I definitely think it gives me an advantage.”