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UConn Football: Offensive Line Update, Gus Cruz, Too

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What’s goin on?

If the UConn football team is going to improve and obviously it must – the offensive line is certainly going to have to get back to the days of ground and pound and they’re going to have to protect the quarterback, too.

No secret there, right? It has to be done though and UConn hasn’t done a good job in either department consistently since 2010.

Now, if Saturday’s open practice was any indication the Huskies’ aim at being a formidable offensive unit that grinds and protects was legitimate but the execution on game day, really, is what counts. The experience up front, too, we know, is at a minimum but offensive line coach Mike Foley sure was dealing with all of that during the open with up close and personals with each lineman during instruction.

Foley is a great teacher…

“Let’s go! No walking!,” he yelled at one point as the line headed over to the padded walls for a drill that would see three of them at time, line up next to each other get a good a solid base and with their heads and necks locked and looking forward, with their palms out, three-quick pats on the wall, accompanied with three quick sliding movements in unison to the right, boom, boom, boom, then, to the left, boom, boom, boom.

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Concerned: UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni Talks Offensive Line

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A few thoughts on it from UConn second-year coach Paul Pasqualoni… The Huskies lost a couple of key players here in Mike Ryan and Moe Petrus in the midst of a learning a new system.

Well, the Huskies are going to do things differently again with longtime offensive line coach and offensive coordinator George DeLeone assumes both roles this season. Last year D called the plays and coached the tight ends. Longtime UConn offensive line coach Mike Foley, will coach the tight ends and work with the tackles.

Here’s Coach Pasqualoni on the offensive line which was among the national leaders in sacks allowed last season and likely starters Jimmy Bennett and Adam Masters missed spring ball with injuries. They are a full go for practice which opens Friday in Storrs…

“I do have concerns there. I really do and my biggest concern is to keep [Senior tackle] Jimmy Bennett healthy because I think if Jimmy Bennett is healthy and he can practice he’ll be a good player,” Pasqualoni said. “That will allow Adam Masters to focus on one spot [guard]. The other piece to this is, we have to see how quickly [true freshmen] Zach Rugg can come along, what can he do? Rennick Bryan, can he come along because he has the talent. Tyler Samra has the body and the talent, you know, how much can these guys learn and how long is it going to take them to learn? We may have some depth, we may have some guys potentially that might be able to help us. We won’t know for sure until preseason camp is done and we’re getting ready to play UMass.

“The offensive line is a key thing on any football team but we’re working awfully hard at it. Between coach [George] DeLeone and Mike Foley, we’ve got the two best guys, George with the line, Mike with the tight ends and then Mike takes the tackles and works the tight end and tackles. Mike has coached for 33 years; George has coached for 38, 40 years. We’ve got guys some guys who know what to do now.”