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Following Up With UConn Coach Bob Diaco On Recruiting, Philosophy

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What’s goin on?

When we hear new UConn Coach Bob Diaco talk about changing the culture recruiting is certainly part of the plan. In a short period of time Diaco and his staff did a nice job of bringing some beef into the 2014 recruiting class, some de-commits UConn likely wouldn’t have gotten before and some talented players, period. But that’s going to have to continue at a steady, high clip for the program to improve and keep improving.

The good news is Diaco is recognized as one of the best recruiters in the country.

He provided some insight into how he and his staff will move forward handle. It’s different, deep and pretty interesting.

“You have to recruit everyday,” Diaco said. “It’s the same coach-speak, old adage you’ve heard before you know, recruiting is like shaving. You have to do it everyday or you don’t look good. I don’t know who said that first but it’s true. We’re going to structure ourselves a little differently just based on what I felt. People hiring head coaches want head coaches who sat in that chair but it’s actually pretty good to be an assistant for a long time, too, so starting that work in 1996 [as a graduate assistant at Iowa] and doing it since then has provided me with some insight on, one being that you start in the morning. You’re excited for the day and you have your coffee and you start to attack. Even if you’re not an  early riser. Let’s say you take the kids to school and come in at 9. You still can attack. Continue reading

UConn Football Huskies Add Four To 2014 Recruiting Class

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The weekend turned out to be a good one for new UConn head coach Bob Diaco and his staff, which hosted its first-ever batch of recruits in Storrs.

What’s goin on?

Ron Johnson, a 5 foot 11, 212 running back fro Palmetto Ridge High in Naples, Fla., committed to the Huskies over the weekend as did Steve Hashemi, a 6-6, 265 pound offensive lineman from St.Joseph-Trumbull. Sheridan Lawley, a versatile defensive lineman from the Lawrenceville (N.J.) School and his teammate, Anthony Watkins, a 6-1, 185-pound Athlete, also committed.

The Huskies 2014 class stands at 13 now with 15-18 the target for this class.

David Njoku, the 6-4, 217-pound wide receiver from Cedar Grove, N.J. and Rutgers de-commit who also visited over the weekend, I’m hearing, is waiting on an Ohio State offer. UConn wants him.

Also, Johnson appeared to be Louisville-bound before Charlie Strong left for Texas.

UConn had 10-12 recruits visit this weekend including already-committed running back Arkeel Newsome of Ansonia and Logan Marchi of St.Paul-Bristol.


UConn Recruiting Coord. Kevin Wolthausen Really Impressed With Facilities

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What’s goin on?

Kevin Wolthausen has a wealth of football knowledge has seemingly been everywhere and has, obvioulsly, seen a lot of facilities, folks.

He has been overly impressed with the Burton Family Football Complex. For the record we’re talking about a guy who was coaching on the defensive side of the ball at Louisville from 2003-06. Louisville absolutely has some of the best facilities in the country.

“Gosh I had no idea,” Wolfhausen said. “I mean I knew they had a nice facility but I had no idea it was this nice.”

Might be interesting to see how his excitement over the facilities plays out going forward on the trail with the staff. New staff. Great selling point. Continue reading

In General Coach Diaco Talks Recruiting

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What’s goin on?

A little more from new UConn Coach Bob Diaco, this time on recruiting, as much as he can say about it at this point. As you know national signing day is the first Wednesday in February. This year it’s Feb.5. The Huskies have nine recruits committed in the class of 2014 and UConn is  expected to honor all of them but… how many more will the Huskies add? What, who will they add? Continue reading

UConn Football Coach Bob Diaco On Recruiting

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What’s goin on?

Here’s what new UConn Coach Bob Diaco talks philosophy on recruiting.

“The formula for changing any of this stuff is, own your distinctions, embrace your distinctions, and target players that are interested in those distinctions – for example: there’s a dynamic player in the state that wants to be a bio-genetic engineer and that’s a big part of his life. He doesn’t necessarily love that more than football but he loves it. You can’t go to a better school. We’re right here. We play great football in a great conference and you’re able to be at one of the cutting edge institutions for bio-genetics.”

For the record, Diaco is a big believer in the success of the American Athletic Conference…

“It’s good football with good teams,” he said.



Commits, Recruits Visiting This Weekend

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What’s goin on?

Cimmitted recruits Arkeel Newsome of Ansonia and Brice McAllister of Suffield Academy, both running backs will be visiting.

Ansonia quarterback Jai’ Quan McKnight, a 2015 recruit, is also visiting unoffically.

Joining McAllister will be teammate Christian Wilkins, a defensive who the Huskies have offered for 2015. Jarvis Miller, also a ’15 running back from Windsor Locks/Suffield will be in.

UConn Football Mailbag Nov.1: Anything New On Recruiting?

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 Q: Hi Des,  I know when T.J. Weist initially took over he said that the feedback the program had gotten from recruits was positive and he didn’t think the coaching change would effect commitments, but with the team making no appreciable steps forward since the move and (presumably) a new coach coming in over the off-season, have you heard anything new regarding recruiting? I don’t think anybody expects many 5-star guys, but it’d be nice to at least hang on to the guys we’ve already got! Tim, Lebanon, CT

A: Hey Tim. Not sure exactly what you’re asking but I do know some coaches were on the road recruiting this week and I think that’s significant because they didn’t go out last time. The Monday the coaches were supposed to hit it there was a coaching change. I’m not sure of the impact of that on the 2014 class. Might have hurt more for 2015. It’s common knowledge New York tight end Jordan Fuchs, also a hoopster, is looking around/undeclared now and there may be a few others looking. That only makes sense but I think the commitments, minus Fuchs, are solid as of right now. The focus for next season has to be linemen on both sides of the ball but I’m thinking JUCO may be a way to go there as well for immediate impact which the team will need for next season. 



UConn Football: This Weekend’s Unofficial Visitors, A Chat With Geno And More

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What’s goin on?

UConn vs. USF Saturday, noon Rentschler Field…

We’ll tag a list of visitors, all unofficial and most for the Class of 2015, at the end. First here’s a look at what we did this week.

Today’s story features a conversation with UConn womens’ basketball coach Geno Auriemma, an avid football fan, who believes the football team deserves more support, win lose or draw. It’s my understanding he’s always had strong feeling about the issue and now he’s gone on the record. Aside from this, football aside, he’s a great man to talk to. I tweeted earlier this week that he’s good for the head and he is. He’s really gifted that way.

Anyway, here’s today’s notebook leading with some thoughts from Geno

Here’s a nice story on the EBV program at UConn..

Here’s another with defensive line coach and defensive coordinator Hank Hughes who has been with three different head coaches in his 13 seasons and in this tough situation his defense is going to have to come through Continue reading