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UConn Football Game Notes (USF)

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UConn football game notes for South Florida…

UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni: The Day After South Florida

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What’s goin on?

No major injuries from the game first of all.

UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni made a couple points after watching the UConn-USF game film I wanted to punch in here from this afternoon’s conference call.

“…It was a pretty even statistical thing,” the coach said. “We had the ball about four more minutes than they did. It came down to, really, a couple things. We didn’t execute in the early portion of the game on defense as well. We missed a couple of little things and that allowed them to get that run in there. They had a 26-yard run in there [by Demetris Murray to the UConn 5 in the first quarter] and then they hurried us up on the next play and scored [Quarterback B.J. Daniels finished it up]. So there were two, back-to-back plays…the 26-yard run was just, we just barely missed the tackle at the line of scrimmage so there were a couple little things there. And the way we played, we settled down in the second half and played against the run. Had we not given up that run, I’m not sure they would have gotten the ball in the end zone. Now they may have kicked another field goal or so but I thought we played pretty well there. I thought early going in the game, on the other side of the coin, offensively in the first half, the first five possessions, I thought we moved the ball some…

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