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Mailbag Dec.6: Support For Coach Weist, Staff, Players

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Q:  As a longtime fan and season ticket holder I want to thank and commend Coach Weist for the job he’s done this year.  From a fans perspective he’s taken pride in the University of Connecticut, the football program and the players.  In the face of this long difficult season, he’s kept his head high and remained optimistic using the challenges and difficulties as teaching opportunities.  He’s been an example of what it means to walk the walk.  It’s much easier said than done and I think he should be recognized for it.  It speaks volumes the way the players have continued to fight and have never given up on such a tough season.  Although there have not been many Wins in the win-loss column, he’s taught the players a lot about life and how to overcome.  A much bigger win if you ask me.  I think Coach Weist needs to be recognized for his leadership and the fortitude he’s shown while in a very difficult year.  He could have easily packed it up weeks ago and passed blamed for the situation he was in. Instead, he’s remained committed to the players and the university.  I think we’re lucky to have an interim that has taught and led in the manner which he has.  Keep in mind that doesn’t have ties to the area or University and could have justifiably pointed some fingers and moved on.  For the manner in which he’s carried himself and the players through the year I believe he deserves to be included in the search for the next head coach.  Wherever he ends up next year that football program and school will have a good leader and coach on their staff. Thank you to Coach Weist, the staff and all the players for all your hard work and sacrifice in 2013!  It’s been one heck of a year!  Nothing but the best to you all! – Dave H., CT

UConn Interim Head Coach T.J. Weist On Chandler Whitmer And Decision To Change At QB

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A statement on the change at QB from UConn interim head coach T.J. Weist…

“Chandler Whitmer has exhibited outstanding character and integrity since the day I stepped on to this campus and even before I got here.  He has worked extremely hard, put in a lot of hours at his craft, and done everything in his power to help this team be successful.  We all know the QB takes an unfair amount of criticism when a team loses. To Chandler’s credit he has handled the criticism with class and dignity. He has done everything in his power to improve and do the best job possible.  We haven’t always put him in the best position to be successful, having had multiple injuries at the wide receiver and the offensive line positions and to his credit he has not complained.  He’s gone out and battled every game for this team. Continue reading

UConn Offensive Coordinator T.J. Weist Knows The Pressure Is There But…

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What’s goin’ on?

In case you missed it, my notebook off the first day of practice Friday…

Doin a piece on T.J. for tomorrow but wanted to lay this off for folks to chew on for now….

Here’s UConn first-year offensive coordinator T.J. Weist and his thoughts on the pressure he faces to get the offense turned around and consistently on the move… Continue reading

UConn Spring Football: UConn’s New Offensive Leader (T.J. Weist) Preaches Patience, Consistency

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From The Courant’s Paul Doyle

“…The annual Blue-White spring game is April 20 at Rentschler Field; the Huskies completed their second scrimmage inside the Shenkman Training Center Saturday, as Weist had yet another opportunity to tinker with his offense. So far, he’s happy with what he sees.”

Read Doyle’s story here

A Few Highlights From Teleconference With New UConn Offensive Coordinator T.J. Weist

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What’s goin on?

Haven’t met him yet but new UConn offensive coordinator T.J. Weist was hoot and very serious all in one during a teleconference with local media a short while ago.

Thanks to Brendan Flynn and Mike Enright from UConn athletic communications for pushing some of the quotes. I’ll throw those at the end but there’s one thing you all really should know about Weist and that is he learned a lot about the game  from one of the best offensive coordinators to ever hold the title in Alabama’s  Homer Smith (don”t know? Google him)

Anybody who has been around Smith has a story. That name is gold in college football circles. Smith passed away in 2011.

Anyway, here’s Weist  on meeting Smith and how he prepared him for coaching Continue reading

UConn Football: George DeLeone Takes On New Role, Weist Likely Candidate To Replace Him As Offensive Coordinator

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What’s going on?

I can confirm, through UConn, that George DeLeone the offensive coordinator at UConn the past two seasons, will continue his duties as line coach but will add the title of Associate head coach under Paul Pasqualoni.

“I continue to be excited about the direction of our offense and I look forward to continue to work with the offensive line – a position group that I have been passionate about my entire coaching career,” DeLeone said in a statement. “The new role of Associate Head Coach is a new part of my job that I am eager to take on.”

Former Cincinnati wide receivers coach T.J. Weist is expected to take over the offensive coordinator and wide receiver duties. He’s been seen on campus a couple times. I was told he hasn’t signed a contract just yet but that whole thing could be wrapped up in within a week.

Look at Weist’s resume folks. He’s got some feathers in his cap. Continue reading