Talented Maryland QB C.J. Brown Out For Season, ACL; UMass Starting QB Out For Now, Too

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Tough break for former UConn head coach Randy Edsall who gets a visit from his former team on Sept. 15…

From the Washington Post C.J. Brown down

Boy, you think about Danny O’Brien, the former ACC freshman of the year, having bolted, with many others from the program since Edsall arrived…well, the grass hasn’t appeared greener on that side just yet.

And UMass’ starter, Kellen Pagel, a transfer from Bowling Green, is out indefinitely with post-concussive symptons. Here is the Boston Herald’s report on Pagel.


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17 thoughts on “Talented Maryland QB C.J. Brown Out For Season, ACL; UMass Starting QB Out For Now, Too

  1. Artie A...

    I hate to kick a man when he is down. So I guess if we beat the turtles I will hate it….


  2. Roadrunner

    @Andrew..most of the the recruits are NOT FHCRE’s they were recruited by newly hired OC Locksley, who was previously Maryland’s former RB coach and recruiting coordinator. He was very successful as a recruiter landing in the top 25 for recruiters in the years 03′ 05′ and 06′. Apparently not such a good HC. He got fired from New Mexico state after going 2-26. Also, there were some other issues with him while he was there as well but unsubstantiated… He was accused of having a physical altercation with an assistant coach and a sexual discrimination accusation. Anyway, the guy is an highly skilled and competent recruiter…Stephon Diggs didnt land at Maryland because RE sold the program along with a bunch of other top recruits…they were all Locksley’s. RE is just a figure head..the program is trying to portray this “clean-cut” image for their program with the hiring of RE.. Kevin Plank the CEO of Under Armour is their biggest booster and was the lead consultant for their new field and the outfitting of all the athletic gear there. RE couldn’t land those recruits after the season he had and the negative publicity surrounding him. Plank was directly involved with the hiring of RE. Do you think Plank wants a loosing team associated with his sports wear?? Nahh..I wouldnt be surprised if there are similar recruiting violations and crap going on like the stuff most recently in the SEC…Yeah straight shooting going on there???!!!?? Y would talent suddenly start flocking to RE program?? Because he is a great recruiter of talent ???..Never ..He is the frontman and alot of untraceable $$ envelopes are finding their way to the recruits…well…maybe not ..but what other explanation could there be???

  3. Patrick

    Thank god Edsall is gone. I was praying for him to leave for the 2-3 years heading into the BCS year. I didn’t think he was all that good of a coach, and he made some bone-headed decisions- not too mention his overly conservative plays. But, the most important thing- he couldn’t keep any of the limited in-state talent. How would he possibly elevate the program? Not to mention his snarky personality. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  4. UConn fan

    Here’s wishing for a speedy recovery to CJ. With Danny O on the verge of being named the starting QB at Wisconsin, FHCRE must be wondering what might have been. Regardless, he’ll have his team ready to play no matter what, just as HCPP will make certain his team doesn’t take anything for granted no matter who they’re playing. Just stating the obvious, but preparation and execution will be key to a successful season for UConn. Go Huskies!

    1. Chris

      Freddy is this a serious question? Randy didn’t want to be here. That much I’m sure of. We need to move on. He was a good coach. Not a great coach, but a good one. Turned out he wasn’t the man I thought he was. He’s gone and is never coming back.

      I’m itching for the games to start. Hope to see a depth chart soon.

  5. Hal

    Just an uninformed question.
    If Nebrich decided to join Maryland instead of Fordham could he play immediately?
    What if he were officially with Fordham for a number of days, and then transferred would that enable him to play immediately?
    Obviously this question has no substance other than curiousity.

    1. dconner Post author

      He would have to sit out a year going from one FBS to another or 1-A to 1-A. He wouldn’t have to sit out transferring to any other Division -1-AA, D-2 or D-3

  6. RST

    Concur. Take care of business. Full stop.

    Installing a pro-style offense, an inexperienced QB. It all sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? The Huskies have a real opportunity if they just take care of business.

  7. Chris

    Devastating blow for MD. Don’t like to see any kids get hurt. Randy is gonna have to start a true frosh QB with no other BCS offers out of high school. Could be another long year in College Park. Wonder if this injury puts some slack on Edsall’s leash?

    We just need to take care of business on week 3.

      1. Andrew

        I have to think that if Maryland gets at least one win FHCRE will be back for the 2013 season. I don’t think it matters that he has to work with an inexperienced QB this yr, I believe by next year he’s going to have to be judged as many of his players will be his recruits…

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