UConn Athletic Director Warde Manuel Confirms Paul Pasqualoni’s Return For A Third Season, And A Word To Fans

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What’s goin on?

UConn athletic director Warde Manuel confirmed head football coach Paul Pasqualoni will return for a third season. I spoke with Manuel by phone a short time ago. Here’s some of what he said. Full story should be up online at courant.com shortly…

“Look, I saw a team that played up and down but played hard, never quit, wasn’t lack of effort,” Manuel said. “As I said earlier in the season, we need to improve on the mistakes. Coaches need to make better decisions all around and put them [players] in better positions. Everybody has to improve. In my conversations with Paul I know he’s working that, improving that. I know he understands what he needs to do to be better next season. So I totally expect we’ll make the adjustments we need; that we’ll recruit student-athletes that can come in and try to help us now where we need it and that we’ll develop the players that are coming back – all in an effort to ensure success on the field.”

Asked about appealing more to the fanbase Manuel said..

“Obviously, my hope is that our fans will come out and support the team, support our coaches and student athletes because expectations for success haven’t changed,” Manuel said. “The expectation  is that they’re going to win and we want that for the team, we want that for our fans. We want people to enjoy the experience of coming out and watching the team perform. When we don’t perform there’s nobody working harder to change that than the players and coaches so I would hope that our fans would continue to support the team the way they have and that they will see adjustments and changes made by this team to produce success. I hear our fans and I understand their disappointment but we’re going to make the adjustments to have better performance on the field than we had this year.”


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84 thoughts on “UConn Athletic Director Warde Manuel Confirms Paul Pasqualoni’s Return For A Third Season, And A Word To Fans

  1. joesimsbury

    …and Manuel has the temerity to leave Ollie and BB recruiting in limbo while he publically supports PP and his sinking ship program. Can’t but think UConn would be going to ACC over Louisville if this happened in Nov. 2010 and not in Nov. 2012!

  2. Mark Mockovak

    Here’s a word from a fan: Common sense dictates something must be done. The other schools around the country are not trying to steal Coach P. That was a somber place last Sat. I think there is plenty of talent on this team. The same talent that went to five bowl games. I don’t see how anyone in their right mind thinks the offensive coordinator deserves to come back after producing one of the worst offenses in the nation two years in a row. The players deserve better they really do. I don’t have to buy a ticket but they have to play.

    1. dconner Post author

      this was the same talent that went to five bowl games? do you honestly believe that? believe they had the same experience, too?

      1. Joe

        Dez I will say I believe that the talent on this team was enough to go to a bowl game this season and anyone who argues otherwise hasn’t evaluated the guys who have played for us over the years. Were there weaknesses on the field? Some key players that left? Sure, but that happens every season to every team in the country.

        Would you honestly argue that this team did not have the talent to beat Western Michigan this year? How about Syracuse, NC State or Temple? We were not outmatched in those games we were outcoached. Our O-Line dealt with injuries and a lack of depth but under Mike Foley we could always run the ball no matter who played up front. Is Steve Greene that much different than Matt Ollivier? Jimmy Bennet that much worse than Mike Hicks?

        I would bet that mental errors and confusion were a much bigger factor in our OLine’s lack of success this season than losing our 1-on-1 matchups to players who were simply better. That’s not talent its coaching. Zone blitzes are tough to stop but over 100 teams in FBS football seemed to do it better than us.

        I would argue that our talent at the offensive and defensive skill positions outside of RB was at the highest level in program history. This season stands to rank among the best in UConn history for players that will make it to and play in the NFL. It will certainly outdo the 2004 team that made a bowl game.

        I’m not saying that this Husky team should have gone undefeated or won the Big East, but there is absolutely no question that this team had the talent to make a bowl this season and didn’t reach its potential.

        1. dconner Post author

          I wouldn’t argue it was good enough to a bowl game. Never did. Never said it wasn’t.

          Ill be brief with the rest. The coaching staff wasnt on the field when the quarterback was getting sacked numerous times to kill drives. It wasnt on the field blocking and it wasnt running the ball. I think the coaching staff bears some responsibility for the team going 5-7. That is too obvious. But if you think this team lost all seven games because of the coaches I just don’t think that’s being fair at all. I understand it if you don’t. You want the coaching staff to be responsible for all that’s wrong and you want to state it here….ok

          But…No, they weren’t more talented than Syracuse. I think that was proven clearly. The defensive line of Western Michigan’s was better than UConn’s OLine when it needed to be. The UConn QB admitted mistakes. Why don’t we accept it when the players say these things? I know you see the mistakes, too.

          Temple was better when it needed to be. Get it? In all of the games you mentioned when the talent needed to perform in those games it performed…know what I’m saying? There were coaching mistakes and player mistakes, last year and this one, bottom line.


    Sorry for the long winded blog..and any of you grammar types save your effort and leave me alone .. It’s late I’m tired. Just read it and put it together.The point is there…goodnight

  4. Mike

    This is pathetic. Why is deleone still here???? What the is the holdup? And if they make Shane day the OC I’m boycotting this team. Go out and find a proven OC.


    @vince….I would raise my hand and join you..offer my service and time to some committee..there is no well thought out consistency … And each game should be packaged differently..there needs to be excitement generated starting with “future exciting opponents” ..Next year the ONLY two games worth going to are Maryland and Michigan(Edsall’steam will bury us next year) Diggs and. Ompany will be ready..for Michigan we will be a cupcake on their schedule…that’s ok though ..if UCONN were an independent for football only and scheduled good teams out of conference ..they would eventually win over time ..as “the other players” who didnt get selected by the Alabamas,Oaklahomas,Floridas or Notre Dames ..but want to slay the “Goliath” type programs it could happen with time just like it did for UCONN basketball. Sure , in the beginning UCONN will be outmatched but eventually, however the other “under the radar” or “other talent” that has the passion to want to prove something will start to appear at UCONNS doorstep …why??? Because alot of it has to do with WHO you play….thats a platform and a selling point for these type of recruits..NEED TO HAVE A VISION AND THEN GO AFTER THESE PLAYERS AS A STRATEGY!! Playing teams like Eastern Carolina or Tulane..though right now either of them could beat us now will NOT achieve that goal .There are NO visionary leadership types currently at UCONN so we will at BEST play on the “little stage” Besides what do u sell the recruit now?? The only teams in the future conference worth playing would be Boise and the Navy ..that’s it ..Any school in the new conference would have to go undefeated to be considered for a major bowl …and that’s a BIG BIG slim CHANCE MAYBE…if the team were Independent and played recognizable “big stage competition” eventually in time we would get the right type of players ..that want to Play against “those types” of programs. UCONN would have a better chance of getting into a major bowl…just like I said before as did UCONNS men and womans basketball programs did…

  6. Vince

    Besides putting a product on the field, we need to put a product in the stands. Mr. Manuel needs to address the late arrivals & early departures. It’s sickening. I’m willing to be part of a committee to make suggestions to address this. We need to start some kind of tradition prior to our team running out of the tunnel. Right now there is no build up at all prior to our team entering the stadium. We need to try something. I love going to games but it’s hard to get excited these days. Please help.

  7. husky66

    Louisville retains its coach, the one who completely turned them around in two seasons.

    We’ve retained our coach who has taken a team w/ some good momentum and turned them into an offensive laughingstock. (Hey, guess what play we’re going to run on first down!)

    W Michigan, of all places, fired their coach and he’s the one who actually got them to bowl games. but his record wasn’t good enough at a MAC school. and lets not forget where he got one of his 4 wins this past season.

    At Auburn “No, we didn’t cheat to get Cam” University, they fired a coach who won them a national championship just two years ago!!

    but hey, let’s stay the course because one good win makes a whole season.

  8. Lost in Transition

    George is not going to get the boot. Coach P is to loyal. He is going to fall on his sword again like in Syracuse and lose his job next year. We need smart, dynamic and young coach to get us started and winning so we have a shot of leaving this conference before it is to late.

  9. Raymond Martineau/Ohio

    I was all pumped up on PP being our coach. Now I am not sure. I agree with the AD that we need to give him one more year. If we fail next year we need to move on and find someone else that would do the job.
    I agree with those that say DeLeone should be booted out. Even the commentators commented on his lack luster offense.

  10. uconn86hgiv

    My take has always been the PP was a fill in. The thought being that he will run a solid program and graduate players until the “right guy” comes along. Honestly if PP had gone 6-6 the past two years and played in a couple of low end bowl games most of us would be happy. Or at least appeased.

    I’m ready to start talking about recruiting now!!

  11. gary

    I don’t think Pasqualoni has much chance of success with this program, and keep him here is like marching in step while others move forward. But George DeLeone’s offense? Someone has to put an end to that RIGHT NOW. PP is more or less a non-entity as a head coach, but the DeLeone offense is just killing this program off. The evidence is irrefutable: after halftime in Big East games, we scored about 17 points in 7 games. This means we got out gameplaned by the opposing coaches. George DeLeone had no answer. We were probably 119 out of 120 programs in total offense. Warde: If you (for whatever reason) have to keep Paul Pasq, for the sake of the program, get rid of DeLeone.

  12. joesimsbury

    Unfortunately for Manuel, now Pasqualoni has become his problem. And if Pasqualoni doesn’t replace Deleone immediately; that also becomes his problem. Someone should have counseled him regarding picking the right beach to die on!

  13. kevin

    Hey Navin, why don’t you put down your thermos, get in the old station wagon, and head down that dusty trail.

    Fire Warde, Fire HCPP, hire HC KO

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        If you want to talk b-ball (which you did) go there. If you insist I leave…then I might.


    Warde is LAME..He IS A WORSE BIRE THEN HCPP lazy…..lazy…lazy …FAT DUMB AND COMPLETELY WITHOUT ANY LEADERSHIP …watch the stadium and donor funds will plummet..and when people start calling for his fire..he will then blame the coach. This guy is nothing more then a McFailure

  15. michael

    Head in the sand yet again! A free pass to a staff that is driving us into the ground. I say keep Coach P and replace Warde? How about that

  16. Ken

    The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and over again hoping for a different outcome. As a supporter of this program you can now officially count me as one of the 20,000 plus empty seats at the Rent next year. Why invest time and money into a program that’s not committed to being anything more then an easy mark for established programs on their schedule. It’s obvious our esteemed AD just doesn’t get it.

  17. Frank M

    I think the fans have to stage a protest at UConn football games next year. Let’s not enter the stadium until 15 minutes after kickoff! Oh wait…we already do that.

      1. Ken

        why stay. You know if they are down they can’t win because they don’t score points after halftime

  18. kevin

    on top of that, If Ollie doesn’t get a 3 year extension and a real chance with the program I want Warde Manuel fired.

    What more does Ollie need to do, this is a joke, we are losing recruits. The guy is a better man then most, a good man deserving of this opportunity. This AD does not bleed Husky blue, and he is making a mistake here. OPEN YOUR EYES!

    1. ray

      I don’t live in Connecticut anymore, but follow closely from Knoxville. I get ESPN Game Plan and ESPN Full Court. This will be the last year I do that if this is the way our A.D. is running the “business”.

      I probably spend a couple hundred dollars a year on shirts and hats so that my family and I can run around Knoxville reminding VOL fans where the Basketball Capital of the World is located. I won’t be spending more money if this is the way he is going to run the “business.”

      Give Kevin the contract he deserves and fire the football coach.

  19. kevin

    So… 2+ years ago we were sick of HCRE but we were in a BCS game and had a solid respected program. We all knew this was a bad hire, I at least posted it and had people arguing against me. HCPP is a nice guy, we respect you, but respect us now and walk away from this contract and don’t cripple your state anymore then it already is. You have enough money, go retire and coach Hartford public or something and live out your life with admiration from the fans of this program. If we don’t get new younger blood, yes age discrimination, younger blood in here we are screwed.

    This coaching staff is not the answer, not fully at fault, but also not the answer. COME ON WARDE!

  20. TheJerk

    @ Andrew , I am really shocked there was even fans behind you with under a minute to go in a tied game

  21. Fran

    We were at the S Fl game – you could have walked up at game time & bought a ticket – there should have been lots of UConn fans (this is FL & where many of us are retired – right) – but that wasn’t the case – because many retirees don’t put football & UConn in the same sentence – so that has to change for attendance in East Hartford & away games. Agree that some enthusiasm is needed – & agree that some coaches with personality & an offense that is exciting.

  22. Pat

    What is happening with the Big East will become the biggest issue facing UCONN. Unsettled membership and second tier teams will make it extremely hard to recruit players or attract/retain any good coaches resulting in decreased fan interest and fundraising…kinda circling the drain…unfortunately it looks like we are entering a death spiral. Will we be able to escape the spiral?

  23. Rich G.

    Terrible move once again but really if he was fired who do we really think is coming here. I’ve seen some coaches names thrown out like O’Brien (which I agree would be nice) or the guy at Kent State but really why would they come. We have a program that:

    doesn’t attract top talent
    a stadium we can’t fill
    a state where this team barely registers on the map of fandom
    membership in a dying conference
    and what was once our only saving grace, an AQ bid, that goes away in a year making us even more irrelevant being part of “the other 5″ when it comes 2014

    Just my opinion but can we really even do better at this point than PP? I think our only hope is to let PP play out the string in Conference USA 2.0 next year, hope for any kind of improvement and pray we get invited somewhere else making us more attractive to up and coming coaches.

  24. Andrew

    Whenever Manual does get the balls to fire PP we really need to replace him with a coach that’ll energize the program. Get a coach with some personality who fans want to hear from. I don’t care how you feel about Calhoun but every UConn fan wanted to listen in when he spoke (even if you could only understand half of his mumbled words).

    And for Gods sake get a coach who’s proven on the offensive side of the ball. I’m pretty certain you need to try to be as bad as UConn was this year.

  25. ray

    I don’t live in Connecticut anymore, but follow closely from Knoxville. I get ESPN Game Plan and ESPN Full Court. This will be the last year I do that if this is the way our A.D. is running the “business”.

    I probably spend a couple hundred dollars a year on shirts and hats so that my family and I can run around Knoxville reminding VOL fans where the Basketball Capital of the World is located. I won’t be spending more money if this is the way he is going to run the “business.”

    Give Kevin the contract he deserves and fire the football coach.

    1. Steve-CT

      Ray – how often do you and your family go through has and shirts? A couple hundred bucks a year on UConn swag, really?

      1. Ray

        Steve, When we moved here a Vol fan asked me,….Does Uconn even have a football team?
        Of course,we were on the upswing, 4 guys picked in the first two rounds of the NFL draft in 2009. Only one team in America topped that and it was USC. They had 5 players picked. Then a year later we were heading to the Fiesta Bowl.
        Needless to say there was a lot of talking between myself and the Vol fans I worked with. I enjoyed rubbing it in that not only were we better than them in basketball, but football as well. Oh well, at least I am half right now thanks to the current football coach.

    2. UConn_fan2

      @Ray: Let’s hope UConn and Tennessee have both improved by 2015 and you can host us all for a rockin UConn tailgate at Rocky Top.

  26. Ed

    I hang my head down and I take off my ratty UCONN sweatshirt I wear everyday after workm ( when clean), This is a joke You want Uconn to be one the top teams but we wont sign our new BB coach- tough loss last night with a limited bench and it will get worse if we do not sign Ollie ASAP
    The negativety in the stand for the football team this past Saturday was unbearable, I will support the players with all my heart and soul but I can not and will not support this HC who is pass his prime and I do not give a rats a$$ if he has connection within CT, When did CT become a football rich recruiting grounds? I know burton was right and look at it now Addazio is off to BC after 2 yrs Yes 2 yrs, it doesn’t matter how long a coach is in place it the base is there it just keep chugging along with the new coach who comes inm There are speed bumps but conme on ARE YOU SERIOUS, keeping pass the bologna arounf will CRUSH this football program who is trying to make a name for its self, I guess NOT…….

  27. Mike

    The only reason Paul is back is because he has a 1.7 million dollar buyout. That’s it. Uconn doesn’t have the kind of money to buy him out. Period

  28. Freddy

    Uconn plays a boring type of football on offense. In today’s game it’s all about offense, points, flashy numbers, speed. Uconn is so boring to watch, it’s like watching paint dry. Uconn needs to get an OC that runs a fast paced, no huddle spread offense to pair up with the defense that is blitz happy and fun to watch. Horrible brand of football and lack of buzz is why they have a drop in attendance.

  29. Livin

    Confirm PP as coach….7 month contract for Ollie….failed attempt to stabilize conference affiliation….lame e-mail to fanbase after failure….in over his head? Hmmmm….

    1. TheJerk

      I actually think a lot of conference shuffling will happen and UC will go nowhere. Getting the sense that we are damaged goods, think to highly of overselves, or people really just dont like us. I said it before, and I will say it again. The next 10 years of athletics at the school could be in for very dark days

  30. husky66

    wasn’t a lack of effort? did he not see W. Mich and Sryacuse games?

    decide to keep PP, fine, but don’t insult us. we may not be college FB coaches but we’re not blind or stupid.

    where’s Lou Perkins? (we’ll forget about the ticket problem in KS.)

  31. John

    Dez…assuming (praying) that PP relieves GDL of his duties as OC, any idea on potential candidates? Do you think someone from within is ready to step into that roll? How about the QB coach?

  32. Artie A...

    It is a cold day in hell when Robbie Rug does not have us going to a BCS bowl next year…

    This was a VERY WEAK statement by Warde…This also shows many of us he missed the point on what we saw this year.

    Treating season ticket holders like they have no clue. Well we called the plays before the opposing team and it sucked.

    Of coures we love our team and want to back them at all levels but give us a stick in the fight! The play calling this year and lack of finding someone that might be able to run the ball at this level was just plain dumb. (McCummings?)

    A meeting is in order or next years numbers are not going to be pretty……

    1. roberttherugguyraleigh

      It’s not that I want rid of the head Coach, Paul being a Connecticut guy and all, and the fact that he was able to keep Casey Cochran in state. Here it comes, BUT, Tom O’Brien is available and would be perfect at Connecticut. And no I do not see us in a BCS game next year, did someone turn the AC on, burrr…

  33. Felix

    Yea everybody just keep shelling out you $600 a year per ticket and keep drinking our $10 beer to see this same show again. You wonder why the seats were empty? Because the product is bad. Im seriusly questioning renewing my tickets for next year after the way this athletic department has been run over the last two administrations. Ill admit I thought PP was a good pick at the time because of how late in the year edsall left but after seeing whats happened over the last two years and not seeing any signs of change Im ready to get off this bandwagon.

    -A disgruntled Alum

  34. Jonathan

    Football is a joke right now. Only reason buying tickets next year is to see Maryland and Michigan at the rent. Those games should be sellouts so Warde should judge happiness of fan base on the other four games. Coincidence that the year DeLeone takes over for the offensive line for the great Mike Foley, our O-Line goes from strength to weakness.

  35. g

    I see no life, no excitement in PP. I don’t see how he can relate to HS kids and I don’t see how he can compete for top talent. He’s a nice guy and I do wish it wasn’t so; but, it is: he’s a mistake and waiting another year will only result in losing more fans, losing more money, and retarding UConn’s entry into a stronger conference.
    Perkins never would have hired him. This is Warde’s first major test. Thus far, he’s failing.

    1. g

      BC just hired Steve Adazio, the guy we could and should have hired. I argued for hiring him; but, alas, professor Hathaway knew better…. not!

  36. ray

    Save your posts gentlemen…..We will be complaining about the same stuff next year…..Another wasted year ahead…..Oh yea….”Its a Work in Progress”…….Baloney!!!!!!

  37. Adam

    I hope this means that we will hear DeLeone being replaced as OC and line coach in the very near future. A status quo offensive approach in 2013 is unacceptable, especially given the stronger OOC schedule.

    1. mtnhawk53

      It’s disturbing to see that the news in Storrs consists of rehiring a terrible football coach. The response right after the ACC crapped on us should have been a 5 year deal for KO and the firing of Pasqualoni and the entire staff, followed by the hiring of Gene Chizik from Auburn. That would be the kind of news that Husky fans would have been chirping about with great joy. Manuel comes out with this? Wow, you and the girl that runs the place just don’t get it. I’m pretty sure the Buffalo experience likely made you feel that a few wins is good enough. I know what we want and if it’s any news to you, it’s what i suggested above.

  38. junglehusky

    Gaaaah. I’m typically the kind of fan who is the one trying to get the mob to put down the pitchforks and torches. (On the internet, that is – in real life I’d get the heck out of the way of the mob). I understand it’s important for fans to continue to support the team despite its record and despite getting passed over for an ACC spot by Louisville. But I can’t help but feel personally insulted by this quote. There was nothing in there to give me any indication that Warde is doing anything other than hoping Coach P gets a few more wins next year. Even if he does, it will not be enough – the ACC situation was a clear signal that “small-time” or “medium-time” football is setting the bar too low. I don’t blame Manuel for this, this is 90% Jeff Hathaway’s fault. But Manuel can’t let Connecticut continue to fall behind. As great as she is, Susan Herbst doesn’t have a magic wand to get us in a major league if the football product is perceived as another run-of-the-mill program. Which it is. Yes the fans deserve some of the blame. But I think their share of the blame is way overblown compared to the coaching staff and athletic department.

  39. Pudge

    Warde … this ain’t Buffalo. Your honeymoon is over & the next time you go to the US VI it will be because you got marched out of Connecticut. You are on the clock. The Ollie contract waiver, while thoughtful in mid-September, needs a strong vote of confidence to get us our first solid recruiting class in 3 years. The Pasqualoni retention shows absolute clueless leadership. Your new Football Program has a very fragile fanbase & won’t recover easily from these few years of poor play & poor coaching.

    1. mtnhawk53

      I’m glad you said this and I’m thankful that Dez is leaving all of the commentary. I was thinking on the way home while listening to the FAN as they were talking about watching the worst quarterback they had ever seen, I laughed and thought “You’ve never seen Johny Mac” Bwahahahaha! He is so damn bad!!! Read my commentary if you get the chance Pudge.

    2. buddy

      You are absolutely positively correct. Not only should HCPP be replaced but maybe the AD as well. They are leading UConn to mediocrity at best. All athletic programs should strive to win national championships, not just hope to get an invite to some low level bowl. They are absolutely pathetic and infuriating. The regime, although the inherited multiple problems, has done absolutely nothing to correct the issues.

  40. Bryce

    The downfalls of this team were the play calling and the offensive line…those two things point to one man…Deleone…get rid of him

    It will be interesting to see this team next year without the leadership of this group of seniors. Was it the coaching or seniors? We will see I guess.

  41. jack54

    The first 6-7 years every game was just about a sellout. Why would fan support begin to dwindle right after the high point of the Fiesta Bowl ? That is the $100,000 question. Did people think that UConn was now a national power ? Hiring PP was perceived as a lateral move.It has to be more than 2x seasons at 5-7. Maybe the athletic dept can find out via a survey why so many stopped coming. Do not underestimate the damage done by the BE being picked apart, and Uconn left behind. Did the general public just lose interest like they did with the Whalers, minor league hockey + baseball,Yale athletics,Cannon golf,Pilot Pen tennis,jai a-lai, and high school sports ? The fact may be that Connecticut is just a bad sports state. Is the Uconn brand spread too thin between FB,MBB,and WBB. It may be just too much for a small northeast state to support all 3 at a big time level. Sure hope not.

    1. mtnhawk53

      We will never win with Paul “E” for Ehhhksecuexecuexecuexecushun” Pasqualoni. The worst coach coaching the worst team. The small State crap is so wrong and shows how clueless you are. Get back in the top 25 the place will be a sellout. That is a place they won’t sniff with Bilbo Baggins at the helm.

    2. TheJerk

      ding ding ding ding ding ding….. been saying it for years, CT is a bad sports market. #kellychasewasright

      1. husky66

        the phrase often used in this context is “front runner.” meaning “we’ll support you after you’ve been a winner for a while and even then, well maybe. lose a few, forget it, we’ve got better things to do.”

        here’s a contextual stretch, but maybe not. read McCullough’s book, 1776; the section about Washington & the dark days w/ the contintental army in NYC waiting to see if the brits were going to wipe them out. wanna guess which state’s troops walked out on him? historical precedence?

        1. TheJerk

          I prefer to use the term “fair weather fan”. I sometimes think most people around here view going to a sports event more of a status or social event. They have no real love of the game or the team, just the need to feel they can say they were “there” or “so and so is going to the game”. Its just really wierd.

          1. Andrew

            Pretty much true. You know it’s bad when fans behind you are complaining about you standing up with a minute left in a tied game…pathetic.

  42. Sean

    Ugh. Were the 20,000 empty seats on Saturday not enough of a sign?

    Coach P killed the momentum of the program. Season tickets are down. Attendance is down. Buzz is completely gone. It’s not a good look for UConn.

    I feel bad for the players, especially on offense. They were just given no chance this year with the playcalling.

    Though nothing will beat the joy of watching 11 1st down runs up the middle for 1 yard against Maryland.

  43. buddy

    Huge mistake by Manuel. Goodbye UConn football. Goodbye hope to get out of dying conference. Goodbye donor money.

  44. Steve

    Now you can see why the ACC took Louisville. No commitment to getting any better in football where mediocrity rules.

  45. Rob

    This will come back to haunt UCONN for years. Keeping PP around is a horrible mistake. UCONN football just died and the fanbase will disappear soon. If GDL is back, I am done with this program.

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