UConn Counseling Program Interim Director Ellen Tripp On AD Warde Manuel: “An Incredible Gift For Us”

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Just spoke with Ellen Tripp, interim directror for UConn’s Counseling Program, who since January added mens basketball to her title of academic counselor for womens basketball and football the last 11 years. I’m doing a story featuring Ellen and her role coming up in a few days. She said a lot of interesting things. And I mean a lot. This was mong them.

“We’re extremely lucky to be in an environment where we have, I mean having Warde [Manuel] come in as our athletic director has been an incredible gift for us,” Tripp said. “His commitment to academics is something that I haven’t seen here before and I’ve been here about 15 years. He meets individually with every student who is under a 2.0 GPA and talks to them about the reasons why and what their plan is and how he can help. He’s very involved in creating a strong academic culture here. It comes from the top.” 

Also, did you know Manuel is reviewing recruit transcripts before admission?

Student comes before athlete.  It always has and always will…


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11 thoughts on “UConn Counseling Program Interim Director Ellen Tripp On AD Warde Manuel: “An Incredible Gift For Us”

  1. John

    Don’t care still think this AD lacks any vision to build a big time BBall or Football program. In 4 years time UConn will not be on anyones radar just the facts. The BBall will have no great games on regular schedule to watch, Football is on the way to being will be worse then watching U Buffalo play where the AD came from. We are on a slowly sinking ship and soon will run out of money to keep it afloat. Due to lack of vision for explanation thats why UL went to ACC before us football team is a winner and BBall is too they built and added on stadium. Cincy will be next to go they hired a big time football coach and are expanding. What did we do we changed our logo and can’t even win home football games.

  2. joesimsbury


    I glad Desmond provides this forum so we can banter (or rant) back and forth. I guess it is cathartic! Anyways — SH and WM did inherit big problems and can’t be judged on their predecessors’ failures, but only on how they react to them. Hogan was awful and Herbst is righting the ship. (BTW, Hogan is already out at Illinois, having lasted only 2 years.) Hathaway seemed more interested in politicking at NCAA rather than running the UConn athletic department. Manuel is also trying to right that ship. Unfortunately, all the conference stuff hit when we had new leaders and a BB program on probation. However, UConn still deserved better.

    My friends from around the country are perplexed that UConn finds itself in this situation. I was in South Carolina last week and a long time friend who is well-connected @ UVA said it’s crazy! He pointed out that schools with little or no athletic accomplishments like Maryland, Rutgers, Pitt, and Syracuse seem to be prized by conferences, while UConn languishes. I feel the same way – UConn has won more than those schools combined! In addition, UConn is easily on a par with (or likely better than) these schools academically.

    So conference-wise, we have to much going for us to ever be content where we are now. I do feel we will get situated in a real conference at some point – I just hope it isn’t too far down the road.

    To all fellow loyal Huskies – have a great weekend!

  3. roberttherugguyraleigh

    Conference “issue” not Manuels fault. Opening east football game should be UConn at ECU.


    @joesimsbury…no disrespect either.. I do agree the media deal is certainly lacking $$ however, the reality of it is we may never get an invite … Regardless of what SH OR WM do… That’s the reality. Solid academic success for the student athletes and building sustaining highly competitive sports programs is his job…Boise is one of the top 5 winningest programs yet no invite to a powers conference.. Do you think the AD of Boise did all he could do ?? Their program remains in the same situation. Maybe down the road who knows?? The student athletes need to be successful on and off the field. The fans need to continue to support the teams..like you have. However, I do disagree and maintain that UCONN will be alright .. Look at Geno’s program do he said ” we will be fine and still win” What do you think Kevin Ollie believes ?? Do you think they think they won’t be alright?? Doubtful .. The think there is an opportunity here with the new conference and a lot of eyes will be watching ….

  5. joesimsbury

    @Des @ Roadrunner

    Saw the post this am – so I guess you think I’m a broken record on the “conference crap”? I’ve been deemed worse! You say the new conference will evolve? Evolve into what – C-USA redux? The academic issues have been addressed in a very proactive way, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the old regime. WM and SH deserve great credit for that. In fact, the improved academic performance should help with future conference placement. (although I can’t explain Louisville from that perspective)

    I have to disagree with Roadrunner. I don’t think UConn will be all right is this far-flung, joke of a conference. No rivals, no money and a terrible travel burden for starters. I support UConn and have for decades. I need no admonitions from RR or anyone else re: my support the Huskies. I have simply stated the reality of the situation and the obvious need to address it.

    So while I praise WM’s accomplishments in the academic arena, I will also focus on the conference issue. I wish it were solved – UConn certainly deserves better. But it’s not going away and that is just reality.

  6. jack54

    Very important that UC projects a university moving forward in all areas. No good comes from athletic teams that loose players due to academics . Keeping players eligible 4-5 years is critical. Graduation rates are a huge measuring stick to the NCAA. UC needs to be a place parents want to send their kids, not just a place to get some playing time.


    Why is the AD constantly the object for the battering ram of the fan base? .. He is actually extremely proactive and exemplary in his vision for the program.. THAT’S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!! He was hired into a tilting ship …The AD is doing what is and should be priority for these kids …. Their education… The rest will fall into place as the new conference evolves..So STOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP already With the conference crap at this point!!!! … Support your team and the AD’s effort and freakin have fun with the family and friends at the games … The rest will take care of itself … It ALWAYS has for UCONN …

  8. joesimsbury

    That is great to hear as academics should be a priority for UConn’s student-athletes. Now he needs to get us out the horrid conference mess we’re in.

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