UConn Defensive Coordinator Don Brown On Last Week (Buffalo), This Week (Rutgers), A Little In Between

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What’s goin on?

We’re moving on to the defensive side of the ball today and that must include thoughts from UConn defensive coordinator Don Brown.

Here he is wrapping up Buffalo, talking about Rutgers and a little in between…

The defense hasn’t seemed to be as dominating the past two weeks as it was the first three. See any issues or…

“You go from the first game where you shut people out and you set a level of expectation then you go N.C. State, who, I don’t know, if you go look at the numbers, I think they had 600 yards of offense against Miami (664, Miami had 651 in beating the Wolfpack 44-37 last week) and then you play a Maryland offense with a lot of good players and we’re not perfect there and we find a way to win the game,” Brown said.

“We gave up seven points, legitimate scoring drive, the whole deal, first half against Buffalo; great. The seven-point gimmick play? Good. Hats off to them, they got me. Hook and ladder, hit it; we don’t get the guy on the ground. You know if you watch the tape, Blidi Wreh-Wilson takes the wide receiver and parks him on the bench. Now if he doesn’t park him on the bench he’s going to come off and make the play. So, what do you tell the guy? ‘Allright when you get the guy pressed, don’t park him on the bench/? Obviously, we’ve got do a good job of getting that guy on the ground. We end up surviving that and away we go. They come down and kick a field goal and then the game is in our hands at the end of the day. Just like Maryland we take care of our business. The reality is we won the game.


“There’s a lot of things going on right now that people have no idea  – and neither do you guys – that we’re dealing with personnel. We’ve got some guys, in my opinion, giving us Michael Jordan-esque-type efforts and again, is it perfect? No but take a look at the stats now. You gotta look at the overall picture. People are coaching against us, too. We are having to make our adjustments as well.   

“As we went along in that game on Saturday, if you notice, we played a lot more four-down, stop the run; don’t think you throw it well enough to beat us and for the most part they got the one good receiver (Alex Neutz 6×90), gonna have a couple of catches; we don’t want him to have any. The reality is, he did – but at the end of the day it was good enough.

“We have a little bit of a goal-board thing, if you’re under 17 points or less that’s a pretty good day of football. In this day and age that’s a pretty good day of football. Is it what we want? Is it what we set out for an expectation? No. Our expectation is I would have liked to have held them to seven. The reality is we gave up a gimmick and they moved the ball on us one drive enough to get a field goal but if you look at the second half and out offenses starting position we held true to form where we were kind of in control of the thing.

Again, the gimmick play, it’s a one-play shot, my hat is off to them. It was a great play and they executed it.

You’ve got a challenge this week in Rutgers where there is no shortage of skill players in that starting lineup.

“We just have to do our deal and do it to the best of our ability. You know the one thing we’ve been able to do, going last week as well as the week before, if you look at our percentages, they were 21 of 40 against Western Michigan [Broncos passing completions and attempts] and what was he last week, 13 of 30, and we’re playing a lot of close coverage. Our guys line up [close] like this a lot, OK? We’ve just got to continue to work hard on our techniques and fundamentals.

“They’ve got talent. [Brandon] Coleman is a talent. [Mark Harrison] is a talent.  [Tim Wright] is a talent. Harrison makes the big catch to kind of ice the Arkansas game for them. [Running back Jawan] Jamison is a great back so you’ve got to defend the pass but you also got to take care of the run. You can’t let them start running the ball up and down the field on you so it will be a good chess match for us.

Gary Nova (11 of 18, 298 yards, two TDs, two INTs) came into the game in the fourth quarter last year and put up some numbers. How much do you look at that fourth quarter from last season as part of the game-plan?

“He did a couple good things. He also threw the ball to us. He’s way farther along now. He’s gone through a spring practice. He’s gone through a training camp. He’s played four games. Obviously he’s had success so his confidence is rising every week. I don’t think last year’s game has any bearing on this year’s game.”

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  1. Freddy

    Love coach brown. Far and away the best coach on the staff. I’d fire pasqualoni 5 times before I would let brown leave uconn.

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