UConn Football 2013 Schedule Released (Update)

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From UConn…

NOTE: The UConn-Louisville game time/tv has not been set yet)


Huskies Open the Season With Three Straight at Home, Including Maryland and Michigan

STORRS, Conn. (March 5, 2013) – The 2013 University of Connecticut football schedule features seven home games at Rentschler Field and six games against teams that competed in bowl games at the end of the 2012 regular season. The Huskies open the season at home with three straight games, including Maryland and Michigan.

Game times and television coverage for most games are still to be announced.

“I am very excited for the home schedule that our football team will play in 2013 and I think our fans should be too,” said UConn Director of Athletics Warde Manuel. “As I continue to say, it is important for UConn to have the Rentschler Field full for every game. Our football team will be working hard to prepare for the 2013 season and we need the support from our loyal Husky followers more than ever.”

UConn begins play at Rentschler on Thursday, August 29 against FCS opponent Towson, followed by home games against Maryland on September 14 and Michigan on September 21. The Huskies went to College Park in 2012 and came away with a 24-21 victory over the Terrapins, of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Wolverines, from the Big Ten, visit the Huskies after UConn made the trip to Ann Arbor in 2010. Michigan went 8-5 in 2012 and appeared in the Outback Bowl.

Connecticut’s first road game, and final non-conference game, of the season will be at Buffalo on September 28. The Huskies came away with a 24-17 win over the Bulls in 2012.

The conference slate kicks off at home against USF on October 12, followed by a road game at Cincinnati on October 19. The Bearcats went 10-3 in 2012 and picked up a win over Duke in the Belk Bowl. The Huskies will play a second straight road game with a visit to UCF on October 26. The Knights completed the 2012 season with a win in the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl and a 10-4 record.

Following a bye week, Connecticut hosts Louisville for a Friday night matchup November 8. The Huskies defeated the No. 19/18 Cardinals in Louisville last season by a 23-20 score in triple overtime. UofL capped of its season with a win over Florida in the Sugar Bowl and an 11-2 season.

From there, UConn hits the road for games at SMU on November 16 and Temple on November 23. The Mustangs went 7-6 last season and registered a win in the Hawaii Bowl.

The regular season wraps up with home games against Rutgers on November 30 and Memphis on December 7. The Scarlet Knights are coming off a 9-4 campaign and an appearance in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

2013 UConn Football Schedule
Day, Date Opponent Time Television
Thur., Aug. 29 TOWSON TBA TBA
Sat., Sept. 28 at Buffalo TBA TBA
Sat., Oct. 12 USF* TBA TBA
Sat., Oct. 19 at Cincinnati* TBA TBA
Sat., Oct. 26 at Central Florida* TBA TBA
Sat., Nov. 16 at Southern Methodist* TBA TBA
Sat., Nov. 23 at Temple* TBA TBA
Sat., Nov. 30 RUTGERS* TBA TBA
* – Conference Games

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33 thoughts on “UConn Football 2013 Schedule Released (Update)

  1. Jersey Man

    Nice schedule..Now’s the time to take the money from the Big East conference and go independent… Best games could be Mich, BYU,MD,Navy,Army,ND, Rutgers, Temple,Airforce, Syracuse. The President and AD should await another year when the conference is gone baby gone.

    UConn baskeball is a brand to itself and with all the TV money FSNY can provide the University doesn’t need this conference.

    1. Tony

      Getting a complete schedule, nevermind a competitive one, would be a tough task for the athletic department. There is no way a team could go indy in anything other than football. Trying to do it for basketball and the “olympic” sports is totally out of the question. So you would need to find a home fo them. Then get into the football part of it and try making the complete schedule year in and year out with the small possibility of getting a bowl game… SMALL possibility. Take a look back at 2003 with a 9-3 record didn’t get invited to a bowl due to no conference affiliation. Remember, Uconn football is not Notre Dame football. Uconn football is not BYU football. We are what we are and there is no way Uconn could even tread water as an indy football team.

  2. Jesse

    I’m quite excited about this years schedule. Sure, the new teams don’t look as attractive as Boise State, Pitt or Syracuse, but they do look to put on quite a good show. I can’t wait for the season to start. It’s my first year that I’ll actually have enough friends with me every game to tailgate. Anyone have any good ideas for food?

    1. Ryan

      get one of those little two burner gas grills (with the mini tanks) you can find in camping sections of just about any store with a camping section. Just make sure to invest a little more money (think I got mine for like $50 and replacement mini containers are cheap) on one with the wind shield as it tends to get windy in those big open lots. Earlier games I use to cook a lot of omelets (come prepared with stuff ready to just throw in), warm water on the unit for any coffee/hot chocolate (don’t forget the additional happy items to add to the coffee), or if you prep anything ahead of time for subs (pulled pork, chicken, steak) it is easy to reheat with a pan and that burner then just throw in the subs. I also recommend bringing a plastic tub to throw any pans/utensils in in so they can be easily cleaned later rather than at stadium outside in cold–

      Now it has been two years since I’ve been at a UConn game to tailgate as I live out of state and work for a college athletic program so getting Saturday’s off tend to be extremely hard so I do not know if any rules have changed with what you can bring at the UConn games.

        1. Drew


          Not to promote certain places, but my friends and I have gotten some great beef from a company called Nebraska Star Beef. Their prices are reasonable for burgers/dogs and they have good prices on shipping.

          I think you can’t bring animals to the grounds as well as you’re not allowed to have a charcoal grill either I believe. Other than that bring a pack of your favorite beverages and enjoy! People are really friendly about sharing stuff they’re grilling too, so don’t be afraid to as around.

          1. Jesse

            Thanks Drew! I knew about the charcoal already from the one time I was able to tailgate, but I’ll definitely check out that place. I’m always on the hunt for a good steak!

    2. Artie A...

      Jessie…Simply do an internet search on tailgating. You will get a buzzillion recipes for food or beverage.
      Not sure why you need ideas for food but hey you asked, there is nothing you eat at home or anywhere else you can’t eat at The Dog House. It all depends on how serious you want to tailgate and what you have for resources. That and the type of vehicle you are arriving in.

      Equipment and prep makes it all an easy and more enjoyable time. It is a short party before the game so you do not want to spend all your time cooking. Do get a chance to walk around the stadium for 45 minutes or so and check out the serious tailgaters with their vehicles dedicated to the cause. You will get all you need to know in short time. That and quickly make a lot of new friends.

      1. Jesse

        We’ll most likely be going in an SUV in order to, at the very least, be able to get the grill their. I’ve only asked about food because I wanted some ideas on what to bring outside of the normal hot dogs and hamburgers. I was thinking buffalo chicken dip, ribs, maybe a couple steaks and some veggies to grill. Just looking for some other options.

        I’ve seen a lot of the serious tailgaters from when I had season tickets a couple years ago. I was always partial to giant gorilla and the giant hockey puck.

        My goal right now is to be able to set up a small canopy, a grill, a couple tables and maybe a game or two. There’s only going to be 5 or 6 people there so I’m not trying to go all out just yet. Maybe after the first couple games and I get a good feel for how things go, setting up and breaking down time wise because I used to be in the marching band so I’m always there to watch pre-game.

        1. Artie A...

          Sounds like you are working things out already. The canopy is nice for foul weather you can add tarps to the sides also. Just remember to bring what it takes to hold it down in the wind.
          TG dedicated pots, pans, utensils help these kept in a couple of bins with covers. Makes for quick loading pre- game and not forgetting things.

          As to food pre-game we do anything from venison stir fry to ribs with sides. A couple of games we do a stew or chile made at home and just has to be heated. At least one game a season we deep fry a turkey. Post game is usually sandwiches of grilled sausage, kielbasa or dogs. You only have one hour post game then they will shag you.

          Remember if you are going to use solo cups, buy the blue ones :)
          Cool to hear you are a former UCMB member, Dr Mills is a fan of our TG…

          1. Jesse

            I love the marching band. Have from the first day I showed up on campus back in 2003. I was part of the first band that played at the Rent and I find a lot of pride saying that. I do miss it sometimes, but now the amount of work I had to do seems more daunting than it had back then.

            But thanks for all the great ideas and tips. Some of that I know I would have forgotten, like securing the canopy. And I usually don’t buy solo cups for the mere fact that the “Red Solo Cup” song annoys the heck out of me. Probably heard it WAAAAAAY too many times at karaoke night. HAHA

            Hopefully if this goes as well as I’m hoping, everyone can stop by for a bite to eat or to play a game or two!

  3. Drew

    I just hope the university does the right thing and schedules the Michigan/Maryland games for at least 3:30. Too often we put all our home games at 12 and it is tough for people to get there that early.

    1. Tony

      This isn’t just a university decision. They have TV contracts that help dictate game times.

      1. Drew

        I understand there are TV contracts to oblige to but it is hard for the out of town/state fans and students to make it to 12 PM games on Saturdays. Even if game times were pushed back until 1 I believe there would be a stronger student presence and it would be easier for far away groups to come to. A game against a team like Michigan should be a night game for UConn. Obviously there are logistical issues to go through but that is a big time game for us. Maryland should be later in the afternoon, that would be a great fit for the 3:30 ABC time slot. Just some thoughts. Games like Buffalo are noon games, not games like Michigan.

        1. dconner Post author

          @Drew what Tony said is true. TV dictates times of games not UConn. It’s always been that way, always will be if the game is or has a chance to be on TV. Be good

  4. kb

    My going with 7-5 back to a crappy bowl

    Thur., Aug. 29 TOWSON W1
    Sat., Sept. 14 MARYLAND L1
    Sat., Sept. 21 MICHIGAN L2
    Sat., Sept. 28 at Buffalo W2
    Sat., Oct. 12 USF* W3
    Sat., Oct. 19 at Cincinnati* L3
    Sat., Oct. 26 at Central Florida* W4
    Fri., Nov. 8 LOUISVILLE* L4
    Sat., Nov. 16 at Southern Methodist* W5
    Sat., Nov. 23 at Temple* W6
    Sat., Nov. 30 RUTGERS* L5
    Sat., Dec. 7 MEMPHIS* W7

  5. Jay

    Now we need to rid the schedule of the Buffalo’s and Towson States and get get BCS conference teams

  6. Phil Tortora

    This is a great schedule. If you live in Connecticut and love football, what else could you ask for?

  7. Thedrifter75

    UConn needs to dominate at home like they used to do. Looking at the schedule I think they are capable of 10 wins, very optimistic I know, losses in that scenario would be Michigan and Cincy. More realistic but still a good season would be 8 wins, dropping one to Louisville and a game they “shouldn’t” lose as well as the ones mentioned above.

      1. Thedrifter75

        I’m just an optimistic person….sometimes, lol. I think UConn should have won 8 last year, this year IF the O steps up, which I believe they can they could put together a nice season. The teams I mentioned as losses are obviously the better teams on the schedule. All the others I think are very winnable. Could I be disappointed sure, but hope springs eternal!!

  8. mikeinmanila

    Any “way too early” predictions on for UConn’s record this fall?

    I’m thinking best case 7-5, worst case 5-7…likely case 6-6

    1. RST

      Thus you aer predicting the departure of HCPP? Because I don’t think 6-6 will be enough to keep him here.

      1. mikeinmanila

        Obviously if we go 5-7 or worse, HCPP is gone. 6-6, not sure, will depend on if the team is seen as “improving” as the year progressed, who is available, etc…7-5 or better, he stays.

        1. JD

          Fair or Not, I’d have to say that if UCONN doesn’t finish with a Winning Record of at least 7-6, HCPP is out the door. And I would have to believe that if HCPP finishes below a winning record in the next 2 Seasons he will be out the door as well.

          I am hoping UCONN turns it around this year and wins the games they should. I think HCPP is building a strong foundation but he needs to start producing wins. If we handle our business a 7 or 8 win season is well within reach.

  9. Randy

    Funny I don’t see the big east schedule or the other teams in the league have announced… Dez what’s up with that?!

  10. RST

    You heard it here first. UConn will be Big East champions in the last season of BE existence as an FBS conference.

    1. UConn Husky Dan

      Maybe you didn’t hear… but UConn is no longer in the Big East. Note that in the release, there’s no mention of “Big East”…just “conference slate”. UConn is going to be getting about $30million in the divorce. Not a bad sentiment. Conference “X” still gets the BCS auto-bid.

      1. Ryan

        it is confusing many articles I see online refer to football side of old Big East as the Big East still even though the name will be changing. Lot of work in a short amount of time thats for sure.

      2. RST

        OK, Dan, the BLL then (Big Least Leftovers). Whatever. And, btw, it has not happened yet, maybe you didn’t hear? :):)

    2. M

      good to be optimistic but it’s louisville and heisman contender teddy bridgewater’s conference to lose

      1. roberttherugguyraleigh

        Louisville was a Connecticut win last year. It will be nice to get the last auto bid.

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