Replay: UConn Football Chat – Special Tuesday Edition

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Click the play button to join our weekly UConn football beat writer’s chat with The Courant’s Desmond Conner. We’re going Tuesday this week – changed because of the Friday night game at Syracuse. We’re live at 10:30 a.m. and Des joins at 11. Be a part of it! Click here to replay the session on a mobile device

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8 thoughts on “Replay: UConn Football Chat – Special Tuesday Edition

  1. TAD

    Well, ROADRUNNER we need to start their retirement as soon as possible. Every new hire gets a pass on the the first year but not the second. Hiring a old coach at the end of his career makes no sense. Everyone loves coach P and want him to succeed but I’m afraid its not going to happen. As far as Deleone goes, I don’t know anyone who has a high opinion of him. Start the job search now and make move as soon as the season ends. Of course like all dieheart fans I will be in front on my T.V. set tonight cheering my brains for our huskies and clinging to the hope that our offense will finally have a great game.


    @ TAD…you have to wonder, Next year it will be ..”well these are the coaches recruits ” and “they have to learn the system” Blah…Blah Blah and there goes another season and more steps backwards.. I have to say these guys are waaay over their head they have been out of it for so long they are flying by the seats of their pants….Deleone is awful!! HCPP allowed his friendship to cloud his judgement.. Hell, I’m begining to think that the two of them sat at a bar laughing saying to one another “what a sweet gig” and “before they catch on to us we will have cashed in those fat checks for my retirement home in Florida…

  3. JD

    Hi Dez,

    Does it seem like these losses all come down to 1,2, or 3 plays that we scratch our heads on. I mean these consistent meltdowns are unacceptable at a High School JV level. This all goes back to the 3rd and 15 against NCSU. We have a back-up CB in who gets burned by 5 yards on the game winning TD. 3rd and 15?!!!!! From so many levels this play was unacceptbale.

    Bone Head plays and head scratching decisions that leave us saying did we really just loose that game? Really?

    And that is with one of the worst offense’s in the Nation.

  4. Craig


    I haven’t seen any predictions of a UConn win against Syracuse in any of the sports periodicals. It’s certainly the season on the line (O-line) and do we have what it takes to win a road game against a team in a similar situation? On the positive side, looks like we have McCombs back. It sure would help to pull off a minor upset and infuse a bit of enthusiasm and encouragement to the guys that are working so hard. Would love to see a mistake-free game and some payoff to what has been learned through the previous seven games. I believe a loss would leave us with a 3-win season. Ugh.

  5. Freddy

    Uconn is 6th in the nation in total defense. 6th in the nation!!!! On offense we are 107th out of 120. Deleone has to replaced. What a waste of a season with those defensive stats.

  6. TAD

    If there isn’t a marked improvement ( like a win over Louisville or Cincinnati)before the end of the year I do think coach P may get fired. Our AD may not be saying it now but he has to be thinking about it even if Des doesn’t think so.

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