UConn Football Coach Bob Diaco On The 1-2-3-4-5-Star Deal And Then, How UConn Does Its Business

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What’s goin on?

As part of a bigger story I’m working on this week I wanted to dribble this little nugget out for folks to nibble on with respect to the recruiting sites, their ratings and what, if anything does it truly mean to new UConn head coach Bob Diaco and his staff.

It’s usually a hot topic in some pockets of the UConn fanbase and usually that conversation centers on the lack of four or five stars players on the roster.

Diaco lit this one up for all time and I mean of the dropping the mic on stage when you’re done type lighting it up, too. Enjoy…

“Our program, because it’s not necessary in any way, do we look to see what their [recruits] rating is or who else is recruiting them until after our evaluation is done,” Diaco said. “I mandate to the coaches that they do not share the information moving forward in our database about who else is recruiting them, what their level is, how many offers they have because I don’t want to taint the evaluation process one way or the other. So we’re just evaluating on the criteria that we set to evaluate. That’s it.

“The star rating is a ridiculous, convoluted, nonsensical-for-team building-thing as there is out there. It is a fan, money-making component which I respect and I’m good on. I love the fact that football, high school, elementary school football, college footballl  gets more and more and more pub and press and excitement. That’s not a bad thing but we’re not going to do our business based on it. And whether one guy was a one-star, two-star, four-star, five-star is irrelevant to what our needs are.

“Go back and look at the draft this year. Go back and look at the first round and tell me how many high school five stars were drafted in the first round as opposed to high school four stars as opposed to high school three stars as opposed to high school\ two stars and you’ll find, I believe you’ll find almost four times the amount of two and three stars drafted than four and five stars drafted, in the first round, in the last draft.

“And I don’t say that as an excuse. Would I love – would I’d love – Husky Nation and UConn Country to be on fire for the players we recruit an commit to us? Absolutely. I don’t want anybody not lock step with what we’re doing. That’s not dismissing that sentiment but that’s not going to determine how we do our business.

“And by the way, it’s important that everybody understand it’s a different parameter now, period. We don’t play in a BCS conference. We don’t have an automatic tie-in. There’s a conversation about the Power 5. It’s just flat out the reality.

“Now can we put a good, a good to great team together? Absolutely. And we will – with the guys we need.”



opposed to high school two stars and I believe you’ll find




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