UConn Prez Susan Herbst Speaks, AD Warde Manuel, Too

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Just released statement from UConn president Susan Herbst regarding today’s turn of events

UConn Athletic Communications – November 28, 2012 – Message From The University of Connecticut

UConn President Susan Herbst

“I know this may seem like a tough moment for our fans, but we need to focus on the fundamentals of academic success across the university and in our athletic program as well. We are winners — we win, we like to win and we will continue to play the best possible opponents. We will be athletically successful, regardless of our conference, because of our successes in NCAA competition. We will keep building our winning record through the lens of a great university, that focuses on academics, not on the fluid and unpredictable nature of conference realignment. Again, I realize this is a difficult day, but when we focus on research, discovery, and student success, we’ll never go wrong.”

UConn Director of Athletics Warde Manuel

“Conference realignment is a prominent national issue in collegiate athletics and will continue to be so into the future. UConn has established a rich history as a very successful academic and athletic institution. We understand that because of that UConn will continue to be brought up in the discussion regarding potential schools considered in realignment.

“We have and will continue to monitor the situation regarding conference realignment and work to ensure that UConn is in the best position for the continued success of our athletic programs. We are proud of the success of our coaches and student-athletes and the tradition that has been established of winning conference and national championships.

“We are proud and appreciative of our great Husky fan base. Husky Nation is strong all over the country and the world. UConn has one of the most captive audiences of any school in the country and we have strong penetration in several of the nation’s largest television markets.”

The UConn men’s basketball program has won three national championships since 1999 – the only school to do so in this time period – and one of just seven programs in the history of the game to win three or more titles.

The UConn football team has made incredible strides since it moved to the FBS in 2002. The Huskies have won two BIG EAST Championships, played in five bowl games – including four over the past five seasons — and became the fastest program to rise from FBS inception to an appearance in a BCS game in history.

The excellence of the women’s basketball program is unparalleled to any school in the country as UConn has won seven national championships and appeared in 13 Finals Fours, including five straight.

Olympics sports programs at UConn are successful and have competed in and won NCAA national championship play in a number of them.

UConn will further enhance its athletic program in the 2013-14 academic year as its men’s ice hockey team begins play in Hockey East, the premier league in the country for that sport. Connecticut will become one of just nine institutions nationally to play men’s basketball, women’s basketball, football and men’s ice hockey in a major conference.

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71 thoughts on “UConn Prez Susan Herbst Speaks, AD Warde Manuel, Too

  1. Wreh-Wilson

    Senior Day was great. My family came to see Blidi and the rest of the senior bid farewell to UCONN football. Blidi’s younger sister TL and older brother Elliott, Jr. were there to see. It was a great game. We were also delighted to see the other parents at the game. We will cherish our memories of this final game and of the good days at the Rent. We are especially glad to know the boys who arrived 4 years ago are now men, and will take their rightful place in UCONN football history. Recall that these seniors took UCONN to a number of Bowl games, including the big one in Arizona a few years ago? And, now they have earned their degrees–the primary reason they chose UCONN in the first place. My wife Lucinda joins me in thanking the University of Connecticut for a job well done. We also say thank you to Coach “P” and his team of coaches. They did a wonderful job. We wish them the best. I extend a personal thanks to former defensive coach Todd Orlando who recruited Blidi from General McLane High School. How he found Blidi I will never know. But, I am glad he
    did. And, to you DEZ for chronicling the hard work of the Huskies over the years. Thanks for what you do. Good luck, my friend.


    PAC 12 commish said they are monitoring Boise state and San Diego state for possible membership …. Our conference is the auction house ….At the game … Huskies struggling … Anything new about that

  3. Yonick Bush

    Since our budget just got hacked by the state govt (led by a BC grad!!!), does it make sense for us to accept a bowl bid (if we get invited)? If we can’t money going to a BCS bowl, a low tier bowl will be a financial disaster.


    “Southwest Oveshoe State” …Haahahahahhaa that was funny ..needed the laugh this Friday …wow …Hey the state is building a $700 mil freakin bus route…maybe they to expand it??


    I can see that..I believe the ACC is next on the chopping block…I’m thinking only 4(16) team super conferences will exsist and whatever is left over will b the mid-major conferences and will be relegated to some type of mid-major bowl championship….

  6. Artie A...

    Quincy…Are you clueless or just pretending? Yes you make sense with some stats but up grade Rentschler to 60,000?
    What for? The TV contract that we do NOT have that would show 16,000 fans watching us play Southwest Overshoe State?
    Did you see the front page today and realize the state is broke? Simply mind numbing how some of the UConn fan base has become so ridiculous…

    1. Eric

      BYU is going to have to get in or be shut out… lack of playing partners at the next level will start after teams finish their moving around. BYU is going to need to join a league… they are going to hold on to their Tier 3 rights as long as then can. Then hopefully joining Big 12 or Pac 12. Texas and Oklahoma are the real linch pins here… if they move then it will be a cataclysmic shift of teams to SEC or PAC12. Then who knows. But if we get to 16 and we are not in one of the 5 (even a bad ACC) then all bets are off.

  7. Quincy

    Where do we go from here? I agree with Patrick. We do have more realignment coming. The ACC will in the near future be a shadow of its former self and that’s when they will come looking towards UConn.

    But should UConn take a bite then? Only the future will tell if that’s a good move for us. But what do we do until then? I think there is a lesson in what Jurich of Louisville did. He actively sold his university. We need to prepare a script/presentation/talking points and begin actively selling/getting the message out their to all who will listen, particularly the Big 10 and TV networks.

    Louisville(160)and less so Rutgers (68)are academically inferior to UConn (63), men’s basketball- UConn is the only program to have 3 national titles in the last fifteen years and with Ollie at the helm theremwill be more: women’s basketball – no program in the history of women’s basketball has ever achieved more and there is a lot more to still come; football – no program has achieved so much in so few years; we are 4-4 against Louisville including this year (Wasn’t the fact that they are an up and coming football program one of the reasons? If you want better football go with Cincinnati over Louisville)Other sports: all you have to do is think soccer, field hockey, baseball, hockey, field and track and more. TV market – UConn (#30 TV Market) has over 300,000 more TV’s than Louisville (#48 TV market). And this doesn’t include our reach into New York which is third largest behind Rutgers and Notre Dame(even more than Syracuse.)

    So why not us? Perception! We need strong marketing! That’s why the Big East got raided over the ACC. Not that the ACC was strogner in any way. it wasn’t)

    We need to show we are a serious player! For starters upgrade The Rent to 60,000, continue to grow our academic and research base at the University and start a strong marketing program aimed at the Big 10. And forget about it!

    Until a bid comes I suggest we as fans show even stronger support for all of our athletic teams and the entire University. When UConn was in the Yankee Conference I strongly supported the teams. I’m not going to stop now!

  8. jack54

    The ACC passed on 2 state universities. Rutgers was never good enough for the ACC , but good enough for the B1G ? UC is not wanted . Instead they added Pitt. What do they bring to the table ? Small market, #3 FB team in city, behind Steelers + Penn State. If Virginia + North Carolina go B1G, the ACC will look more like the IVY League with all their private schools. The B12 might pick them apart.

  9. Patrick

    Desmond advocates relentlessly for patience and slow growth. In truth, there are one or two realignment cycles left. Uconn will end up in a depleted ACC (mirroring the BE of 3 years ago minus WVU) or the B10.

    The latter can happen if the call up the B10 right now and ask what they have to do to get in. My guess is that an expanded Rent and a high power football coach would be enough to entice an invite. Uconn invests now or it might as well downgrade- something Desmond Conner doesn’t get.

  10. Eric

    Independence will not work because if you have been paying attention unless your Notre Dame with built in rivalries no one is going to be able to schedule outside of the top 5 football programs. You won’t be able to get any of them to play you.

    Lets not forget the big blow isn’t what is going to happen to us football wise but basketball wise. We are a basketball school first and foremost. Our fans are bunch of whining complainers who don’t show up for the “lesser” games. We can’t even sell out Gampel any more. When I went there you couldn’t find a ticket. Have you been watching the Indiana, Dukes, Kentucky’s whose fans always show up. I am saddened to see the state of our athletics but more so of our fans.

    Back on point if we are stuck with less then marginal teams to play in league we better start scheduling our of league games. Without the Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame and Louisville we will have less cred. for kids to come here even with Kevin Ollie.


    @ WES..lets say UCONN goes independent…schedules alot of big time programs…which to them ..in the begining,we nothing but a cupcake team..in time lets say we attract “the other Kids” the hard working over achieving types that weren’t given the best opportunities..Yoou the politics of who gets to start..you know what I’m talking about…anyway ..these very kids that are as good but didn’t get all that playing time nor the “rival” ratings..have this immense passion to play AGAINST GOLIATH and see’s that UCONN has them on their schedule…I would want to play and Slay Goliath…Eventually we start winning more …and more …and more…reputation builds as the “other power”, “the equalizer”..there are alot of kids out there like that…Not given the fair opportunity and under rated…But by playing the big Names…we attract those players…Boise did it playing anad beating Big Time programs in their lil conference… BYU gets respect…gotta eventually win though…I think we would attract “those other players” who have the immense passion to prove otherwise and de-throne the “pretty -boys”…I think we would have a better chance then having to go undefeated in the current conference.


    @mikeinmanilla…Good thoughts…and your right the nerdy bean counters have no visionary capacity…


    @SillyBoy….where are you getting your info…If they wanted to get out they just would..despite the $50mil. They recoup that in 2 years with the SEC. Dnt forget, Maryland has Robert Plank..dont think for a min that the full amount will be paid. It was a quick decision for Maryland . I believe the B1G network pays each member like 24mil ea year..Besides, Plank, Marylands Mega Booster has his check book ready. It’s a business opportunity to display his clothing lineup to the rest of the B1G. In fact, I bet he was the force and ultimate decision maker for the transfer…remember Maryland had to cancell some of their olympic sports because the athletic Dept was in financial crisis….sooo.. My guess the decision really was Plank’s…where else were they gonna get the 50Mil??

  14. Disappointed CT Fan

    Typical CT state workers (Herbst & Manuel)- go for the vacation (St.Thomas) – rather than doing any work for their bloated salaries … The Louisville AD busted his butt from the moment Maryland announced it’s decision, and his hard work paid off…. Do Kentucky state workers have a work ethic? I sure wish our UCONN bums did… Maybe Herbst can get her $227000/yr PR guy to put a spin on it…(for a state with a fiscal deficit we sure hand out the useless jobs out there…) … we’ll give Herbst and Manuel a D- on this effort…oh forgot they are unionized…so I guess there is no recourse….Poor effort UCONN….just like hiring that has-been uncreative football coach….

    1. mikeinmanila

      You need to read more carefully…I said “becoming and AAU school ASAP”…that means doing what you need to do to get an invitation. AAU membership “requires an affirmative 3/4s of current members and is based “on an assessment of the breadth and quality of university programs of research and graduate education, as well as undergraduate education”. The AAU ranks its members using four criteria: Research spending, the percentage of faculty who are members of the National Academies, faculty awards, and citations. So UConn needs to focus on closing any gaps in those 4 areas in the near term to make them an attractive candidate. I’m sure that the B1G schools would help UConn get an invite to the AAU if they met the criteria and looked to be an otherwise viable candidate to join the B1G (i.e., in academics, size, tv market, athletics, etc)

      1. mikeinmanila

        Sorry, I need to write more carefully!.. that’s “becoming an AAU school ASAP”

        The key is to make UConn as attractive as possible to more than just the ACC (who I’d like to see as a last resort at this point!)…and at the same time, continue to improve its academic standing.

  15. Tom

    I think Manuel and Pasqualoni should switch jobs – can’t do any worse…might provide a spark. How did we go from a rising football prgram – full of excitement and promise to this???

  16. Frank M

    Expand the Rent capacity to 55,000. That way, when the usual 15,000 to 20,000 fans show up they can list the attendence as 51,940.

    1. TAD

      It works for Pittsburgh. They lead the big East in attendance and the stadium is never even half full from what I can tell on TV.

  17. SillyBoy

    Hold onto your hats just a moment….several sources are definitely saying that Clemson and Florida State are closely looking at the $ amount of Maryland’s exit from the ACC.

    Real possibilities are Clemson and Florida State bolting for the Big 12 and Duke and North Carolina to the SEC.

    UConn will be in the ACC soon—just a matter of time.

    1. JJ

      Ok, I agree that Florida St and Clemson could leave so that could open up room for UConn. But then we’ll be back in sub par football conference. ACC/Big East 2.0

    2. Rich G.

      At that point who would care? If FSU and Clemson left then the ACC would basically be the Big East all over again. A basketball league with mediocre football.

  18. roberttherugguyraleigh

    NC State and Florida State are no longer the academic doormat for the ACC, Louisville now has that honor.
    Connecticut at East Carolina will be a sellout and East Carolina at Connecticut will be a sellout, the Purple and Gold travel. Win, play to a full stadium, who cares what league: the system seems to have been watered down like bad booze!

    1. mikeinmanila

      That’s simply a smoke screen…Pitt and others where also involved in the suit and it didn’t effect them getting and invite. This is all about maintaining their turf in NE in order to stay relevant

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        I wouldn’t call it smoke screen. Dick Blumenthal was the lead here and he went after BC directly as well. Where is Dick now? Oh yea…he made a name for himself suing people in CT and then got elected to the U.S. Senate…thus positioning himself to become independently wealthy. Nice job Dick…

  19. TheJerk

    After smashing the magic pumpkin I cant use it to see the future so I have to go off from common sense from here on in.

    The rent will never (not for a long time) be expanded. The bean counters that be will use the theory of “there is no need” when capacity is less than 100%. Football fans understand the reason why it has to be increased, unfortunately the dork accounts dont.

    The rent may have small upgrades to the fan experience but dont count on much. Hell it took 10 years for some dude to shoot bottles rockets off the top of the john.

    Look at who voted from UC to join the ACC and tell me the 2004 lawsuit has nothing to do with the selection.

    I do think UC should apply for AAU status, but bottom line is, its not going to help. The B1G is not calling. You know why? Foxsports (owner of B1g network) is trying to buy SNY. If they do B1G network will most likely end up in CT homes anyways without having to bring in Uconn. But they could go after BC and bring the B1g/SNY brand all they way to new hampshire. think about that, the B1g in a few short months could plant there network from DC-Baltimore-(already in philly)-NY-CT-boston. UConn is not needed by them.

    Manual and Herbst need to be bold here. The quiet approach and wait and see attitude isnt working. If we are not attractive to other conferences, instead of saying oh well, lets MAKE ourselve attractive.

    Finally, for you old time whalers fans out there. Remeber a player named Kelly Chase? I’ve said it for years, maybe he was right about CT and Hartford. He got blasted by CT sports reporters (looking at you jacobs) But every year that has gone by in the last 10-15 years, the more I think he was right about what he said.

  20. mikeinmanila

    We need to control our own destiny. We can do that by:

    * Becoming an AAU school ASAP
    * Getting the Rent to 55,000 capacity
    * Filling out OCC with at least 2 B1G schools/year
    * Offering to shift next year’s Michigan game to a bigger sight to build goodwill with the B1G
    * Play some OCC games at the Yale Bowl (Michigan?)
    * Require that DeLeone be out as the as OC next year (non-negiotiable)
    * Let Pasqualoni know…anything less than 7 wins next year and he’s gone
    * Upgrade all sports facilities in the next 2-4 years
    * Build the endowment as fast as possible to $1B, the minimum needed to be considered “credible” from withstanding swings in state funding (ask UConn students to contribute to the endowment as part of their tuition payment)
    * Look to get other sports (Hockey, soccer, baseball, etc) on TV via CPTV or SNY
    * Build a solid pressence in Fairfield County (where the money is), including playing some BB games in Bridgeport, as well as enhancing the campus in Stamford
    * Sign KO to a long term deal by late Feb, at the latest (assuming he’s on track to get UConn to at least an 18 win season)
    *Focus on winning championships… anything less is unacceptable

    This could turn out OK for UConn…ideally we position ourselves for the B1G. Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

    Let’s get to work!

    1. Eric

      Your point on Fairfield county is huge. I’m a husky fan in Stamford and you wouldn’t even know they exist down here. How about some pep rally’s down here or community service events, where the players show up.

  21. Jesse

    I agree the situation stinks for UConn, but I’ve been a UConn fan for as long as I can remember and regardless of conference or team they play, I will support them and be at every home game I’m physically able to go to. I love Husky Football always have always will and no amount of realignment is going to change that.

  22. Wes

    As a former CT native and a big fan of Huskie sports I am saddened to see UCONN being left behind again. As long as the status quo continues up in Storr’s, UCONN sports (football) will continue to be irrelavent. Lets not kid ourseleves here. When FSU, Clemson jump out of the ACC and I can assure you FSU is just waiting to see how Maryland fairs with the buy out fee, they will be gone. Do not think that UCONN would be next to get the call. The ACC does not want UCONN in there conference. Cincy will be next to go and then one of the FL schools to follow. I don’think leaving the Big Least is the answer. Who would follow UCONN as an independent. Not even SNY or ESPNU would televise UCONN football. Kind of reminds you of the Yankee conference. Football drives the train, an as long as the Coach P continues to drag this program down, don’t expect things to change. Get your heads out of the sand up in Storrs. The old ways are gone, football is king and until they get it, UCONN will continue called to be Mister Irrelavent. I can remember going to the Bowl game against Wake Forrest in Charlotte NC. I was proud to be a UCONN fan even in the lose. Those teams were at least creative. Now I’m hanging my UCONN hat because there is no hope in sight under the current staff.
    No disrepect to the current football players, mens and ladys basketball but football pays the rent and puts food on the table.

  23. john

    Uconn loses out on 24 million in revenue on the same day malloy announces 150 million in budget cuts. This is a failure of the administration. People should bring held accountable. Uconn will not grow academically if it doesn’t grow athletically.

  24. husky66

    if MD doesn’t have to pay 50M and SEC comes calling for FSU they’ll go in an instant; same w/ Clemson. ACC can have us anytime and they know it. they can rent Louisville until B12 calls.

    And Big 10 isn’t going to add UConn, they already have enough small market schools w/ IU, Iowa, Purdue, etc. and there is no indication we could compete in FB in that league anyway. this year,we wouldn’t have 8 wins in the MAC.

    all in all, pretty sad state of affairs.

    1. SillyBoy

      FSU and Clemson are not going to the SEC….they have been said to be constantly blocked by Florida and South Carolina respectively….the Big 12? Maybe…

      1. robert

        I would think the first school the SEC would want is VTech, to expand their market into a neighboring state that is also a big market like Virginia. Then a 2nd Florida school to control that market, either FSU or Miami, or a second Texas school.

    2. john

      Uconn isn’t a small market school. Try researching before commenting. One of the downfalls of internet age is any idiot has a voice. The Hartford tv market is actually quite large.

      1. husky66

        Hey John, quite large? as compared to what major metro area? and if you want to know if anyone really cares, check attendence;the stadium ain’t full. the marketing of the program is poor and overall college FB has never been and will likely never be a draw in new england. how’s that for research?

  25. Adam

    Time to expand Rentschler Field to 60-65,000 now. I always hated Hathaway’s stagnant, stale wait-and-see approach with regard to stadium expansion. Louisville and Rutgers were both progressive, planned properly, and expanded in years that their teams struggled. Time for UConn to do the same and re-energize our great fanbase! Go Dahgs!

    1. SillyBoy

      I’m guessing you are not being serious since we haven’t had a sell out in years and have trouble “truthfully” getting 25,000 in the building as it exists today…

  26. Mike McManus

    This is the first time I’ve read comments on the football blog…..I follow the B-Ball blogs. All I can say is what a collection of opinionated idiots!

    1. Mike

      Mike Mc.,How do you think baseball survives at a state school? Not with moms, dads and grandparents attending. Baseball along with many other money losing sports is around because of football. You are the idiot.

  27. robert

    How ironic and unfortunate that we spent this ungodly amount of money to try and build a “national” football program… can you remember why? 1) To protect the BB program and ensure we had a place in a top-notch conference and 2) visions of saturday games against Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers, Miami, WVa, and so on. So what do we have for all that money? 1) We’re in Conference USA, 2) BBall team is banned from tournament, 3) The one year we actually made it to a major bowl, we lost millions of dollars on it. Taking a hard look at the football budget is not a bad idea–spending less and being competitive at mid-major level while being financially sustainable might make a lot more sense than trying to compete at highest level and bleeding millions more. I don’t want to rip people in hindsight, because for a while it seemed like a great idea, but going forward I think we need some creative thinking and the stick-head-in-sand, “our program is so desireable” approach doesn’t appear to be getting it done.

    1. husky66

      well, there’s a 40k seat stadium to consider and the “image” issue of going backwards and essentially giving up on major college FB.

      and why not rip folks in hindsight? this thing started to unravel when Lou Perkins gave his job to Smithers Hathaway. Great NCAA committee guy, not so good w/ the coaches who put the place on the collegiate sports map. And let’s not forget that little donor flap after PP’s hire; that was sure a highlight moment! the down stream impact is pretty evident. and unles he’s got a rabbit under his hat, our current AD doesn’t seem to have the pull or ability to sell our athletics either.

      somewhere in the deluge of comments someone mentioned that CT is too old and too liberal, and is therefore disinterested in college FB. Have to say that makes some sense. If you’ve ever spent anytime in the south, or for that matter anywhere from Penn State west, college football is huge. The Rent isn’t really full even for the “good” games. and the fans show up late,leave early. and so it turned out that academics and a larger TV market didn’t matter at all. As shallow as it may seem it really was about having a good football team.

      1. robert

        it’s not just CT, the whole DC-NYC-Boston, New England area isn’t a big-time college FB market. That’s why the original Big East made so much sense as a conference–keeping football at a mid-major level while focusing on BBall was a great idea for this market. As soon as they tried to go big-time football by bringing in Miami, the seeds of this were sown. BC, Syracuse, Pitt have all been struggling since 1990s regardless of conference.

  28. TheJerk

    This saturday at 330pm please cheer and applaude the seniors on this team, please get into the stadium early enough for that. As far as anyone else associated with this school and this state, boo the crap out of them.

  29. jack54

    UConn is left holding the bag. Gino better have an escape clause in his new contract. The BE brand name is way too damaged. Go into Conference USA and do the best you can. West of the Hudson River no one cares about BB. Connecticut football is considered weak across America. Playing in the 2nd smallest BCS stadium with tons of empty seats really hurt our image. Blogs in ACC all agreed that UConn did not bring anything special to the table, they all wanted UL. I believe that if the ACC needs to replace teams, Cinncy and S.FLA will be taken. Take a look at going independent in football ( i.e. BYU)and playing a stronger/national schedule. Maybe a TV deal for some games with ESPN + NBC sports (both CT based). Are only hope is that the B12 (just 10 teams) takes some from the ACC.The clock is ticking, and every year the athletic program will get weaker. We feel like the ugly girl at the dance who is left by herself in the corner ! Maybe the state population is just too old,uninterested,and liberal to support big time college football. Last resort, call the IVY League.

  30. Big B

    What a stinking pile of crap, typical bureaucrat speak. You screwed up and you want to misdirect–don’t look at this look here–with your talk about the focus on academic excellence as though excellence in sports doesn’t matter. Its all about the brand and name recognition. UCONN was nonexistent until the BBall program raised the school’s profile and we were on the rise with FB. The growth of UC academically was tied to the winning of championships and FB was on the rise furthering interest in the school. Not too mention the $$ it could bring in. Stupid, ignorant, CYA comments. This is the best you can do is these lame ass spins? Monitor away while the program goes down the toilet. Maybe your new PR/Comm Dir$$$ can write these releases in a way that does not bring on projectile vomiting among the fan base.

    1. Tom

      Agree – “monitoring the situation”?? Is that what you were doing with Herbst in the Caribbean? Manuel, Herbst and Pasqualoni need to go away. They have each failed the university. We need an effective command team (President/AD/Head FB Coach) that can position UConn in a major conference – preferably Big 10, ACC, or Big 12.

  31. Ed Fitz

    Look, I know this all really sucks now, but honestly, down the road a few years I see UConn being part of the ACC. Even though Football is the driving decision, I can’t see Florida State, Clemson, or even Virginia Tech staying in the ACC if the SEC or Big XII comes knocking. SO therefore by a defacto move UConn would be in. They can’t ignore our rilvary with Cuse and possibly BC again. I think if anything The ACC is in for a rude awakening when it finds out all its southern Schools want to jump ship. Honestly look at their title game this year. Florida State vs 6 win Ga Tech. What a joke tickets are going for almost nothing on StubHub.

    So I want every fan to take a deep breath and relax. WE ARE FINE! If we really want to keep things going we need all the fans to continue to support, if not show more. Hopefully we can get a good crowd at the game vs. Cincy this Sat, then hopefully onto a bowl. I was truly surprised this morning when I heard we got snubbed. But say by 2016, or so, I see Uconn in the New Big East. (I’m sorry ACC). At least thats what it will look like.

  32. Rich

    UCONN Pres. and AD. Blah, Blah, Blah!! The Big East has turned to the Big Least. Don’t waste our time trying to put a brave spin on the situation. The new football members are looking to leave and we have no reason to believe that any other league wants our weak Football Team. Football drives this bus. Season ticket holder numbers and support are dropping and the both of you are doing nothing to turn the tide and make it better. As a season ticket holder since 2003, this is as bad as it gets and it’s under your watch. The State of the league, UCONN Coaching Staff and Administration is making very difficult to commit donor dollars in the future years. The Rent will be near empty over the next few years so seats will be cheap and plentiful. Anyone remember the championship and BCS Game two years ago!Under your watch Pres. and AD!! Thanks Mr. Hathaway!Nice selling job! No Sale!

  33. Bob Williams

    The”Big Least” is now even more of a joke. Louisville just did a better job of marketing and performing. I live in Ga. but have made it a point to attend at least one hone and one away game each year. I can’t wait to see the Tulane game. IF anyone thought recruiting at Uconn was difficult well now it will be impossible. Too bad they took down the old stadium.
    We have seen the apex of Uconn athletics. Uconn should apply to the MAC. At least they would save on travel and would have a rivalry with UMass.

  34. Mike

    In the private sector, you would be fired if you presided over this mess.By the way, Madame Pres.,we are not a winning program. If we were, things might have been different. We are perceived as a doormat in a doormat conference and a program that is not moving in a positive direction. Now is the time….bring in a new OC and give the fans something to hang on to. This is from an out of state season ticket holder. I will still go to games and support the team, but the season commitment is over until I see some change in the way things are done. I am very disappointed today. Two years ago we were sniffing big time. NOW…


    @ Buddy ..Hey maybe Ward Manuel and Suzy-Q Herbst were monitoring things while the two of them were in the Carribean lathering each other up ??


    What a bunch of BS!!…Yeah all the student will flock to UCONN because of “research” and what kinda of student identity ??? student life??? Please..Who hired this Dunce?? You think there is no association of BIG TIME ATHLETICS and Student admissions??? You think UCONN became a force soley from the academic arena?? UCONN BASKETBALL put UCONN on the MAP!!!…When I was in San Antonio during 90’Dream Season ..People were like Huskies?? are you from washington state??…Hey Sue..your belief and lack of vision is exactly what got the BIGEAST into trouble the first time… Who hires these morons??..Please!!! Your a Joke !! As a student, if I wanted to attend a top shelf Research institution… hmmmm…I should select who ?? UCONN ??? Thats why you hired a $200k marketing individual… your in waaaay over your head and you lack vision. The hire will help you divert the blame down the road. Staying with that potential new admission idea.. I would chose an institution that has athletics that are also on the TOP SHELF like USC or Notre Dame , Even Penn State??? And By the way..each one of them has a football stadium of 80-100k…interesting ….What a waste of tax payers $$..Fraud Waste and abuse.. That should be mounted on CT liscense plates..

  37. buddy

    Warde Manuel continues to say he’s monitoring the situation. Monitoring means not doing anything and watching others succeed. Susan Herbst still thinks academics will lead the way. No one heard of UConn until 1999. Winning championships builds academics by attracting more applicants, usually of higher quality to an institution. The big time schools of the conference have all been invited elsewhere, while Mr. Manuel has been monitoring the situation. Nothing was done when the school was punished by the NCAA for basketball and the football team lanquishes at the bottom of the conference. These statements are lame and not believeable. UConn will go back to being a regional school with no national impact.

  38. joe meaney

    What else can she say – this a joke.

    The ACC picks a school that accepts 75% of its applicants and graduates 52% of its students? Academics be damned! (Although, the BB team’s penalties didn’t help us.)Now Big East football is a complete joke. If that is all we’re destined for then go independent in football and stay in the BE or go to the A-10 for olympic sports.

  39. Eric

    I read this as them saying “we’re screwed and sorry” It is not a ringing endorsement of the league they currently reside in. I hope they are proactive and really become the leaders in this conference and push it as far as they can… I still say Big East hoops breaks off from the new schools outside of Memphis and form a basketball league and football league. They know that our national identity resides in our sports even though our academics are top notch.

    1. Bob Williams

      UConn was just out marketed by Louisville. Can’t wait for the Huskies to play Tulane.

      This is not just a hit to the Athletic Program. If anyone thinks so they are delusional.

      Might as well apply to the MAC. Save travel expenses and renew the UMass rivalry.

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