UConn RB Lyle McCombs Arrested Friday; To Play Against Rutgers Today

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UConn sophomore running back Lyle McCombs was arrested at UConn Friday on a second degree Breach of Peace charge.

He was released on a $500 non-surety bond and has a Nov.27 court date scheduled.

McCombs, the Huskies leading rusher (122×452, 4 TDs), is expected to play today but not start.

According to the UConn police report, police responded to LaFlesche after an alarmed resident called and said that a male and female were involved in a domestic dispute. According to the report, during an investigation, it was learned that McCombs was yelling and had spit on and pushed his girlfriend while outside of a residential hall.

Sasiamarie Jones was arrested and hour later charged with the same thing, second degeree Breach of Peace. She was released on $500 non-surety bond, according to a UConn Police report. During this investigation, according to the report, it was learned that Jones was yelling, had spit on and scratched and pushed her boyfriend outside of a residential hall.



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49 thoughts on “UConn RB Lyle McCombs Arrested Friday; To Play Against Rutgers Today

  1. TheJerk

    getting tired of hearing about our coaching, play calling, and decision making constantly getting called into question on TV games. first diaz-infante, and then whoever the guy was yesterday for espnu.

  2. Freddy

    Just think about this. We averaged 1.9 yards a carry today. 1.9 yards a carry in division 1 college football. 1.9 a carry???????? It’s time to make the move Monday on pasqualoni. Either relieve deleone of his duties or they can both go. Let. Brown coach the team, foley will be fine as the o line coach.

  3. Artie A...

    I will not even bemoan the archaic play calling that seems to fall on deaf ears.

    To have a player arrested on a AM shift the day before a game and calling his sitting out the first quarter of the next days game punishment is simply not acceptable.

    Paul should be held responsible here. There is no way this young man should have been able to travel with the team. Domestic violence gets you a quarter on the bench in a week that we wanted to see the 2’s and 3’s anyway.

    This was just a great excuse for Paul to show he does not always run the same player on the first down. If they get arrested they will actually miss the first four or five carries. Yes sir this is the discipline of the future here for sure.

    I was not a fan of the PP hire and have remained cautiously optimistic, but it has gotten harder to do so every week since day one.

    Coach is just another word for teacher. What did the teacher show the student today? Or for that fact what lesson did the fans learn today?
    We hired a poor teacher????

  4. Freddy

    Deleone should be arrested for impersonating a coach. Just brutal gives them no chance to succeed. Another great defensive effort by uconn wasted away.

  5. NJ Huskie

    The end of the first half says it all for the direction the Huskies are going in with Coach PP. You go for the TD, if you don’t get the TD, Rutgers is left we terrible field position, you have all your timeouts left and you can then maybe kick a field goal after a Rutgers Punt. To not go for TD at that point in the game a put your team up 7-6 at halftime is a real bone head decision. Any playing the RB at all today is joke. One question, I thought programs took their team on the road before Saturday games, so I assume the arrest was a Thursday into Friday night issue.

    1. JD

      I agree 100%. Go for the TD on the Road.

      They should have planned on going for the TD on 4th down the whole time. Run the ball all 4 times. If the Wildcat can’t produce 6yards on 4 carries then get rid of it.

  6. TheJerk

    I think the people who have a clue to whats going on will realize today was a very sad day for the football program

  7. James

    PP is so conservative he makes Fixed News seem liberal. This guy is so clueless and yet wait it for it there will enough supporters of PP to try and make it all good.Come on Hartford Courant bring on the excuses give the guy a passing grade.Several weeks ago Dez said it was dumb to talk about firing PP,I actually want to know what he has to do in your eye’s to get the hook.Please show us some magic stat’s.

    1. dconner Post author

      I think the athletic director addressed this James so I really don’t have to go into this and I said I won’t. Do a search on it, Warde Manuel and Paul Pasqualoni and the word fire maybe? His words, not mine, are the words that matter. He does the hiring and firing – just so we’re clear. I know you’re frustrated but leave me out of it – thanks

  8. Jenny

    Clock management at the end of the first half couldn’t be more awful… the 3rd down play call in the first half to be 6 yards from scoring and run on the first two plays to get within 3 yards… keep the wildcat qb in and play action pass? Poor clock management, worse play calling and PLAYING A PLAYER A DAY AFTER BEING ARRESTED… please retire Paul

  9. Werthmoore

    Innocent until proven guilty? How about we let the judicial process work itself through before we pass judgement

    1. Jenny

      Regardless of passing judgement, he was arrested, he had to post bail… play in question like that should still play the day after? Poor reflection of the Unviersity

  10. pat

    I can’t believe how many sofa coaches there are out there. Why aren’t all of you coaching someplace and showcasing your worth instead of just talking. enough already.

    1. Jenny

      Keep 3 timeouts in the bag at the end of first half… Don’t need to be a couch coach to realize that is pathetic

  11. mikeinmanila

    Innocent until proven guilty, but McCombs should have not taken the bus until this issue is resolved. Bad call by HCPP.

    Regarding the game, still love the defense, some costly turnovers, but the offensive play calling was, once again, offensive…DeLeone should step aside if they don’t get to 7 wins this year.

    Unfortunately, don’t think we will get to 7 wins or that DeLeone will step aside or be demoted/fired as a result. If true, we just reached the halfway point of HCPP’s time at the helm at UConn.

  12. Fred

    Between football and basketball UCONN has a reputation of recruiting the “challenging” type, to put it nice.

  13. Livin

    Very difficult to watch. Nobody was happy with the hiring of Coach P and his protege DeLeone, but we were willing to give them a chance. Now with a new AD and another embarrassing effort on the field, it’s time to part ways. Clock management at the end of the first half was as bad as I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the effort Coach P. Enjoy retirement.

  14. Ray

    Enough is Enough…….We all know that we should of been 5-0 going into the game today and with some competent play calling we would of won today too…..
    I also feel sorry for the defense….

    Its another lost year…..time for change.
    Whata a shame

  15. husky66

    can’t run, can’t win. RB is too busy slapping his gf around to be focused on game, and OC has his head somewhere in the 60’s. as predicted, < 100 yds, we lose as have to rely on Qb to throw.

    also, if I'm on D, I'm pissed off royally. gave up one long drive.

    1. Husky in NJ

      RU leads the league in lame stuff. Forget about me, I love you? do they all cuddle up under ablanket at halftime and tell stories? Also, what was with the classless #42 putting his hands behind his back like handcuffs everytime he tackled mccombs. I guess Schiano’s class has left it’s mark. Oh and while we’re at it. play a few BCS teams once in awhile. Kenst state, army, tulane… I’ll give them Arkansas with all there players hurt. at least they tried to play one tough team

      1. RU in DC

        Have you looked at UConn’s schedule? 2 sub ACC teams (Maryland, who UConn barely beat and NC State, who they lost to) and the rest of the schedule outside the BIg East is UMass, Buffalo and Western Michigan, who they lost to). Should UConn be bragging about that schedule??

        1. Husky in NJ

          it’s more than this year with the scheduling. UC has had at least 2 non-conference BCS games every year for a while now. UNC, Baylor, Iowa St, ND, Michigan to name a few. RU has played maybe one BCS game per year if they are lucky. besides, NC State is better than arkansas this year. and arkansas lost to LA- monroe ! let me know when RU plans to play a division 1 schedule.

  16. Mitchell Simpson

    Innocent until proven guilty is the way I look at it .. but when was the last time a football player, or hoops player, at any level arrested and every found innocent of anything? Isn’t there curfew for athletes especailly before the night before a game? Why have so many UConn football players gotten into trouble and been coddled. Of course, same could be said for programs across the country. Many of these players are useless unless on a football field and some probably belong in jail. I would have left him in there until his court date.

  17. Rob

    It is a same that we have a Top 25 D and have a I-AA offense and a Pop Warner Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach.

  18. Rob

    I take back what I said about horrendous coaching. Go down by 10, then come out with the play calling of run, run, pass the likes of which we have never seen before………he’s a keeper.

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      This was after they started moving the ball late in the 2nd when gthey changed things up. I like the run, run, pass. It works…right Rob?

  19. Jimmy

    I’m not sure which is worse… clock management, red zone play calling or ‘suspending’ a player who was bailed out jail facing criminal charges for 1 quarter. When is the president of the university and director of athletics going to realize that the head coach doesn’t possess the ability nor class to be the head coach for the University of Connecticut football?

    1. Jimmy

      3rd and goal from the 3… you’re going to run a wildcat play action to the corner of the endzone with a quarterback who hasn’t thrown a pass all game?

  20. Rob

    What was Pasqualoni doing? 3 timeouts and didn’t even use 1? I don’t understand, a pee wee coach knows this. He just cost us 3 points. I’ve been on his side but this was horrendous coaching, horrendous.

  21. James

    Coach PP is a joke,not only is the guy a bad coach but you can add classless and lack of moral judgment to. No way do you let this thug play. But the courant sports writers will make sure PP comes out of this smelling good. Makes you wonder what does PP have to do to have someone call him out.

  22. E. Janice Groninger

    Shouldn’t this player have been suspended pending the outcome of the criminal case? To me, the fact that he is being allowed to play sends the wrong message to future players: Play for a famous sports team, and you are above the law. This is another black eye for UCONN Athletics.

  23. Bobby

    Classless move by the coaching staff… I cannot believe this is representative of the University. Sitting out the first quarter as punishment? Very disappointing to hear as a UConn alum

  24. paul

    I agree with Joep and Chris as well. Most successful college coaches would not allow the young man to board with the team. It is bad for the kid and bad for the team and bad for the program. Football is the greatest game on the planet b/c of the life lessons it teaches and instills. Let’s not let the Lane Kiffin’s of the world infect this sport.
    Not sure what HCPP is thinking. Maybe innocent until proven guilty, but that is a court of law concept not a team discipline concept.
    Let’s hope the young man learns his lesson somehow.

  25. Chris

    I don’t have the details obviously, but hard for me to fathom why he was even allowed on the bus.

  26. dconner Post author

    What are we talking about James? Did you see what I responded to and why I responded the way I did? No? Read it. Also keep your frustrations to the team and remember that I don’t play for or work the school. Thanks

  27. dconner Post author

    You’re right it is simple. Go back and look at the Manuel post which I said I wasn’t commenting on this stuff anymore, that I thought it was ridiculous to talk about letting the coach or Oc go after not even two full seasons. I’m sorry, as the person who maintains this blog, if you don’t like it or aren’t getting the answer you want. I get a lot of answers I don’t want. I just keep pressing on. My suggestion to you is to move on and stop making this about me. It’s silly. It really is. And as most people understand, I don’t trip out on the grades. I write what I feel James, not what you feel. Remember I’m a newspaper reporter not a fan.

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