UConn Recruiting Coord. Kevin Wolthausen Really Impressed With Facilities

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What’s goin on?

Kevin Wolthausen has a wealth of football knowledge has seemingly been everywhere and has, obvioulsly, seen a lot of facilities, folks.

He has been overly impressed with the Burton Family Football Complex. For the record we’re talking about a guy who was coaching on the defensive side of the ball at Louisville from 2003-06. Louisville absolutely has some of the best facilities in the country.

“Gosh I had no idea,” Wolfhausen said. “I mean I knew they had a nice facility but I had no idea it was this nice.”

Might be interesting to see how his excitement over the facilities plays out going forward on the trail with the staff. New staff. Great selling point.

“Whether it does or doesn’t time will tell this and be the true indicator but it’s a show-me world,” Wolfhausen. “Don’t tell me how good you are. Show me. Now, you could say the same thing to me but the thing is we have every opportunity to put this place in front of a lot of people because any time you’re new you’ve got a chance. I mean just look around at this place. You have something to sell.

“It’s nothing negtaive one way or another but in today’s college athletics you can’t just sit back and just be good. You’ve got to do stuff to help yourself. There’s a handful of teams now that can do whatever they want and they’re going to get all the pub. Somehow you’ve got to get up there, too.”

Speaking of Wolthausen being at Louisville. Remember football wasn’t always king there and it still isn’t, sort of like a place you know, right? Still, football is doing pretty well there. There aren’t a lot of places where the football and basketball programs are at the top of the heap consistently but it can be done.

“When I get to Louisville the basketball program had a better reputation than the football program,”Wolthausen said. “As it turned out that was a great sell because everybody knows you. You hear, “well, you’re going to be second fiddle’ well, no you’re really not. So  you’re immediately recognizeable. You have a great brand.

“The opportunties here.. I mean I don’t know about this year. We’ve got a couple of weeks. We’re not going to uncover some unknown guy. It doesn’t happen anynore. You ever see that happen? Maybe once in awhile you get somebody late and he turns out to be All-World but really that’s more luck than anything but this year’s class is going to be very important.

“Don’t get me wrong.We’re going to spend as much time as we need to put together the best class we’re capable of doing, that the university is going to be proud of  – but I think the future is how do we go forward each year, in puttting together each year’s class. We’re going to have a blueprint to do that and I don’t think there’s a whole lot of secrets anymore but I think that’s where the unselfishness of the staff and everybody being on the same page comes into play, too. It’s not me going out to get guys. It’s everybody. It’s the university. It’s the program. It’s the head coach. But again, these facilities….”  










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